The following is a transcript of the 1994 film Let's Go South.

Part 1: Crimebuster James

(Shows 20th Century Fox logo)

(Pretend We're Dead by L7 plays)



Text: a TJSWORLD2011 film

(The red word "LET'S" slides in from the left, followed by the word "GO" from the top of the screen next to it, and the word "SOUTH" from the bottom under "LET'S". A red arrow pointing down slides from under "GO", and two red lines slide in from left and right above and below the words, making the film's logo.)

(We fade out and fade into a sign saying "BASKETBALL COURT" and under it symbols of stick figure images representing what is allowed and what is not allowed on the court. We zoom out to see the entire basketball court, where Matthew Jett is playing basketball with his friend Derrick Altas. There is a radio that is playing the song on the side of the court. The opening credits continue throughout the scene.)

Matt: This is great, isn't it, Derrick? Just you and me...

Derrick: Yeah, I guess it is great. Anyways, we've got the whole weekend to ourselves before school starts. It's a reasonable amount of time to make the most out of the last few days of summer. Though I would like it if there was more time.

Matt: Me too.

(Matt makes a shot into the net and Derrick fails to block it)

Matt: Oh yeah! G-A-S-S-T-A-T-I-O-N spells victory in sports terms! (jumps in air) YEAH!

(The sound of a car crashing is heard)

Derrick: What was that?

(Matt pauses the radio)

Matt: I don't know. You should go see it.

Derrick: What? Why me?

Matt: I'm not risking my life for anything. And anything includes a gangster attack...I'm not sure what it really is, but that's what I'm guessing.

Derrick: How can I even fight whoever it is?

Matt: Let me show you.

(Matt is seen reaching into his pockets, and then a pile of plastic kitchen utensils is seen falling onto the court pavement. We pan up and see Matt looking at the pile and Derrick unimpressed.)

Matt: It won't really hurt them, but at least it'll stun them.

Derrick: How am I gonna carry all of this?

Matt: You don't.

(Cuts to Matt on his bicycle riding with rock music playing)

Matt: I do.

(It is revealed that Matt is carrying a bag containing the kitchen utensils on the right handlebar while he is holding it, and also Derrick is riding his bicycle behind him. After a while, they arrive at the site where the crash took place; a car that crashed into an alley has been flipped upside down.)

Matt: What happened here?

Derrick: It's exactly what it looks like. A car crashed, it got flipped over, end of story.

Matt: Okay, but how did it even crash? Were there any weapons in the car?

Derrick: I don't know, but I'll go check.

(Derrick takes out a kitchen utensil from the bag, walks over to the car and bangs twice on the bottom of it. Nothing happens.)

Derrick: Well, I don't think there's anything in there.

Matt: Alright. We should probably get out of here because if the cops come and see us here, they might think that we did this whole thing.

Derrick: Okay.

(Matt and Derrick both get back on their bikes and ride out of the alley where the car crashed. We pan past the car over to the other side of the alley, where a teen named James Gersz walks into the alley observing the car. He bangs on the door, and a man slightly injured by the crash comes out.)

James: Alright, how did this happen?

Man #1: I don't have a clue!

(The trunk opens, and cabinets filled the opposite of an energy drink, called a de-energy drink, with Jolt Cola labels on them fall out of it)

James: Really? (picks one of the de-energy drinks up and looks at it) Because I think someone gave you these de-energy drinks with "Jolt Cola" labels on them so you could crash this car into the alley for no reason!

Man #1: Come on, it wasn't for no reason! I--I didn't even do it on purpose! I think someone must be messing with me or something.

James: (looks at can again) Well, whoever it is that gave you these drinks...they've got explaining to do.

Man #1: I'm sorry, what's your name?

James: It's James Gersz...codename...Crimebuster James.

Part 2: Tenth Grade

(Screen cuts to the school where Matt and Derrick go to, Sansberg High School at the beginning of the school day. The following words are typed out at the bottom of the screen.)


