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Tj's World
Genre Animation
Format Animated series
Created by TjsWorld2011
Starring Evan Sabara
Andy Milonakis
Dee Bradley Baker
Zach Braff
Danielle Judovits
Hynden Walch
Tom Kenny
Tim Curry
Rob Paulsen
Theme music composer deadmau5
Composer(s) Mark Mothersbaugh
Brad Breeck
Opening theme "Edit Your Friends" by deadmau5
Ending theme "Goof" by Binärpilot
Country of origin United States
Language English
No. of seasons TBD
No. of episodes TBD (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Alex Hirsch
IAmBagel (Season 11-present)
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) TjsWorld2011 Entertainment (Season 1-7)
TjsWorld2011 Pictures (Season 8-present)
Distributor MTV Networks International
Original channel Nickelodeon
Tj's World Network (2003-present, repeats only)
Original run September 4, 1999 – present
Followed by N/A
Preceded by N/A
Spin-offs/Related Shows N/A

Tj's World is an American animated television series created by TjsWorld2011 and Ntpockets. The series first premiered on September 4, 1999, on the Nickelodeon television network. It is TjsWorld2011's second series after PuffRuff School, and focuses on the lives of roommates Tjdrum and Ccmater2 living in Tampa, Florida, and occasionally those including their friends Agentpeddle and IronInforcer, among others.

TjsWorld2011 conceived the show's concept in late 1993, while at serving his term the animation institute Collingtoons in Los Angeles, California, after he created two characters named Tjdrum and Ccmater, the former based partly on himself, and had the idea of "building a whole world" around the two characters. After changes were made to the central character design in 1997 (partly inspired by the Comedy Central series South Park), he soon created more characters based on the design and began working on the show with his classmate Ntpockets. The show first appeared in its early form as a series of pilot episodes on the Oh Yeah! Cartoons show on Nickelodeon in August 1998. The show was able to be green lit by the network for a full length series on the network.

The success of the show's premiere and its subsequent seasons yielded the production of Tj's World: The Movie, a film based on it.



An early design of Tjdrum and Ccmater.

The show was first conceived by TjsWorld2011 while he was serving his term at the Los Angeles, California based animation institute Collingtoons in the office of Ntpockets in late 1993. After he showed Nt a paper drawing of two characters he had made named Tjdrum and Ccmater that he thought he could use for something, Nt suggested he could expand on the idea of using the characters, and Tj soon followed suit as he brought up the idea of making a world around the two characters to use as the basis of a series, and the two began work on the concept. They created many other characters in the series and finished work after they invented a new character style for the series partly influenced by the Comedy Central series South Park, therefore ditching the earlier style seen on Tj's original drawing.

On August 16, 1998, the show, now titled Tj's World's early pilot episode aired on the Oh Yeah! Cartoons showcase series on Nickelodeon, four years after the duo graduated from Collingtoons and started working on Tj's other series PuffRuff School. The title of the series came from the pseudonym/username Tj was using as his pen name, which he created while in his computer club at the University of Miami in the summer of 1988. With this version, Ccmater's name was changed to Ccmater2 by Tj because he thought it "had a nice ring to it and would fit in more with the computer name styled concept for the main characters". After the pilot episode aired, two more episodes were later aired on the show later in the year and the next year.

Tj was later notified by the Nickelodeon staff that the episodes were already a huge success and the series, then still in its early form, had attracted a significantly large cult following by January of 1999. This meant that Nickelodeon could give the duo and Tj's production company TjsWorld2011 Entertainment permission to start working on a full length series based on the episodes to be added to Nickelodeon's programming lineup. With this announcement, Tj and Nt immediately got to work on the series, started casting roles of other characters (Tjdrum and Ccmater2 were already being played by Evan Sabara and Andy Milonakis, respectively) and heavily modified its appearance to be more "straight" in the process. The series was originally set to premiere in March of 1999 on Nickelodeon with the original series pilot episode titled "Tj Reveals A Secret". But even after Nickelodeon executives previewed the episode with Tj and Nt watching in the foreground of the office, the executives said they wanted a different episode showing "how and why they even got to Tampa in the first place" in order to make for better continuity. This meant that the original pilot episode had to be shelved from the network (until it was featured on the season 1 DVD in 2001). Nonetheless, Tj and Nt took Nickelodeon's advice and produced the new pilot episode, unsurprisingly titled "Pilot", which later premiered on Nickelodeon on Saturday, September 4, 1999.

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Further info: List of episodes

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD Release
Season premiere Season Finale
0 3 August 16, 1998 October 18, 1998 2001
1 12 June 12, 1999 October 2, 1999 November 27, 2001 (Regions 1 & 4)
2 11 February 12, 2000 May 6, 2000 May 8, 2002 (Regions 1 & 4)
3 8 July 21, 2001 October 13, 2001 August 7, 2003 (Regions 1 & 4)
4 15 April 13, 2002 August 10, 2002 June 22, 2004 (Regions 1 & 4)
5 5 August 23, 2003 October 4, 2003 October 17, 2005 (Regions 1 & 4)
6 5 May 29, 2004 June 26, 2004 February 5, 2006 (Regions 1 & 4)
Film 1 March 18, 2005 August 23, 2005 (DVD)
7 8 May 14, 2005 July 9, 2005 June 17, 2007 (Regions 1 & 4)
8 7 February 4, 2006 March 11, 2006 December 7, 2008 (Regions 1 & 4)
9 6 June 2, 2007 December 24, 2007 October 1, 2009 (Regions 1 & 4)
Film 1 July 4, 2007 October 9, 2007 (DVD)
10 6 December 25, 2007 February 23, 2008 August 19, 2010 (Regions 1 & 4)
11 6 September 19, 2009 October 24, 2009 November 7, 2011 (Regions 1 & 4)
12 8 March 13, 2010 May 1, 2010 October 20, 2012 (Regions 1 & 4)
13 12 July 16, 2011 March 10, 2012 January 2, 2013 (Regions 1 & 4)
14 7 September 29, 2012 January 5, 2013 April 1, 2014 (Regions 1 & 4)
15 13 February 9, 2013 July 27, 2013 April 8, 2015 (Regions 1 & 4)
Film 1 June 26, 2013 October 15, 2013 (DVD & Blu-ray)
16 12 March 22, 2014 July 2014 2016
17 TBD November 7, 2014 2015 TBA


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TV-Y (1999-2005)

TV-Y7 (FV) (2005-present)

Video games

Main article: List of video games

A selection of video games based on the show have been released.

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