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Let's Go South is an American 1994 traditionally animated stick figure action comedy film directed by PuffRuff School creator TjsWorld2011. It is the first theatrical film directed by Tj after his work on Ntpockets' Animated World: Pay The Bill, released only two months this film's release. It also incorporates the stick figure art style dubbed by TjsWorld2011 Entertainment "Stick Figure'd", from said film. The film was the first film produced by TjsWorld2011 Entertainment. It was co-produced by Film Roman and distributed by 20th Century Fox.

In the film, high school students Matthew Jett and Derrick Altas find out a secret agent organization known as the CSSO (Crazy Secret School Organization) exists below their school, and their agents, which are also students at the school, welcome them as "guests of honor" and take them along on their latest mission, which is in the Grand Canyon in Arizona where the Cargen criminal group, headed by John Cargen, plans on using the Evil Orb, an artifact which has been hidden within the Salt Lake City Museum of History and Arts for years, for an operation called Operation SOUTH, an operation that will have them rule the world. But their mission leads them to the future, where the group is now ruling the world, so they must stop the future Cargen group before they can go back to stop the 1994 Cargen group.

The film was released theatrically on October 21, 1994, and then on VHS and Laserdisc on February 21, 1995. It was released in theatres on August 6, 2004 for its 10th anniversary. The film has been spun off into a Netflix original series titled CSSO, which started streaming on August 8, 2014, 20 years after the original film was released.


On the weekend before their first day of tenth grade at Sansberg High School in Salt Lake City, Utah, Matthew Jett and Derrick Altas are playing basketball until a car crashes nearby. They go and investigate its crash in an alley, but they decide to leave because they think if the police shows up they could think that they were responsible for the whole thing. After that, another tenth grader named James Gersz walks into the scene, and the man who was in the car comes out and James opens his car's trunk and sees that there were cabinets of de-energy drinks (the opposite of an energy drink) with Jolt Cola labels on them inside. The driver tells him that someone must be messing with him, and James sets out to find who it is.

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  • Kevin Conroy as Matt
  • Rob Paulsen as Derrick / James / Mr. Cheyger
  • Mary Kay Bergman as Carla
  • Sam Register as PJ
  • Joe Alaskey as William Eandre
  • Roger L. Jackson as Mr. Cargen
  • Ntpockets as Mr. Vernon
  • Tara Strong as Kendra


During production of Ntpockets' Animated World: Pay The Bill, TjsWorld2011 had started production of his directorial debut, produced at TjsWorld2011 Entertainment, which had opened in January 1994. Tj had considered making its plot about "heritage, origin and all that stuff", but he said couldn't come up with anything having to do with that plot; "I couldn't even decide what would happen in that plot even when I got to storyboarding," he said.

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Box office

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Critical reception

The film recieved very positive reviews from critics. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes states that 85% of critics have given the film a positive review.

Home media

The film was released on VHS and Laserdisc on February 21, 1995. It was re-released on DVD and VHS for its 10th anniversary on September 21, 2004. It was released on Blu-ray on May 20, 2008.


The soundtrack to the film was released by Capitol Records on October 4, 1994. The film's score was composed by Thomas Newman and co-produced by TjsWorld2011. It includes various synthezized scores alongside traditional scores and sometimes has the two mixed together, replicating a style of film score prominent in the 1980s.

Track listing

  1. Discovery (Interlude)
  2. James' Theme
  3. Mission Briefing
  4. Pursuit
  5. I Think It Crashed
  6. Love Letter to Kendra
  7. New Recruits
  8. The Mission/Take Off
  9. The Future
  10. Infiltration
  11. Cargen's Plan
  12. Escape Montage
  13. Evil Is Defeated
  14. Back to the Present
  15. Matt's Surprise
  16. Credits Suite

Songs used in the film include:



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  • The title of this film is a parody of the 1978 film Goin' South.
  • This film was originally to be distributed by Tristar Pictures, but since TjsWorld2011 wanted to put the PuffRuff School short film "Don't Ask Him for Surgery" before the film, he decided that it "wouldn't feel right" have a 20th Century Fox-distributed short film appear before a Tristar-distributed film, so he ordered the distribution rights to be handed over to Fox instead. Because of that, Tristar's parent company Sony Pictures Entertainment's other film company Columbia Pictures bought PuffRuff School: The Movie's international distribution rights because they felt they still needed a chance to distribute a TjsWorld2011 film since Let's Go South was a critical and commercial success.