Principal Johnson (offscreen): Today begins yet another significant chapter of your lives.

(Cuts to an assembly in the school gym, where all of the tenth graders are seated and some of the school staff are in front of them. Principal Johnson is in front of a microphone speaking to them about the new school year. While he talks, the following text is typed out at the bottom of the screen.)


Principal Johnson: Here, you learn your first peices of information about what will happen in tenth grade. Lots of things can change under these circumstances. Of course your class lineups can be changed, but also some other things we don't need to mention...currently.

(Cuts to Matt and Derrick sitting in the assembly on the bleachers)

Derrick: Well, I was looking forward to completing a plan for an awesome prank, but now that dream's destroyed.

Matt: Oh, you were going to pull a prank in school? You should've told me about that!

Carla: I'm sorry, but could you two please be quiet? Principal Johnson's giving us his tenth grade speech and there's some important stuff in there we need to know about.

Matt: Oh, sorry. By the way, my name's Matt and he's Derrick. Who are you?

Carla: You're kidding, right? I was here when you were both in ninth grade. You should know me. My name's Carla.

Derrick: Oh, you're that girl that got her hair stuck in all of those paint cans!

Matt: And they were stacked...

Carla: Hey, I'm already over that, so don't even think about bringing it back up!

Principal Johnson: I think it's safe to say that because have been some accidents that have occured here in the past, there may be some worse things down the road. But I know that all of you can be able to prevent anything bad from happening...maybe even twice. I'm looking at you, Earl Earlson.

(Cuts to Earl Earlson in the crowd on the first row in the corner)

Earl: No, no, no, it's cool.

Principal Johnson: Now that we've had this talk, we can finally have our first day of tenth grade.

(The bell rings, and the students exit the gym. Carla climbs into her locker, and Matt and Derrick notice that she has done so.)

Matt: She locked herself in her own locker.

Derrick: Why would she do that?

Matt: Maybe there's a bully coming, we better run!

Derrick: Good idea!

Matt: It's not an idea if it's been thought of before!

(Matt and Derrick run away from Carla's locker)

(A tenth grader named PJ Heque walks near Carla's locker and notices she is not there. Normally at this time, students would be going into their lockers getting out whatever they needed for their next class. PJ sees this, and James walks by PJ.)

PJ: Hey James, have you seen Carla anywhere?

James: Well, I think I know, but...

(James takes PJ into the social worker's office and closes the door)

James: Since we can't tell anyone about where she is, I have to say it to you in here. Carla is in the headquarters.

PJ: Which headquarters? Oh...I got it. But we have to go to class, so we better get there now. Come on.

(PJ and James walk out of the social worker's room to class)

(Fades out)

Part 3: History of the Evil Orb

(Shows the Salt Lake City Museum of History and Arts where the following text is displayed at the bottom of the screen, then zooms out onto a street where John Cargen and his assistant Robert Vernon are walking towards it)

Text: Three Days Later

Robert: So, Mr. Cargen, why are we here again?

John: I need to learn more about the Evil Orb without people knowing it's me so they can't arrest me. You see, long ago there was a god who created the Evil Orb, but he realized he needed to hide it from the other gods who wanted to surpass him. So he hid it in the area which would become Utah, and some years later in 1945, the archeologists of the Salt Lake City Museum of History and Arts found it, and since the god didn't want anyone to have it, they hid it in a place where they thought no one would find it: deep within the museum itself. And since then, no one has ever bothered to look in there...until now.

Robert: Wait a won't they know it's you?

John: Because we have disguises, remember?

Robert: Oh, right.

John: And that's also exactly why I came here.

(A museum patron comes out onto the steps of the museum)

John: Quick, get your disguise on.

(They both put on glasses with mustaches and hair on the top of the glasses, and then they walk over to the patron)

John: 'Scuse me, sir, but do you happen to know about...well, how should I put it...the "Evil Orb"?

Patron: (gasps) (grabs John by his shirthole, and his disguise is knocked off of his face) What do you know?

