The following is a transcript of the 2015 film Reality Check.

Part 1: Opening

(Shows 20th Century Fox logo)

(Shows TjsWorld2011 Pictures logo)

(Shows Adam McCallister standing right next to a chair being recorded on a video camera)

Adam: Are we rolling yet?

David (offscreen): (is behind camera) Yes.

Adam: Okay.

(Adam sits down in the chair)

Adam: My name is Adam McCallister and this, is a handmade movie that we think maybe has chances of getting into the National Film Registry. You know, that film museum where Star WarsTerminator and every other legendary movie is selected for preservation? Probably not.

(Some synth notes start playing followed by electric strings and then a guitar, which lead into the Taylor Swift song "Style" by the time the opening credits start)

Adam: But the point is, I think this is really significant because it's the first time someone has ever managed to get on camera something so...groundbreaking.

(We cut to a Metro newspaper with an article labeled "HOFFMAN BRIDGE IN MASSACHUSETTS TO BE DEMOLISHED IN SEPTEMBER")

Adam (offscreen): It actually stopped the Hoffman Bridge from being demolished, and too many people would freak out about it.

(Cuts back to Adam)

Adam: Okay, I'm just kidding, that's not a real bridge, and David just wanted me to add that part in there to make it feel more interesting. But anyways...

(Cuts to a Mac OS X desktop, where a blank document is opened on Google Drive, and the following text is typed out on the document)

Text: a film by Adam McCallister

Adam (offscreen again): This is a story that I think could maybe change the world...or a country...or a town or a city--I don't know, just watch it!!

(The cursor hovers over a "Publish" button on a black screen (which is not a part of Google Drive) and clicks it, which leads us into the opening credits. The credits are set in the Avenger font (which is the same font as the film's logo) and are superimposed over a zooming blue computer dialog tunnel.)


Text: a TJSWORLD2011 PICTURES film

(We cut back to the desktop, and the cursor clicks on a QuickTime Player icon and then clicks on File > Open and opens a file called TITLE.MOV)

(A window for QuickTime pops up and the cursor presses the play button shown on it. We zoom into the window.)

(The film's logo zooms in and shines and then we zoom through it)

Part 2: The New Student

(We fade into one of the neighborhood roads, and we slowly pan down as Adam's mother's car drives down the road towards us)

(Cuts to Adam in the front seat and his mother in the driver's seat inside the car)

Mrs. McCallister: Oh, come on, surely this could be a fine school year for you!

Adam: No it couldn't. Have you forgotten about what happened last year when David made the entire cafeteria kitchen explode when they were making cupcakes?!

Mrs. McCallister: ...As a matter of fact, no I haven't.

Adam: Good. Because I really hope that nothing goes wrong this school year. ...Then again, it would be kind of cool if something interesting happened for once around here.

Mrs. McCallister: Like what?

Adam: I don't know...

(As Mrs. McCallister's car pulls up in front of MacFarlane High School, David Carismo and Harris Omak, Adam's two friends, are standing on the steps of the entrance to the school. Adam gets out of Mrs. McCallister's car.)

Mrs. McCallister (from the car): Have a great day, Adam! And remember, for dinner it's Taco Tuesday tonight!

Adam (to himself): YES! I love Taco Tuesday!

(Mrs. McCallister's car drives off, and Adam greets David and Harris)

David: Oh, hey, Adam! We were just talking about you!

Adam: What do you mean?

Harris: Just the thing about how you laughed when Mr. Glasman had his pen leak inside his shirt on accident yesterday.

Adam: Alright, it's slowly getting better after that happened, so don't start it up again.

David: Fine.

(The three walk inside the school and walk through the hallways)

Adam: Can you guys believe that it's already the second day of school?

Harris: Yep.

Adam: Good, because I know I can. Look, the thing I just want to get out right now is that I don't want anything to go wrong with us this year, do you guys get that?

David: What, were you talking about when I caused the cupcake incident that I caused last year?

Adam: Either I did or I didn't...I did. But my main point is that my mom hasn't forgotten about it.

David: Well, that was only because I was mad about getting no cupcakes.

(Adam, David and Harris walk into their homeroom teacher Mr. Glasman's room's doorway)

David: ..So as long as I'm not mad about anything, everything will be just...

(They stop in the doorway, and we cut to the empty classroom and then back to them)

David: ...Fine?

Adam: Huh. Nobody's here. We must be early.

(They start walking to their desks)

Harris: Well, as long as we have 5 minutes left before school starts, we'll just relax.

(Adam takes out his iPhone and starts playing on it)

David: Adam, what are you doing?

Adam: Playing the new levels I got on the game Skeleton Destroyer 3000 on my phone. If you thought those skeletons weren't enough for you, wait until you meet...the XELETONS!

(Cuts to an outside view of the school as the bell rings)

(Cuts to Mr. Glasman entering the classroom, now in which the entire class is in, and putting his suitcase next to his desk)

Mr. Glasman: Good morning, everyone. Despite the fact that this is normally your homeroom, we're still going to do some English work in here, since this is English, of course. By the way, I'd like to welcome you all to the second day of the school year.

Harris: Yes, we already know it's the second day of the school year.

Mr. Glasman: Okay, class, take out your English books and turn to page 76.

