Reality Check is a 2015 American traditionally animated 3D science fiction action comedy film produced by TjsWorld2011 Pictures and distributed by 20th Century Fox. In the film, high school students Adam, David and Harris are told by their classmate that the new student has psychic abilities, and Adam decides to try and find out if it's true or not by heading over to the Library of Congress in Washington, DC to find the tape of how it happened. But when there appears to be no evidence, Adam decides to find out if she's a real psychopath or not, but it proves to be a very dangerous road.

The film combines the styles of basic filming and found footage and is described by its director TjsWorld2011 as a mashup of the films Chronicle and Earth to Echo. It is the fourth film by TjsWorld2011 Pictures to be distributed by Fox after the films Operation BLUEPuffRuff School: The Movie, and Planet Chasers. The film stars Jace Norman of the Nickelodeon television series Henry DangerTroy Baker of Marvel's Avengers Assemble and NovaStar302601It was released in theatres and in RealD 3D on July 17, 2015 and recieved mostly positive reviews from critics.


On his way to school on the second day of the school year, Adam McCallister talks to his mother about how he hopes nothing will go wrong during the year.

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  • Jace Norman as Adam
  • Troy Baker as David
  • NovaStar302601 as Harris
  • Grey DeLisle as Susan
  • Ntpockets as Mr. Harden, MacFarlane High School's janitor / Train Garson
  • TjsWorld2011 as Mark Willan
  • Jeff Glen Bennett as Mr. Jason, Adam, David and Harris' science teacher
  • Stephen Kramer Glickman as Mr. Glasman, Adam, David and Harris' homeroom teacher
  • Eden Sher as Jan Farlane, Adam's love interest


The film began early production in 2013 under the title Video Horror X. Its name was changed to iHorror and then again to its final one, Reality Check. It began its main production in late 2013. Production ended in September 2014. The film's completion and its main cast were first announced in December 2014. Stephen Kramer Glickman and Eden Sher were confirmed to having joined the cast on March 1, 2015. TjsWorld2011 confirmed the film's runtime to be 87 minutes on June 24, 2015.


The film's teaser trailer was released on November 2, 2014, and was attached to V/H/S: Viral and other films. The original teaser poster for the film was made in January 2015. The film's first theatrical trailer was released on February 24, 2015, just as the first new overhauled teaser poster for the film was released (which included an overhauled look on it); it was attached to films such as Furious 7 and The Longest Ride. The film's second theatrical trailer was released on April 2, 2015 and was attached to films such as Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 and Pitch Perfect 2. TV spots for the film started airing on several networks starting on May 22, 2015.


Box office

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Critical reception

The film recieved mostly positive reviews from critics. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes has given the film a rating of 75% with the consensus stating, "Introducing a fascinating plot and great characters and humor, Reality Check is another great TW2011 film.".

Home media

The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray on September 15, 2015. It contains a short film titled Reality Check: Revelations, a mini-documentary on the fictional Susan Greslin scandal, including news interviews and others, narrated by Adam (Jace Norman).


Reality Check: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


June 30, 2015






Eric Wurst

The soundtrack to the film was released on June 30, 2015 by Epic Records. The film's score (tracks 5-18) was composed by Eric Wurst.

  1. Glory and Gore - Lorde
  2. Style - Edit - Taylor Swift
  3. Tear 'Em Up (Unreleased) - Sam Scarfo
  4. Recess - Skrillex and Kill the Noise feat. Fatman Scoop and Michael Angelakos
  5. A Possible Secret
  6. Research
  7. Adam's Break-In
  8. The Plan
  9. Adam and Jan
  10. Road Trip
  11. Library of Congress
  12. Security
  13. The Truth
  14. Dangerous or Hard
  15. The Apartment
  16. Rampage
  17. Final Battle
  18. Credits Suite



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Possible sequel

In February 2015, TjsWorld2011 stated that the production crew is working on an idea for a sequel to the film, which he said would feature the three main characters from it but would probably not continue from the original plot of this film. He also said they would consider greenlighting a sequel if the film does well in theatres.