John: Oh, nothing...just a few things about its ancient history. Do you know where it is?

Patron: Listen here, we can't tell anyone about it or else all civilization will spin out of control! So between you, me and the rest of the world, this is classified. Am I clear on you?

John: I--I guess.

Patron: Good. So do NOT, and I mean NOT even think about thinking about trying to find it, okay?

John: Yes...

(John and Robert walk away from the museum)

John: Well, that only made me want the orb even more.

Robert: I know.

(Cuts to the Sansberg High School library, where Matt and Derrick come in)

Derrick: So, Matt, what do you have to do here?

Matt: Well, I have to return "Fall of the House of Usher" before the due date.

(Screen cuts to Carla looking at a shelf of books)

Carla: What is there to read...

(PJ walks over to Carla with a large book)

PJ: Hey Carla, I found this pretty interesting book.

Carla: What's it called?

PJ: (reads cover) "Ancient Greek Myths".

Carla: We should take a look at it, since there's been a series of attempts at the museum to find out where the "Evil Orb" is. That way we could see what it's all about.

(Carla and PJ carry the book over to a table where James is sitting at)

James: I see you found something that would explain why so many people are trying to find out where the Evil Orb is at the museum.

Carla: What? How did you know that?

James: The book's called "Ancient Greek Myths".

Carla: Oh, right.

(Carla and PJ sit down, and Carla opens the book to the table of contents)

(We cut back to Matt and Derrick at the checkout desk)

Derrick: Hey, I think someone just took out the last copy of "Ancient Greek Myths" without the librarian checking it out. I'm gonna find them and tell the librarian about it.

(We cut to Carla's hand looking for a section on the orb, and cut to Derrick walking past the bookshelves. Carla finally finds a section on the Evil Orb titled "Chapter 178: The Evil Orb".)

Carla: A-ha! "Chapter 178: The Evil Orb".

PJ: Wait a minute, there are 200 chapters in this book?!

(Derrick walks past the last bookshelf behind the table where the group is, and he stops to look at them. Carla turns to page 3852, the first page of the chapter.)

Carla: Okay, It's on page 3852.

PJ: And it has that many pages?!! I'm starting to think you're trying to do this to me...

Carla: Well, I'm not. Anyway, it says here that "The Evil Orb was created by a god, and whoever had it could not only rule the world, but could also rule the entire galaxy...but he realized the other gods who wanted to surpass him wanted it from him, so he hid it in the place that would become...(turns page) the United States of America. It is currently undisclosed about where it is located in the region, but wherever it is, if it was found, the entire nation would collapse in a state of chaos." that's why so many criminals want it now.

PJ: I better return this to the shelf before anyone sees us...

(PJ starts to take the book back to the shelf where it came from, but he is caught by Derrick)

Derrick: You! You stole "Ancient Greek Myths" from the library without checking it out!

PJ: I--I didn't! I swear! I just took it to show my friends!

Derrick: Oh, you did? Sorry about that.

PJ: My name's PJ by the way. Hey, did you happen to hear all of what we said back there?

Derrick: ...

(Derrick walks away without answering PJ)

PJ: Hey, wait!...

(Derrick walks near Matt)

Derrick: Matt, are you done returning your book yet?

Matt: I've been done.

Derrick: Good, let's go.

(They both walk out of the library)

Part 4: Car Chase

(We see John and Robert taking a red elevator to a room marked "Mr. Cheyger's Office". Once they arrive, they walk in and see Mr. Cheyger at his desk.)

John: Mr. Cheyger?

Mr. Cheyger: Yes?

John: I have an assignment for you.

Mr. Cheyger: What is it?

John: I need you to steal the key to the chamber where the Evil Orb is located inside the museum.

Mr. Cheyger: Really? I've been waiting for a mission like this for so long. And now I finally get it. Thank you, Mr. Cargen.