(Cuts to Adam, who is still playing on his iPhone, and he notices that Mr. Glasman just gave instructions, so he takes out his English book, puts his iPhone away and starts flipping to page 76)

Mr. Glasman: By the way, we have a new student coming in here in a while. Her name is Susan, so be sure to greet her.

Adam (whispering to David): New student? Already?

David (whispering): I know, right? It's only the start of the school year and they're already having a new student here.

Harris (whispering): I wouldn't worry about it, guys. After all, Mr. Glasman just said the new student's name was Susan, so they're obviously a girl. That means she's available to ask out. But I'm not going to take my chances with her.

Adam (whispering): Me neither. I'm already planning on asking Jan Farlane on a date at lunch. I'm planning to take us to the park for a relaxing afternoon tomorrow.

David (whispering): I don't want to date her either, for one reason: I hate asking out girls.

(The door opens, and Susan Greslin appears behind it)

Susan: Sorry, are you Mr. Glasman?

Mr. Glasman: Yes I am. And you must be the new student.

(Adam, David and Harris see Susan talking to Mr. Glasman)

Susan: I am. Could you please tell me where Mr. Arbys' room is?

(David laughs quietly at what Susan said, and Adam and Harris look at him in disappointment)

David (whispering): Sorry, that teacher's name just gets me every time. You know, because his last name is Arbys? He sounds like he knows a good place to get a sandwich for lunch. Speaking of which, I'll have lunch from that place for lunch today, just so you know.

Mr. Glasman: (takes a map out of his desk and hands it to Susan) I marked my room on this map so you can know how to get to Mr. Arbys' room.

Susan: Thanks. I hope I get to see you again.

Mr. Glasman: You're welcome.

(Susan walks out and closes the door)

Mr. Glasman: Now, where was I?

Adam (whispering to David and Harris): I don't. Not that I want her to die or anything.

Part 3: Revelation

(Cuts to the bell ringing in the hallway)

(Cuts to Adam, David and Harris walking out of class)

Adam: Do you guys think she's cut out for this school?

Harris: I have no idea.

Adam: I mean, you could get caught by a bully in like, 3 seconds flat, not including Train Garson, by the way.

David: Yeah, he's known all sorts of things. He even knew the all of the answers to that Star Wars quiz we once had in class.

Harris: You know, I've always wondered if he doesn't really know the answers to everything we have to ask after all. ...That and I think he's actually an idiot who only watches movies, TV and wets his bed every single night. Yet he's 16.

Adam: Okay, back to Susan. The bullies could maybe get to her in 3 seconds. And about that three seconds part I talked about, I was just exaggerating.

Harris: Yes, we know.

Adam: So anyway, they could get her really quick. But luckily we have the hall monitor patrol by our side.

David: Question: Why are you so concerned about her safety all of a sudden? You did tell us that you didn't want to ask her out.

Adam: I'm just worried about the bullies getting to me also. Not that I'm a hall monitor or that I like her or anything.

Harris: So can you promise to us that you won't try and date her?

Adam: Yes, I promise.

(They walk by Mark Willan, and Adam stops to talk to him)

Adam: Hey, Mark, long time, no see, am I right?

Mark: Not really. I did run into you at the waterpark last Wednesday.

Adam: Yeah, we owned those kids in that water shooting, I just wanted to tell you something.

Mark: What is it?

Adam: I don't want you to tell this to too much people, but, I've decided that I won't try and date that new girl.

Mark: Susan Greslin?

Adam: Yeah. Because I'm already planning on asking Jan out for tomorrow later today. Don't tell her that, okay?

Mark: Okay.

Adam: Alright, see you later.

(They start walking again and walk by Train Garson, who's leaning against his locker)

Adam: Hey, Train, do you know anything about the new student?

Train: I know that she has psychic abilities.

(The three stop walking, and then Adam turns around to face Train)

Adam: Wait, back up. Did you say that she has psychic abilities?

Train: I guess.

David: And there it is.

Train: What?

David: The statement that will make you look like an idiot.

Train: Come on, I know what I'm talking about.

Adam: What do you mean by that, anyway?

Train: I heard it somewhere, but I can't be sure about it.

Adam: Alright, Thanks for telling us.

(They both start walking away)

Harris: So now are you going to go and try and research whatever it is that Train's talking about...oh, I shouldn't have said that, since I already know you're going to.

Adam: You got me there.

Part 4: Adam's Fantasy

(Cuts to the ouside of Adam's house after school and then cuts to Adam, David and Harris walking into Adam's bedroom)

David: I really hope we don't go searching for proof about whatever that it was that Train said about at school.

Adam: Come on, I think we should.

Harris: Why? Because you're turning into an idiot?

Adam: Harris, no, I'm not turning into an idiot anytime soon. I just think we can discover something that no one's been able to prove before. After all, I do have my iPhone and my computer. I can just use my iPhone to film it. And with that kind of quality on the camera, people will have to believe this wasn't manipulated.

David: I still don't know if we should do this. It could be dangerous.

Adam: Yes, it would, but think about it, we could be the coolest kids in school after that. Just think about it...

(The screen fades to white, and Tear Em Up by Sam Scarfo starts playing. We fade to the school doors, and they are opened by the three boys, this time wearing sunglasses. As they walk into the school, everyone in the hallway starts looking at them.)

More coming soon!

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