The following is a transcript of the Tj's World episode "Time Freeze".

(Title card) 

(Shows Tjdrum's house) 

(Cuts to Tj's room where he is playing on his Game Boy Color and his clock radio is playing some music) 

Tj: Come on, shoot them down, sh--Aw, come on! (Turns off his GBC)

Tj: Well, I've still got twenty minutes before Iron gets here, so what should I play now? (Opens his cartridge container)

Tj: Let's see...I've played Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, Pokemon Pinball, Pokemon Yellow Version, and just now, Hollywood Pinball Shooter Adventure. Well...I don't really feel like playing Pokemon again right now. 

(Tj looks at his analog clock which says 11:14 AM)

Tj: Iron isn't supposed to come here until 11:34 and it's only 11:14? (Starts banging his clock radio) Come on...I wish time would just go faster or something! 

(The sound of glass breaking in reverse is heard)

Tj: What was that? ...Ah, whatever. (tries to pick up his GBC) Huh? That's weird...why can't I pick up my Game Boy? (tries to pick it up more) Are my muscles getting weak? No, that couldn't happen...isn't a Game Boy like, one-hundred thirty-something grams?

Tj: I have a bad feeling about this...(runs to the front door of the house) 

(cuts to the front of his house with him coming out the front door) 

Tj: Huh?!?

(shows various people and objects frozen) 

Tj: (walks by two frozen people who were walking and tries to push them) ...What? (keeps walking) Oh started the...(zooms in on his face with brief dramatic music) ..time freeze. I should walk to Nation Airlines Arena. There was supposed to be a game today!

(cuts to him walking onto the arena's basketball court)

Tj: *gasps* (zooms out showing the entire arena) Where's the players...and the crowd? (cuts back to him) Oh I the last one to still be moving?! Come on, I've got to use my brain...who would do something like this? Maybe it could be...Santed Sailor! (runs out of the arena) 

More coming soon!

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