John: Oh, it's nothing. Anyways, we're going to have to drive you to the museum with a bag of supplies that will help you on the mission. (hands him a bag) You'll have to pass the security measures to get to the guard's office. That's where the key is located. I'll guide you through the mission with a walkie talkie. We leave in five minutes. (walks away)

(Cuts to Carla entering her locker, as do James and PJ. We cut to a split screen showing them dropping through their lockers and entering an elevator that goes rather fast. The elevator lands inside the "headquarters" James talked about in Part 2. The three sit at a table where a chair at the end is turned back. The chair spins around, and in it is a man named William Eandre, who is the head of the secret organization that is located in the headquarters, the Crazy Secret School Organization, abbreviated as CSSO.)

William: Good day, everyone. We have just recieved word that the Cargen criminal organization, of course headed by John Cargen, is about to send one of his assistants to the Salt Lake City Museum of History and Arts in order steal the key that unlocks the chamber where the Evil Orb is hidden. If they get their hands on it, the nation will collapse.

PJ: Yeah, we already knew that. We were just gonna tell you about it

Carla: Wait, I thought the god who created the Evil Orb just randomly hid it someplace in the United States area. How do they know it's here?

William: I believe hey used a specific type of detector similar to the type that detects medal to detect its energy. Now, if we want to prevent the nation from collapsing, you three must stop him from stealing the key. You will have to go to the museum and fight him.

PJ: Wait, fight him?

Carla: But how are we going to get there? We can't have our parents drive us there, because they'll know we're secret agents if we tell them why!

William: You will have to take the best mode of transportation available...your bicycles.

James: That's not as fast as a bus, but fine.

(Cuts to a black van stopping in front of the museum, which is John's van. The side door is opened, and Robert and Mr. Cheyger are seen in the backseat.)

Robert: Alright, we don't have much time, so go!

Mr. Cheyger: Okay...

(Mr. Cheyger gets out of the van as it drives away. He goes through the doors and finds a hallway marked "AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY" and walks down it. He finds a large round metal door at the end, and he takes out a blow torch and cuts in a hole. He goes through it, and finds a door on the other side of it marked "GUARD'S OFFICE" with the key already inside the doorknob. He opens the door and walks quietly to the guard's desk, where the guard is sleeping on his chair. He quietly takes the key and starts to walk away.)

Mr. Cheyger: Well, that wasn't too hard...

(Mr. Cheyger forgets to look where he's going, and he slams into the door, causing emergency alarms to start blaring. He quickly opens the door and runs out of the office.)

Guard: (wakes up) Huh? Who's there?! ...Why are there alarms going off? (notices the key is gone) The key!!! What have I done?! I was sleeping on the job, that's what I did!! I better call Officer Johnston...

(The guard dials Officer Johnston's phone number instead of calling 911)

Guard: Hello, Officer Johnston? We have a situation over here at the museum.

(Cuts to Officer Johnston in his police car driving while on the phone)

Officer Johnston: Yeah, we already knew that.

(Shows a line of police cars driving on the street)

Officer Johnston (offscreen): We're sending all of the police units on the squad to the museum to catch the guy that stole the key to the Evil Orb. If he succeeds in stealing it the entire nation will be in instant chaos.

(Cuts back to him in his car)

Officer Johnston: We certainly cannot let the public know about this. And by that I mean putting this on the news. So what you should do is go over to the Channel 5 station and tell the people there not to show this on the news, okay?

Guard: Whatever you say, officer. (hangs up and runs out of the office)

(Screen cuts to Mr. Cheyger just getting out onto the museum steps. He sees the police cars coming towards the museum and quickly runs out of the museum area. He finds a car rental place nearby and goes over to a red Chevrolet car. He tries opening the driver's seat door, but he notices it is locked, so he takes out a pocket knife and breaks the glass. He carefully climbs inside, takes out a paperclip and puts it into the ignition switch as if he was picking a lock. He turns it and the car starts up. He drives the car out of the rental place and onto the street.)

(We cut to Carla, PJ and James arriving on a sidewalk in the city on their bicycles, just in front of the street Mr. Cheyger comes out onto with the stolen car)

PJ: Oh man, it's him!

