"Tj's TV Trauma"
Tj's World episode
Episode name pun on: {{{Pun}}}
Episode no. Season 16
Episode 5a
Original airdate May 17, 2014
Written by TjsWorld2011
Directed by TjsWorld2011


Episode chronology
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"Determinator 2: Something Day" "Cartman's Revenge"

Tj's TV Trauma is is the first segment of the fifth episode of Season 16. It aired on May 17, 2014.


When Tjdrum finds out about a show on ABC called "The Tj Show" that is created by dude9983 and how it claims he is one of the writers, he has to confront Dude and protect his reputation. 


  • This episode is based on the Fish Hooks episode "Milo vs. Milo".

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