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Downsize in Miami, 2012


San Diego, California, US


Electro, brostep, drum and bass, progressive house, moombahton, darkstep, neurofunk, electronica

Years active



Atlantic (US) • Warner Bros. (International)



Downsize is an American electronic music duo formed in 2009, consisting of the animators TjsWorld2011 and Ntpockets. The group was founded after they decided to start their own music career after supervising production of the soundtracks to various of their works. The duo has covered various sub-genres of the EDM genre such as electro, dubstep, drum and bass, progressive house and electronica.


Formation (2009-11)

In 2009, TjsWorld2011 was in the studio of Interscope Records producing the band Ima Robot's two songs for his 2010 film ROBLOX: The Movie. It was not his first time recording in a studio for a soundtrack, but it was during then he decided that he and Ntpockets should make some music as a side project of their animation jobs. "After I finished working on "Yes I Can", it was then I noticed that I could be a natural at making music like this myself if I learn how to do it well. But me and Nt should just see what we like and see what we can make.", Tj said.

"We decided we wanted to make electronic music, but not regular electronic music like Depeche Mode has, but dance. So we decided we wanted to do some dance music, and also some drum and bass, since we thought the dance genre was pretty cool and we had heard some drum and bass beats in the score of The Powerpuff Girls Movie which we thought were pretty addicting." Tj said. "EDM's a range of genres that include dance, electro house, dubstep and drum and bass, and it was really taking off during 2009 and 2010. I don't think that I had heard dubstep before we founded the project, but Nt showed me what dubstep was like in late 2010 when we were recording some dance tracks, and the track he showed me was "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" by Skrillex, and I was instantly addicted. With that song, you had some kind of really deep bassline that was just going deeper, and the main melody of the song comes back every now and then. I immediately decided we should listen to more dubstep to be inspired to see what kind of songs we could create in that genre." During recording, the duo considered performing under both of their names (TjsWorld2011 and Ntpockets), but this was considered "a bad idea" by Tj. "I decided I would just come up with a new name, and the thought of Downlink, a dubstep artist we had been listening to recently during recording, just came to me. I substituted the "link" part in his name for "size", and I had "Downsize". I figured we could perform under that name, and I put together the meaning of it, which was to put every song we made of the EDM genres that we were interested in and put them in one place.", Tj stated.

Downsize EP (2011-12)

"One of the first songs that we recorded as Downsize was "Raisins",", Tj stated. "And the idea behind that was, well, you know, just raisins. But the real idea's actually to expect the unexpected in some situations, and the name of the song was inspired by this rage comic where the guy thinks he's eating a chocolate chip cookie but it's actually a cookie with raisins in it.". The duo had tried to set up a releasing deal with Columbia Records during the recordings, but it failed to be fulfilled. They later managed to make a releasing deal with Warner Music Group subsidary Atlantic Records in early 2011. "We had decided we would release a few extended plays of our material before we got to making a full album, so we showed the guys at Atlantic Records some of our material that we had gotten completed, and they thought that it had potential, so they set us up with a releasing deal.", Tj stated.

"We decided that our first EP would be self-titled," Ntpockets stated. "And our second EP would be released the next year.". The EP was released by Atlantic on May 17, 2011.

I Love Technology and This Is 30 (2012-13)

Coming soon!

Blue (2013-15)

Coming soon!

WRONG ANSWER!, The Fifteen-Year-Old Banana EP and OWSLA (2015-present)

The duo announced the official title for their second album on January 5, 2015. It was later released on March 10, 2015.

On July 16, 2015, the duo announced they had signed onto Atlantic Records imprint, OWSLA, Skrillex's record label. They also announced a fourth extended play which would be released before their next album came out, titled The Fifteen-Year-Old Banana, and it would be released on August 11.



Studio albums

  • Blue (August 7, 2013, Atlantic)
  • WRONG ANSWER! (March 10, 2015, Atlantic)
  • D3 (TBA 2017, Atlantic/OWSLA)


Compilation albums



Downsize's logo


Downsize's symbol

All singles released by Atlantic Records except where noted.

Standalone singles

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