(The squad of police cars comes out onto the left side of the avenue, and Mr. Cheyger notices them about to ram into him. He steers the car onto his right, and gets in front of the squad.)

James: He's getting away! After him!

(The three ride their bikes after the squad)

(The squad of cars chases Mr. Cheyger all around the street. Mr. Cheyger takes out a grenade and throws it at the squad. Most of the cars are hit by the explosion that follows except the one Officer Johnston drives. Mr. Cheyger decides to make his way out of the city and into the neighborhood. Officer Johnston follows him with the three agents behind him. Mr. Cheyger takes out his walkie talkie and talks to Cargen.)

Mr. Cheyger: Mr. Cargen, are you there?!

John: Yes, I'm here. What is it?

Mr. Cheyger: Well, I did steal the key to the Evil Orb, but now the police are after me. Should I take a different route?

John: Of course you should, it's the police! Anyways, just turn left and go slower. That way no one will even think that you stole anything.

(Mr. Cheyger drives onto the street on the left and decreases his speed)

Mr. Cheyger: I did it, so now what?

John: Just keep going slowly...easy, easy, now go, go, GO!

(Mr. Cheyger is caught off guard at his change of pace, and he steps on the gas pedal once more. Another car is spotted to his right, and he decides to go in front of the car.)

John: This way, this way!!

(Mr. Cheyger banks right, and the back tires of his car are seen nearly crushing the camera before cutting back to him and then to the three agents, still trying to find him)

James: Where is he?!

Carla: I don't know!

(Cuts back to Mr. Cheyger as his right tires suddenly land onto the sidewalk to his left. We then see the three agents as they stop at a sidewalk directly in front of the street Mr. Cheyger is driving on.)

James: There he is!

PJ: Oh my god, he's driving on the sidewalk!!

(Officer Johnston's police car is seen coming out of the left corner of the beginning of street Mr. Cheyger is driving on)

Carla: It's the police again! They can't see us as agents! Go, go!!

(The three start riding away from the stolen car, and we cut to Officer Johnston's car, where he sees Mr. Cheyger driving with his right wheels on the sidewalk)

Officer Johnston: What is he doing?! (we see Mr. Cheyger's car through the windshield of the police car) 

(Cuts back to Mr. Cheyger inside the car)

(John is heard over the walkie talkie again)

John: Come through here!!

Mr. Cheyger: What?!

(The car accidentally drives onto the lawns of each house that it's passing, and it crashes through the fences in front of each house. Finally, it drives through one of the backyards, and we cut back to the three agents stopping in front of another street.)

PJ: I think we may have lost him...

James: Not quite!!

(The screen cuts to Mr. Cheyger's car stopping on the street in front of the three agents)

James: This is going to be bad...

(Mr. Cheyger is shown with his hands on the wheel in the car)

Mr. Cheyger: This is going to be bad.

(Mr. Cheyger slams the gas, and the car speeds forward)

PJ: Why is he coming straight for us?! We didn't really do anything to him! Sure, we followed him around with the police, but it still doesn't count, right?!

(Officer Johnston's car speeds out onto the street Mr. Cheyger is driving on)

Officer Johnston: Say cheese!

(He lights a whole package of matches and throws them out his window and onto Mr. Cheyger's car, causing the seat next to him to catch fire)

Mr. Cheyger: Is that...(he notices the seat next to him is on fire) AHHH!!! FIRE!!!!

(The fire immediately spreads to the rest of the car, causing it to drive around in swirls around the street)

PJ: He's on fire, he's gonna ram right into us!!

(The three watch the car keep driving around the street)

PJ: Wait...

(The car finally crashes into three garbage cans and stops, causing the garbage to set fire. The police car starts driving again to the car.)

James: Alright, I guess now we can turn him in!

Carla: But James, look! It's the police again!

James: ...Go, go!

