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Live and Direct in Miami


March 17, 2015


February 22, 2015
(Miami, Florida)


EDM, progressive house, acid house, techno





Live and Direct in Miami is the second live album by American electronic music duo Downsize containing their performance in Miami, Florida on February 22, 2015 released on March 17, 2015 by Atlantic Records.

Track listing

  1. Rock 'n Roll (Original by Daft Punk)
  2. You Can't Escape / Not Today
  3. Fire Hive (Downsize Remix) / You Can't Stop Me (First originally by Knife Party)
  4. Don't Touch Me / Fight
  5. Hitman / Target / Therapist VIP (Originally by Current Value)
  6. Action Zero / G2 Hunt / Failed To Compute (Unreleased) (Second originally by Current Value)
  7. Insane In The Brain (Remix) / Beats Knockin (Originals by Cypress Hill, Jack Ü)
  8. What (Are You Doing) / Drive (Unreleased) (Originals by Unblank, Daft Punk)
  9. Cotton Punch / Ghost Rider (Originals both by Current Value)
  10. Ngine / The Arrival (Originals both by Current Value)
  11. Get Lucky (Downsize Remix) / Oh Yeah (Downsize Remix) (Originals both by Daft Punk)
  12. The Brainwasher (Downsize Remix) (Originally by Daft Punk)
  13. Extreme Pursuit / Action Zero VIP (Unreleased)
  14. The Punisher / Doompy Poomp (Downsize Remix) (Unreleased) (Second originally by Skrillex
  15. Night Sessions / This Is 30 / Don't Go


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