Logo used from 2006-present

Collington Cartoon Company
(known as Collingtoons from 1984 to 2006) is an animation institute located in San Diego, California, providing amateur animators training programs in animation, storyboarding, screenplays and illustration. It was founded in 1984 by Michael Collington. In 2012, the team decided to make a GoWebsite called the "Channel Collingtoons Network" (which in this case the Channel Collingtoons Network name remains unchanged).

The institute also holds the Collingtoons Film Expo each year since its inauguration in July 1989. The expo showcases short subject and feature length films made by either students or graduates.

The institute is also known for being the place where PuffRuff School was concieved in 1992 and where Tj's World was concieved in 1993.


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Collingtoons Film Expo

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Notable Members

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