(They all ride off on their bikes)

(The police car stops in front of Mr. Cheyger's car, but before Officer Johnston can get out, a squad of firetrucks arrive and start to put out the fire with hoses. Once the fire is out, he gets out and walks over to the car's passenger seat window, which is broken from the fire.)

Officer Johnston: You have to right to remain silent; anything you say or do will be used against you in a court of law--

Mr. Cheyger: Wait! Why are you even arresting me?!

Officer Johnston: Because you stole the key to the chamber of the museum where the Evil Orb is located!

Mr. Cheyger: I...I--

Officer Johnston: Let me see your glovebox...

(Officer Johnston reaches over to the glovebox)

Mr. Cheyger: Wait, you can't just open someone's glovebox without permission--!

(He opens it up and finds nothing in there)

Officer Johnston: ...Well, I guess I was wrong about you. Where did you get this car, anyway?

Mr. Cheyger: From the rental place in the middle of the city. If you don't mind, officer, I'll be driving it back there since my time with this car is up now. They asked me if they could have it back.

Officer Johnston: Go on ahead. This better not be a repeat of that Jolt Cola incident a few days ago.

Mr. Cheyger: Oh, trust me, officer, it isn't. Anyway, I'll drive this back to the rental place so they can get it cleaned up. It's their car, after all.

Officer Johnston: Take care.

(Mr. Cheyger drives off)

Mr. Cheyger: That guy doesn't even know what I'm really up to...

(Mr. Cheyger opens a cabinet next to his seat and takes out a device marked "TRANSPORTER 4000")

Mr. Cheyger: Getting that orb is going to be easier than Mr. Cargen thought...

(We cut to his back license plate before he drives off to Salt Lake City, which is directly in front of him)

Part 5: Failed Mission

(Cuts to John's office, where John himself has a Game Boy console in hand. Mr. Cheyger gets out of the elevator behind him.)

Mr. Cheyger: I'm back, Mr. Cargen.

John: Oh, hello, Mr. Cheyger. Did you get the key?

Mr. Cheyger: I transported it here with the transporter device I had in my bag, but everything before that was just crazy, and--say, why were you going crazy while I was in that car?

John: Oh, I was playing on my Game Boy. I must have forgotten that my walkie talkie was still on.

Mr. Cheyger: Are you kidding me?! I could have been caught by the police! ...Then again, you did make that transporter device that I used to transport the key here. So, in a way, you kind of saved me. Thanks, I guess.

John: Anytime, Mr. Cheyger. Anytime.

(An executive of the organization arrives in the elevator)

Executive: Mr. Cargen?

John: What is it?

Executive: I just heard that you've succeeded in getting the key to the Evil Orb's cell inside of the museum thanks to Mr. Cheyger.

John: That's right.

Executive: But the question is, have you formulated a plan to break inside there?

John: Of course. In fact, I have it in my drawer at my desk.

(Cuts to black and then shows John opening his desk drawer. He takes out a large sheet of paper with blue writing on it.)

John: Here it is. I call it, "Evil Plan #12851039", obviously because it's the 12,851,039th evil plan I've tried to execute--

Mr. Cheyger: We get it. Just tell us what you do.

John: Well, me and Robert will sneak into the cell and use the key to get inside and steal the orb and replace it with something and then escape. Wow, that sounds just like Indiana Jones.

Mr. Cheyger: I thought of that before you did. On a related note, you just took those words right out of my mouth.

John: Me and Robert will execute this plan tomorrow, and the next phase of my plan will begin...

Mr. Cheyger: Next phase? What next phase?

John: I don't always tell you everything.

(Screen cuts to the CSSO elevator, which James, Carla and PJ walk out of)

William: It is just uncomprehensible how you three failed to mark this mission as a success.

PJ: Actually, the police found him, so we couldn't let them know about this organization's existence. Or anyone.

William: *sighs* By now, Mr. Cargen may be starting to execute the next phase of his evil plan...which I am sure of will be at the museum. You three will have to guard all sides of the museum to see if they come there starting tomorrow.

