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Tj's World: Across The 2nd Dimension is a 2007 American animated comedy film based on the Nickelodeon animated television series Tj's World. It is the sequel to 2005's Tj's World: The Movie. In the film, Tjdrum, Ccmater2 and Agentpeddle find refuge from an aftershock in a dimension different from theirs with the help of Santed Sailor, who later ditches them and meets his counterpart, Santed Sailor 2. His counterpart then goes on to take revenge on Tj and the Resistance (Tj and his friends' counterparts) who infiltrate his headquarters, later taking the battle to their dimension, staging a confrontation in Tampa. The film was released on July 4, 2007 to generally positive reviews.

Six months after the first film was released, a sequel was announced by Ntpockets and Y-Guy creator IAmBagel. TjsWorld2011 said, "Look, Tj's World has had a lot of merchandising, specials, and a movie, but I don't know about the sequel." A month later, Ntpockets responded, "Well, we already made a teaser trailer for it," saying that "It's not really dead". Following a name change of Tj's company in February 2006, the film was given a green light for production and was released on July 4 the following year.

The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray on October 9, 2007 and made its television premiere on Nickelodeon on May 18, 2008. It later premiered on Tj's World Network on July 18, 2009.



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Tjdrum gets the morning paper at his house and learns that a meteor is going to hit Washington and will leave behind several aftershocks that will head southeast. He tells his roomate and friend Ccmater2 about it, and they then head off to Agentpeddle's house to tell him about it. Tj says that the only solution is to go to Santed Sailor, their worst enemy, for help. Agentpeddle says no, but he is told that he may let them pass this one time, and then he says yes. Tj and Cc say the comet comes on Saturday night, and they leave Agentpeddle's house.

On Saturday, Tj and Cc see some people trying to save themselves from the aftershock in their backyard. Then they pick Agentpeddle up, and they drive over to the Beach Park boat on the dock. Once they get there, they knock on the door, and Santed Sailor gets it. He says the only way they can escape is by using a secret "portal room" he first discovered when he moved into the boat. They go inside it, and Cc points to a portal that reads "The 2nd Dimension", and he asks if they can go through it, and Tj says they're coming out after that. They all end up in a skyscraper, and Santed Sailor sees lots of advertising of him on the buildings. Cc says they should look around more, and Tj says they can explore for 10 minutes, and they head to the bottom floor of the building.

Upon reaching the exit, Santed Sailor steals Agentpeddle's phone and runs off, and the boys follow him. Santed Sailor runs into a subway and the boys have a short fight with him which is later taken to the roof of the subway and leaves Santed Sailor injured, leaving him to walk into "Santed Sailor's Headquarters", and he finds out that these headquarters belong to his 2nd Dimension counterpart, Santed Sailor 2, who in this dimension is also the governor of Florida. The boys catch up to him, and Santed Sailor 2 calls on his guard robots to fight them. He orders them to find them, even if "one of them is an agent". Agentpeddle tells Tj and Cc that he is an Advance Forces agent in the Tj and Agentpeddle escape by tricking the robots to shoot through the glass window and jumping out. Agentpeddle uses his mini parachute to slow them down, and they land on a bus stop, where Cc is (he used the elevator to get there).

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On September 3, 2005, a sequel to the first film was announced by Ntpockets and Y-Guy creator IAmBagel. TjsWorld2011 said, "Look, Tj's World has had a lot of merchandising, specials, and a movie, but I don't know about the sequel." A month later, Ntpockets responded, "Well, we already made a teaser trailer for it," saying that "It's not really dead".

On February 12, 2006, TjsWorld2011 Entertainment was renamed TjsWorld2011 Pictures, and TjsWorld2011 stated that pre-production for the film had been given a green light. The film was originally planned for release on July 27, 2007, but was changed to July 4, 2007 to avoid competition with The Simpsons Movie. On June 16, 2006, IAmBagel announced that he would help write the film, making this the second film he helped write, with the first being Y-Guy: The MovieBurger King promoted the film by producing four toys that were given away if anyone bought a kids meal .


Box office

The film grossed $30,657,009 on its opening weekend, leaving it #2 during the weekend behind Transformers. It made a total gross of $194,929,768 worldwide, making the film a box office success.

Critical reception

Like the previous film, Tj's World: Across the 2nd Dimension has gained generally positive reviews from critics. It currently holds a 70% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with the consensus saying "It may not be as good as the previous Tj's World film, but Tj's World: Across The 2nd Dimension supplies a good action-adventure setting to the Tj's World franchise.". It holds a 7.0 rating on the Internet Movie Database. It holds a 66% rating on Metacritic based on 40 reviews, indicating "Generally favorable reviews". 

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Home media


DVD cover

Tj's World: Across The 2nd Dimension was released on DVD and Bluray on October 9, 2007.

Cancelled reboot and sequel

Paramount Pictures, Bad Robot, Nickelodeon Movies and TjsWorld2011 Pictures were producing Tj's World, a traditionally animated reboot film of the series. But, in August 2012, TjsWorld2011 confirmed that they were cancelling the film due to it having a similar plot to the 2002 film Hey Arnold! The Movie, another film by Nickelodeon Movies. However, he announced that they would be planning a second sequel to Tj's World: The Movie, and that they were looking for what it should be. Titles considered were Tj's World: Surfer Iron and Tj's World 3. The title chosen was Tj's World: Modem Mayhem. Production for the film began on August 31, 2012. The film was originally planned to be released on May 17, 2013, but was pushed back to June 5, 2013 to avoid competition with Star Trek Into Darkness, and finally changed to June 21, 2013.


Main article: Tj's World: Across The 2nd Dimension: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The soundtrack to the film was released on June 26, 2007 by Warner Bros. Records.



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Trailer transcripts

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  • This is the first film produced by TjsWorld2011's company under the TjsWorld2011 Pictures name.
  • During the scene where the Resistance is being chased by Santed Sailor 2, Brashlynn Jen Eticks and Pyro R. from Brash & Pyro along with Anna McBeth from PuffRuff School: The Movie make a cameo in which Anna wants Brash and Pyro's lunch money, but are interrupted by the Resistance being chased.
  • This is the first Tj's World film to be animated in 2:39:1 aspect ratio after the first was filmed in 1:85:1 aspect ratio.
  • The song "Orestes" by the rock group A Perfect Circle is featured on the film's soundtrack as well in the film's credits and some trailers as well.
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