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In The Line of Fire is an upcoming 2016 American animated action comedy film and a remake of the 1993 film of the same name starring Clint Eastwood. The film is set to be executive produced by Jeff Maguire, who served as the writer for the original film. It is scheduled for release on August 5, 2016.


In this stick figure retelling of the 1993 classic In The Line of Fire, Secret Service agent Frank Horrigan (Neil Patrick Harris) failed to stop the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and now he is being called constantly by a would-be assassin who knows about it. But when he is revealed to be a former CIA agent named Mitch Leary (Rob Paulsen), who the government has been trying to find for years, Frank finds out that he is planning to assassinate President John Tamin. So now Frank must go on a mission to stop history from repeating itself.


Following the cancellation of Douglas: A ROBLOX Movie in March 2015, TjsWorld2011 Pictures began working on concept on a second film to be released in 2016, following T.E.F.T.. TjsWorld2011 suggested that he do a remake of a film, which he hasn't done before.

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On February 28, 2015, the film's release date was announced to be August 10, 2016. It was later pushed back to August 5, 2016 on June 3, 2015.


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