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Live in San Francisco


August 15, 2012


June 20, 2012
(AT&T Park, San Francisco)


EDM, Progressive House, House, Acid techno, Disco house





Live in San Francisco is the first live album by the American electronic music duo Downsize containing their performance at AT&T Park in San Francisco, California on June 20, 2012. The album was released on August 15, 2012 by Atlantic Records.


The live album contains Downsize's performance at AT&T Park on June 20, 2012. The duo had rented out the stadium for concerts scheduled to take place there from June 18-24, while the San Francisco Giants were playing six away games. The performances were part of their tour in slect cities in the US to promote their recent EP, I Love Technology.


The concert is composed of various songs by Downsize, along with some other artists. It also includes the remixes of various songs that they did.

Track listing

  1. Introduction / Oh Yeah (Downsize Remix) (Second originally by Daft Punk)
  2. The Brainwasher (Downsize Remix) / Television Rules The Nation (Downsize Remix) (Both originally by Daft Punk)
  3. Jump / Fatal Error / Help Me
  4. Terminate / Brain (both originally by Ajapai)
  5. Technologic (Downsize Remix) (Unreleased) / Fire Hive (Downsize Remix) (Original by Daft Punk)
  6. Crush on You / Crush on You (Knife Party Remix) (Both originally by Nero)
  7. Shoot Him / Internet Friends (Clean Version) (Second originally by Knife Party)
  8. Integer / Overkill (First originally by Current Value)
  9. Some Chords / Not Exactly (Both originally by Deadmau5)
  10. Don't Touch Me / Stereo Fidelity (Second originally by Deadmau5)
  11. Watch Out / Genesis / Get Skanked (Originals by Doctor P, Justice and Unblank)
  12. Beatdown / Breakdown / Raisins (Catastrophe) / You Got Owned (First, second and fourth originally done by Unblank)


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