250px-GAS 1998 print logo

The company's logo.

Geo Animation Studios (formerly known as Jakelsm Animation) is an American animation studio owned by Paramount Pictures, founded on September 18, 1990 by Jake Sharratt, later the creator of World of Jake. It is based in New York, USA. The company is known for the well-recognized Greenuts series, as well as their contributions to an episode of The Jan and Jason Show (Alevy/Film Roman/Fox) and the 2002 movie Greeny Phatom The Movie (Fox/Sony).

Geo G., the creator of Geo's World, said that the company was going to make the reboot of the Tj's World film series, titled Tj's World (since Paramount owns both Geo and the Tj's World movies), respectively. But TjsWorld2011 said it was actually TjsWorld2011 Pictures who would be doing it. The film was later cancelled in August 2012.

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