Mike Collington and His Band (formely Scrawl Studios) is a production company currently founded by, since 2012, Michael Collington. It also has the Collingtoons Studios subsidiary (also founded by Michael Collington). Collingtoons' slogan is "Collingtoony for the People since 2012", and has another slogan that is "Collingtoons Loves You!". It has a GoWebsite called the "Channel Collingtoons Network", which means every GoAnimator can join in according to the maker of the GoWebsite (Michael Collington) himself.

Current series/movies

The Michael Collington and TjsWorld2011 Show! (with TjsWorld2011 Pictures)

South Park 2.0 (with TjsWorld2011 Pictures)

more soon!

Upcoming series/movies/specials


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