The following is a transcript of the 2010 film ROBLOX: The Movie.

Part 1: Break-In

(Shows Paramount Pictures logo on United States prints)

(Shows Universal Pictures logo on international prints)

(Fades into space)


Text: a TJSWORLD2011 PICTURES film

(An asteroid flies by the screen, and we pan left to watch it enter the ROBLOX version of the Earth's atmosphere. We fade to a field in the evening, where the asteroid crashes and smoke comes out of it.)

Narrator: No one knows where it came from. There had been other things like it...but this one had an unstoppable source of power.

(We get a close-up of the fallen asteroid)

Narrator: Many wanted to harness its magic, but some brave ones tried to hide it from those who wanted to use it for dark purposes.

(We pan up from the camera's position, now in the fields, and into space, where we fade out from the background and then see a colorful light tunnel, possibly homaging the one from the Stanley Kubrick classic 2001: A Space Oddysey. When the narrator's last sentence below comes up, the light tunnel leads us into a white background.)

Narrator: But this is a story of how one of the worlds that did not know where it came from became involved in the ultimate evil plot involving the stone. That was when that world could never imagine what it was capable of. Perhaps you can relate to it...I know I can.

(The film's logo fades in, shines and then fades out)

(We zoom out of some clouds, which were the white background from a few seconds ago, and see a temple at daytime. The following text appears below.)

Text: 10,000 years later

(We fade to the inside of the temple, where the prophet Khan is walking around the Creation Stone, the object that crashed in the fields 10,000 years earlier. It is guarded by a glass ball and situated on a cylindrical platform. Khan is walking around the platform like he's a work officer. An explosion occurs nearby, shaking the temple and knocking Khan off his feet.)

Khan: Wh...What was that?!

(Khan runs over to the doors of the temple, opens them and gasps at what he sees. There are some TIE fighters flying over the forest in front of the temple, with the Imperial Star Destroyer itself from Star Wars in the front. The Imperial March by John Williams plays during this.)

Khan: Oh no...(closes doors) Not today...ten years of guarding this thing is not going to be easy with Lord Haxxor in my way!

(The Star Destroyer and the ships flying beside it stop in front of the temple, and park themselves one by one on the parking lot in front of the temple. All of the ships except the Star Destroyer land safely in parking spaces, but the Star Destroyer accidentally crushes them.)

(Music stops)

Lord Haxxor: Oops.

(The end of the music plays quickly)

(The Star Destroyer goes back up into the air and parks itself in another place which is clean. Lord Haxxor jumps out of the windows of the Star Destroyer and locks it . He walks toward the temple.)

(Lord Haxxor opens the doors to the temple with Khan in front of him. He walks towards him.)

Lord Haxxor: So, Khanorito. We meet again. Like the new Star Destroyer ship I got? I stole it from Darth Vader.

Khan: Really?

Lord Haxxor: No, I got it from a vehicle place.

Khan: I thought this was coming, Haxxor.

Lord Haxxor: Well, first of all, you're standing in my way.

Khan: That's the idea. You're never getting to the Creation Stone. That thing stores all of the creativity in ROBLOX's entire universe.

Lord Haxxor: And that's exactly why I'm here. 10 years of you guarding that stone will never get in my way.

Khan: Well, unlucky for you, I don't plan on handing it over to you that easily.

(Khan pulls out a lightsaber shaped like an "X". The blades of it are colored green.)

Lord Haxxor: Aw, that's cute. Too bad this isn't a pinata party. So let's see what comes out of you when I hit you with this.

(Lord Haxxor pulls out a lightsaber this time shaped like four "F"s merged into one. The blades are colored red.)

Khan: ...Okay then.

(They start fighting)

(After a while, Lord Haxxor pushes Khan onto the glass ball covering the stone, causing it to start to tip over)

Khan: Oh no!!

(Khan quickly runs over to the other side of the platform to stop the ball from falling)

Lord Haxxor: Now's the time! (jumps)

(He breaks the glass with his lightsaber, and the stone is thrown into the air. It falls into a box with a lid open being carried by robots that are already by Lord Haxxor's side.)

Lord Haxxor: Excellent! Robots, take this back to the ship.

Robots: Yes, Lord Haxxor.

(The robots close the box and carry it away)

(Khan stands up out of the pile of broken glass)

Khan: Haxxor, you'll never get to that ship with the stone in your hands!

Lord Haxxor: Really? Why do you say that?

(An emergecy lever is shown behind Khan's place)

Khan: Because I'm calling reinforcements.

