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The first season of Tj's World began on June 12, 1999 with the episode "Pilot" and ended on October 2, 1999 with the episode " How the East was Won". The season was released on DVD on November 27, 2001. A total of twelve episodes (21 segments) were produced.

Episode list

Episode title Original airdate
"Pilot, Part I and II" June 12, 1999
"Don't Get the Point?; Reject" June 19, 1999
"The Wrong Number; Love Songs With Peace Girl" June 26, 1999
"3 Letters, How to Fix a Broken Transporter" July 10, 1999
"The Date; First Flaw" July 17, 1999
"Mistakes; Science Gone Wrong" July 24, 1999
"The Great Big Iron Conspiracy" August 7, 1999
"Manufacturing Disaster; Truth War" August 14, 1999
"That Won't Be Solved; Truth House" September 4, 1999
"For Real, You Can't Say That" September 11, 1999
"Or Not; Collinger School for the Reality Challenged" September 18, 1999
"How the East was Won" October 2, 1999

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