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Malachi in Tj's World Style
Mala's Tj's World appearance
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 15
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Mike Johnson "Malachi" Rahsean, better known as Malachi, originally known to be Rugchi, also known as Oa Wose (マラキ/Maraki in Japan), is the main protagonist in Malachi Tyrus. He is the "king" of 123 Malachi Tyrus and he is Purple Guy's best friend, and Little Guy & Geo Guy's cousin. He is 12 years old and was born on October 7,1987. Like Dr. Beanson, Malachi likes to think of good schemes. He also lives in Greeny City. He likes cheese. He also likes Chip from Punic Circle. His voice is Mala M. is the main protagonist of Malachi Tyrus, and many other Malachi-related shows. His birthday is on October 7. He once led the Anti-Gree City Army with had a lot of Greeny Phatom characters (especially Santed Sailor), as well as those from Greeny Phatom,Geo's WorldWorld of JakeLuke CityFinley's World, and the Baxter Bros and more (except Gree City) in Malachi Tyrus The Movie . which is somewhat disappointing because he doesn't deserve the job while the other voice actors do because he sounds somewhat old. Malchi hates shows such as Gree CityBarney, Calliou The Buneary Show, and Bryan's World. He likes shows such as Malachi TyrusGreeny Phatom, (of course he likes that show), Geo's WorldPunic Circle, and other Greenytoons. His voice is Mala M., and his voice in Japanese was Makiko Ohmoto (Like Kirby (Nintendo)).

In Tj's World, just like Tjdrum, his high voice is Evan Sabara.

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