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Crossing Dimensions (promoted as Y-Guy and Tj's World: Crossing Dimensions) is a 1 hour crossover special and the season finale of Season 16 of Tj's World which first aired on July 27, 2014. The special is a crossover of Tj's World and Y-Guy.



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In CrazvilleProfessor Zing-Whatt tries to experiment with two stars to see what happens when they collide with each other. After a few tries, she goes to Plan C, where she uses the arms on her telescope to flick one star into another, and nothing happens. However the stars start vibrating, causing an earthquake to occur in Crazville. When the earthquake ends, Zing-Whatt goes back to the telescope, and she sees that she has made a rip in space. Meanwhile, at Y-Guy's house, Y-Guy and his friend Mango are reading about the discovery in the newspaper, when Zing-Whatt calls Y-Guy and tells him to get the gang together at her lab. Once everyone arrives there, Zing-Whatt tells them they need to go investigate to see what's inside the rip by using a spaceship that she built. Everyone gets inside it, and when they arrive at the rip, the gang jumps into it via platform.

We transfer over to another dimension where 123 Tj's World, Florida is situated and later get to Tjdrum's house, where his roomate and friend Ccmater2 talks about how quiet and peaceful it is, but Tj says he doesn't like that it's quiet. Then they notice the rip in the sky, and Cc assumes it's an airplane, while Tj assumes it's a "vortex to another dimension". They go back inside, and then we cut back to the gang falling out of the rip, and they are later hit by an airplane, splitting them up into different parts of the neighborhood. Y-Guy, Hearty and Gum land in a nearby park, while Mango and Cool Dude land on top of Tj's house. They both realize where they are, and Cool Dude jabs his way into Tj's room through a window.They both explore his room for a second until they hear some footsteps, which are later revealed to be Peace Girl's. They both hide in different parts of the room. When Peace Girl comes upstairs, Tj comes up to her and tells her that he heard a noise coming from the roof while he was in the bathroom. Peace Girl assumes it may be aliens, but Tj says that's impossible, until he opens the door to his room and sees his broken window. Peace Girl sees it also and asks what happened to it, Tj says he doesn't know, since he was in the bathroom at the time. Tj assumes it must be criminals who broke in, so he asks Peace Girl to stay outside the room so he can scan it. Tj looks in the closet, which he says is the first place a criminal would hide. He finds nothing in there, until Cool Dude accidentally falls on him, knocking him out. Mango comes out of his hiding place in the drawer, and Cool Dude tells him what happened. Mango gets mad at him because once he wakes up he'll think they're aliens, so they hide again, this time in the washing machine.

Tj later wakes up and comes out into the hallway where Peace Girl is still waiting. Tj says he thinks something hit him on the head, and Peace Girl says she's going to get the laundry. Peace Girl gets some clothes out of the washing machine, but does not notice Mango and Cool Dude. But then she turns around and notices them. She screams and runs all the way to Agentpeddle's house, and she asks him for help because she thinks she found some aliens. Agentpeddle says yes, and they go back to Tj's house. They all wait by the washing machine, and then Agentpeddle is heard getting out a laser gun, causing Cool Dude to come out of the washing machine, scaring Agentpeddle. He accidentally fires his blaster, blowing a big hole in the washing machine, revealing Mango. Peace Girl tells Agentpeddle to get them, but Mango tells them they're not aliens, but they're from Crazville. The doorbell rings, and Mango and Cool Dude answer it. Y-Guy, Hearty and Gum are behind it, and they tell them about how they had to fight their way out of the park. Mango asks what they mean by "fight their way out", and we cut to a previous scene with Y-Guy, Hearty and Gum running out of the bushes, but some people in the park notice them and run around in panic, and one of them hijacks a news van. We cut back to the current scene, where Mango is worried that Y-Guy said that some people noticed them. He then asks Tj to turn on the news, and Tj does so. An ABC8 newsman talks about how Y-Guy, Hearty and Gum were found in the park earlier, until the hijacked news van from the park scene crashes through the wall of the studio and cuts him off.

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