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The Craig and Butters Movie is a 2001 American animated action comedy film based on the Comedy Central animated television series The Craig and Butters Show, which is a spinoff of South Park. The film is a semi-sequel to the 1999 film South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, which itself is based off of South Park.

After being mistaken for a terrorist, Craig is applied for a part-time job in the OTA (Only Terrorist Agency) and tries to keep it a secret to everyone else. Unfortunately, it is uncovered by Butters and Clyde, and even worse, the agency's next big plot is to destroy the town of South Park and Denver, so Craig and Butters must work together to stop the agency.

The film was released in theatres on April 11, 2001 by Paramount Pictures in the United States and Warner Bros. Pictures internationally and was rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America, in contrast to Bigger, Longer and Uncut, which was rated R by the MPAA. It is also the first film by TjsWorld2011 Entertainment to recieve said rating. It was also the first TjsWorld2011 Entertainment to be distributed by Paramount after its parent company Viacom's acquisition of the company in 1996. The film was later released onto DVD and VHS on August 14, 2001.


During recess at South Park Elementary in South Park, Colorado, Craig Tucker and Butters Stotch, along with a crowd of students, witness Kenny McCormick attempt the alleged 100 chicken nugget challenge, only to burn up in ashes after trying to eat the first nugget. After school at Craig's house, Craig and Butters are constantly bugged by news ads informing everyone in South Park about Kenny's latest ordeal on TV. The two decide to avoid watching TV in order to avoid the ads, but they also start showing up on Craig's DVDs, VHSs and even on his Nintendo 64 games. Annoyed, Craig tells Butters that he's going to make a trip to the local Best Buy store to buy an AdBlocker for all of the TVs in his house with his allowance.

Once Craig arrives, he starts looking in the "TV extras" section until he notices that all of the TVs on display on the walls of the store have flickered to black. He walks over to see the issue, and one of the Best Buy workers also notices that all of the TVs have gone out. Suddenly, the TVs form into one big rectangle and guns come out of the sides, aiming for the customers and the workers. Everyone escapes the store, and during the attack, the South Park police arrives and ends up driving through the entrance of the store and through the back. At that moment, Craig is resting at the corner of the store and proceeds to go to the next building to his right, but is nearly run over by the police car, which then starts to be chased by a tank-like car marked with the letters "OTA" once on the street. The police car changes position with the tank car and chases it around South Park. Craig follows both cars to see where the tank car is going. After a while, the police car crashes into one of South Park's buildings, and Craig hides in an alley so the tank car doesn't find him. But the OTA's president, Tom Gerson appears at his side, and he offers him a job at the OTA since he almost got run over by the police.

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  • Matt Stone as Craig / Butters / Kyle / Kenny / Best Buy Employee #1
  • Trey Parker as Stan / Cartman / Mr. Garrison / OTA Officer #2
  • Mona Marshall as Lady #1 / Lady #2
  • Eliza Schneider as Wendy
  • Tom Kane as Tom Gerson
  • Rob Paulsen as Michael / Best Buy Employee #2
  • Jason Alexander as OTA Officer #1
  • Walker Boone as Jack / Best Buy Manager
  • Lacey Chabert-Young Girl/Tanya
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TjsWorld2011 said he would develop a feature film based on The Craig and Butters Show about two years after the show's premiere in late 1999, in order to try to "blow Bigger, Longer and Uncut out of the water", since he was irresolute about the film's concept. He had said, "I know I can do something that's much less...unteaching than that, since I think that's my general perception of the film itself. I mean, to be honest, I really can't imagine how anyone could learn anything valuable from it".

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The soundtrack to the film was released on March 20, 2001 by Atlantic Records. The score was composed by Alexandre Desplat.
  1. Force Ten - Rush
  2. Get Back - The Beatles
  3. Metal Militia - Metallica
  4. Every Breath You Take- The Police
  5. Hero- Mariah Carey
  6. I Love You More-Celine Dion
  7. Father And Daughter-Paul Simon
  8. Iris-Goo Goo Dolls
  9. That's The Way It Is-Celine Dion
  10. Your Gonna What Give It-New Radicals

Track listing

  1. Overture
  2. News Ads
  3. Hack Attack
  4. Police Chase
  5. Street Sounds
  6. OTA Tour
  7. Truth and Reveal
  8. Driving Music
  9. Intruder Alert
  10. It's Just Nothing
  11. OTA's Plan
  12. This Is Why We Don't Have Exits Here
  13. Attack
  14. Tom's Arrest


Box office

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Critical reception

The film recieved generally mixed reviews from critics. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 59% of critics gave the film a positive review with the consensus stating, "The Craig and Butters Movie is a good movie to introduce entry level moviegoers to the world of South Park, but with its particular differentation in its animation style and atmosphere, it probably may not win over fans of the original South Park series.".

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  • This is the first film by TjsWorld2011 Entertainment to be distributed by Paramount Pictures after the company's acquisition by Paramount's parent company Viacom in 1996.