PJ: Okay, but I can't be there all day. I have to get home by 7:00 because my mom's making spaghetti. She makes some pretty mean spaghetti.

(Cuts to Matt and Derrick's math teacher Mr. Dang's room, where they are taking a test)

(The bell rigns)

Mr. Dang: Alright, everyone, we'll finish this test after lunch.

(Cuts to Matt and Derrick walking in the hallways)

Matt: Derrick, did you hear about that car chase in the city yesterday?

Derrick: Yeah, I heard that it went from the museum all the way to the neighborhood.

Matt: That could have taken a long time...

(They stop walking)

Derrick: ...Matt, I think there's something I should tell you...

Matt: Tell away. You can tell me anything that you want to tell me.

(Derrick hesitates for a moment)

Derrick: You know what, I should tell you later, maybe tomorrow. Be prepared.

(Derrick and Matt walk to the lunchroom. While Matt walks inside the lunchroom Derrick stays by the doors for a second.)

Derrick (to himself): ...I'll tell him tomorrow, mostly because I haven't put everything together yet.

(Derrick walks inside the lunchroom)

Part 6: The Break-In

(We see John's van stopping in front of the museum)

John: Alright, Robert, this is the mission we should have been preparing for for our entire lives.

Robert: (gets disguise on) I guess I'm ready.

John: (gets disguise on) Let's go.

(John and Robert go on the stairs to the museum and the van drives away)

(We cut to PJ behind a wall by the entrance, where he is watching the two go up the stairs to the entrance)

PJ: (takes out walkie talkie) Agent Crimebuster, the cheese is in the taco, I repeat, the cheese is in the taco, over.

(Cuts to James against a wall also with a walkie talkie)

James: What's that supposed to mean?

PJ: It means that Mr. Cargen and Mr. Vernon are going inside, idiot!

James: I'M the idiot?! No, just no.

Carla: Guys, stop arguing! I don't want there to be a crime when another crime is about to be executed! ...On a separate note...

(Shows the three against the same wall, which they have been behind)

Carla: I don't think we have proper coverage of this event, judging by where we are right now.

James: We need to follow those guys inside and see where they're going.

(We cut to John and Robert walking inside of the entrance hall of the museum. A tourist guide lady greets them.)

Tourist Guide: Hello, and welcome to the Salt Lake City Museum of Arts and History. Ridiculous masks, by the way.

John: Masks?! What are you talking about?! Have you had too much Jolt Cola today?

Toruist Guide: Jolt Cola?! For your information, I drink Pepsi. Also, we don't really allow masks here in the museum.

John: Ugh, fine.

(They both thow their masks in the garbage can)

John: Could you just tell us where the bathrooms are?

Tourist Guide: They're over there, in the hallway.

John: Okay, thanks.

(They both walk away)

(They walk past the bathrooms and go into the hallway marked "AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY", and go to the round metal door that Mr. Cheyger managed to get through)

John: Okay, (holds out his hand) blowtorch.

Robert: (takes a blowtorch out of a bag and gives it to him) Blowtorch.

John: Screwdriver.

Robert: (takes a screwdriver out and gives it to him) Screwdriver.

John: Sandwich.

Robert: (takes out a plastic bag with a sandwich inside it) Sandwich.

(John does some work on the door while Robert covers his face)

John: (gets back up) Okay, I just finished cutting a hole through the door, so now we can get in.

(They both go through the hole, and open the door that appears in front of them to the guard's office, where there is no one in there. They walk up to another door, and this time it is the door to the chamber where the Evil Orb is being held.)

John: You got the keys?

Robert: Yep.

(Robert searches in the bag that he has)

Robert: Oh, no...

John: What?

Robert: I--I don't think the keys are in here!

John: WHAT?!

Robert: (takes out the key) Just kidding, it's right here!

(Robert puts the key into the door and opens it)

(They walk into the chamber, and the glowing Evil Orb is seen seated on a pedestal)

More coming soon!

Part 7: Failed Mission...Again

More coming soon!

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