(Khan pulls the lever)

(We cut to the robots still walking with the box next to the Star Destroyer. One of the robots notices a fleet of jetplanes coming their way.)

Robot #1: Look! He must have called reinforcements!

Robot #2: Get into the ship, hurry! We have an enemy attack!

(The robots hurry into the ship and start its engines. Lord Haxxor runs into the scene as soon as the Star Destroyer starts hovering above the ground. He quickly grabs onto the bottom hole of the ship and climbs inside it. The doors on the bottom close after. It flies out of the scene while the jetplanes follow them.)

(Khan is seen entering a watch tower and coming out on the top of the tower to watch the fight)

(Lord Haxxor's Star Destroyer flies over the forest while being chased by the jetplanes. One of the planes fires a missle at the end of the ship, taking out one of the engines. We cut to the inside of the cockpit where Lord Haxxor is at the main controls with his robots watching.)

Robot #3: Lord Haxxor, they took out one of our engines!

Lord Haxxor: Set up another one!

(One of the robots pulls a lever on a wall, and another engine comes out in place of the one that blew up)

Pilot #1: Oh, really?!!

(The ship is being chased in a straight direction over the forest)

Robot #2: Should we try and take out those planes, sir?!

Lord Haxxor: Give them whatever you've got, lasers, bullets, grenades--I don't care!

(Two robots hurry over to 2 turrets at the back of the ship and start firing at the planes)

(All of the planes are taken out by the turrets and explode in the forest one by one)

Lord Haxxor: Nice!

(We cut to a view behind Khan on the watch tower looking at the smoke coming out of the forest from the explosion)

Khan: This is bad...

(We cut to a small ship arriving at a space station which is Khan's, then cut to him entering a code in the control panel next to some doors, which he then goes through once it opens. We see expert builders of ROBLOX all on mats in a room meditating. Khan throws the doors to the room open.)

Khan: Lord Haxxor has the Creation Stone!

(Everyone stops)

(We see Telamon on a mat sitting next to Builderman, who is also on a mat)

Telamon: Finally, now I can go take a chicken break! (walks away)

(Clockwork starts walking over to Khan)

Clockwork: Wait, how did that happen?!

Khan: I was fighting him in the temple. But he got away with the stone, even when reinforcements tried to stop him.

(An explosion is heard)

Clockwork: What was that?

(Clockwork runs over to the window of the space station)

(He sees Lord Haxxor's starships firing at the space station)

Clockwork: It's an entire fleet of Haxxor ships!

Khan: They followed me...everyone, get in your ships, now!!

(Everyone runs out of the room)

(Builderman catches up with Khan to talk to him)

Builderman: Khan!

Khan: What?!

Builderman: This is one of the last facilities the entire ROBLOX staff has. The only ones we have include the ROBLOX HQ, which I fear may be destructed by some grieving people...

(Builderman's RPhone rings, and he takes it out of his pocket)

Builderman: Oh, someone just posted a video of it.

(Builderman plays the video, which shows the ROBLOX HQ being destroyed, just as Builderman said)

Builderman: Dangit! They did destroy it!

Khan: Oh, that's too bad.

Builderman: Oh, don't worry, the place regens every six minutes. Anyways, I need you to find someone who can stop this disaster before it happens.

Khan: Disaster? What disaster?

Builderman: I'm afraid that Haxxor's going to use the Creation Stone to destroy the entire universe.

Khan: What do I have to do?

(Another explosion is heard)

Builderman: I have to explain later. Go to your ship!!

(Khan rushes to his ship and it flies away from the space station just as it explodes in flames)

Part 2: Good Morning Robloxia

(Shows the city of Robloxia and zooms out to the neighborhood in front of it)

(Cuts to Robert Jess' house, and Robert opens the door)

Robert: *sighs* Another great day...

(Robert walks out onto the sidewalk)

Robert: The sun is shining, the construction team's halfway done with the new building in town, and--

(A plane suddenly crashes in front of him)

Robert: ...that just happened.

(A man struggles out of the plane holding a VHS tape)

GMR Sender: Mr. Jess?

Robert: Yes?

GMR Sender: My computer broke down so I had to deliver your GMR program the old fashioned way...apparently I'm not a good pilot.

Robert: No kidding, you broke Leonidas' house after the mail truck crashed into it once!

(Cuts to them on the left side and King Leonidas of Sparta from the 2007 film 300 coming out of the house next to them)

Leonidas: THIS...IS...(notices his house is damaged and points to the sender)...YOUR FAULT!

More coming soon!

Part 3: Robloxia's Day Crisis

More coming soon!

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