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The following is a transcript of the 2007 film Tj's World: Across The 2nd Dimension.

Part 1: Opening

(Shows Paramount Pictures logo)

(Shows Nickelodeon Movies logo)


Text: a NICKELODEON MOVIES production

Text: a TJSWORLD2011 PICTURES film

(The film's logo starts zooming in, but it is still far away. Also, the first 12 seconds of the radio version of the song "Eternal" by DJ Dee.M starts playing. We before the music ends, we cut to various views of the logo being made and back rapidly before it stops in the middle of the screen. The logo later fades out.)

(Fades into a view of the neighborhood of 123 Tj's World, Florida, then cuts to a view of outside of Tjdrum's house)

(Shows Ccmater2 in his room and Tjdrum comes in) 

Tjdrum: Morning, Cc.

Cc: Morning.


Tjdrum: Oh! That's the morning paper. (Runs to door) Okay...Hey, what's this? (reading) NASA discovers meteor hitting Washington containing several aftershocks to hit counties ranging from 123 Tj's World to Runhow County?! Oh no... (runs back to Cc) Cc, you're not going to believe this. There's a meteor coming here!

Cc: What?! No way! I have to see it!

Tjdrum: Wait, this isn't like the meteors passing by. It's about the meteor hitting the Earth!! And the aftershocks from it are gonna be real big, and they could destroy the neighborhood!

Cc: WHAT??? This is terrible! What are we going to do? Can't we just go into space or something?

Tjdrum: Well, we're far too young to be in a space shuttle, plus, earthquakes come from underground, so there's only one solution I can think of... (They both arrive at Agentpeddle's house)

Agentpeddle: (Answers the door) What do you want?

Tjdrum: Agentpeddle, we need you to come with us. There's a huge meteor aftershock coming and everyone can't help us out evacuating.

Agentpeddle: Okay, but where are we going?

Tjdrum: To the Beach Park to ask Santed Sailor for help.

Agentpeddle: (puts his hands over his mouth) *GASP*!! ARE YOU SERIOUS??? He's evil!!

Tjdrum: Maybe he'll just let us pass this one time. Besides, he does have a role as a villain in this neighborhood, so he has to have something that can help us.

Agentpeddle: Okay..When are the aftershocks coming? 

Cc: This Saturday.

Agentpeddle: Okay, see you Saturday. (closes door)

Part 2: Escape

(scene fades to Tjdrum's house)

Text: Saturday

Tjdrum: Well, today's the day.

Cc: Tj, we need to talk...

Tjdrum: About what?

Cc: About Santed Sailor.

Tjdrum: Okay, let's discuss this in the backyard. (opens backyard door) Hey! What are all these people doing here?

Person #1: We're here because our homes have been destroyed by one of the aftershocks.

Cc: But this is 123 Tj's World! Where are you guys from?

Person #2: The county northwest.

Tjdrum: Okay, you people need to relocate. We're trying to talk here. Anyways, Cc, we need to get Agentpeddle and go. I'll start the car. (goes inside)

(Cc walks inside and goes to garage door)

Tjdrum: I've got the car started. Let's go. (They both get in the car and drive to Agentpeddle's house)

(Tjdrum gets out of the car and knocks on the door) 

Tjdrum: Agentpeddle, we need to go!

(Agentpeddle opens the door)

Agentpeddle: I'm ready. (gets in the car)

(Shows the car going through the city and to the dock)

(The boys get out of the car)

Tjdrum: Okay, let's try to find Santed Sailor.

(The boys walk around the dock until they reach the door)

Cc: Alright, we're here.

(Tj knocks on the door)

Tj:...Hmm, looks like he's not here.

Cc: I'll handle this. (Bangs on the door in a musical pattern)

(Cc pauses for a moment)

Cc: Yeah, it looks like he's not h-

(Cc is interrupted by Santed Sailor opening the door)

Santed Sailor: I TOLD YOU! I AM NOT PAYING TAXES! THE IRS CAME A-Oh, it's you three. What do YOU guys want?

Tj: Hi..we kinda...uh, need your help.

Santed Sailor: With what?

Angentpeddle: Well there's a meteor shower coming, an-

Santed Sailor: Pfft. Help? You? I'd rather jump into a pit full of sharks infected with rabies holding machine guns then help you!

Cc: Wanna bet that?

Santed Sailor: *Dramatic stare* You're on.

(The screen immediately cuts to Santed Sailor, Tj, Cc and Agentpeddle looking down at the pit) 

Santed Sailor: Whoa. Okay, look, the truth is I lied to you about this, so can we go back?

Tj: You heard him, Cc. 

Cc: Aw...(All of them walk away)

(Screen later cuts to Santed Sailor and the boys back at the dock)

Santed Sailor: Alright, I guess I'm forced to help you. The only escape route from the aftershock I can think of is somewhere in a "portal room" that I discovered way back when I first moved here. I thought this boat was haunted when I first saw it, but then I realized I cound use it as an advantage for my role as a villain in the future. 

Tj: So, can you take us to it?

Santed Sailor: Sure...hehe..*evil smirk*

(They all walk into the Beach Park boat, and they go into the "basement")

(Santed Sailor moves a pile of boxes in the hallway, revealing a secret door marked "PORTAL ROOM" and all of them walk in)

Santed Sailor: This is the portal room I was talking about. I've managed to keep it secret for a lot of years. 

Tj: So, which one should we take?

Cc: How about this one? (The others come over with Cc looking at a portal marked "2nd Dimension") 

Santed Sailor: Hmm. I've never been through this one before.

Agentpeddle: Wow. Looks interesting. 

Cc: Can we go inside? 

Tj: Fine, but we're coming right back after that. We're just here to look around. 

(All of them go inside the portal and end up in a skyscraper) 

Agentpeddle: Whoa, look at this. Everything is so purple and futuristic! 

Cc: And check it out, there's Santed Sailor all over the place! Don't you know what this means? 

Tj: You must be famous.

Santed Sailor: (looks over city) Really? 

(Pans around him showing him looking at the city) 

Part 3: Subway Brawl

(Note: This music plays when Tj, Cc, and Agentpeddle are fighting Santed Sailor on the subway.)

Santed Sailor: Woah. I'm liking this place already!

Tj: Okay, back to the port-

Cc: Oh come on, Tj! Let's explore more!

Tj: No. I said we were only in here for a peek.

Cc: Please?

Tj: Ugh, fine. But ONLY for 10 minutes. Then we're heading back.

(Cuts to the bottom of the building) 

Agentpeddle: Okay, I've got the timer on my phone set for 10 minutes, and--

Santed Sailor: Give me that. You can't keep track of time--if you don't have your phone! (runs away) 

Tj: HEY! Come back here! (runs off with Cc) 

Agentpeddle: We better get that phone back, even though I have another one in my pocket.

Cc (running): But I thought you said you were helping us! 

Santed Sailor (running): I was, but now I'm gonna resume my evil duties right after I get back through the portal after I lose you guys! But, how will I lose them? (Camera shows a subway station up ahead) That's it! (Runs towards it) 

Tj: Come on! (All of them run faster) 

(Santed Sailor runs up the stairs of the station and stops at the subway doors) 

Santed Sailor: Everyone on this subway, get off, now! (Passengers get off the subway through the other side doors) 

Tj: (Running with the others into the subway) Stop right there, Santed Sailor! (Subway doors close and the subway starts moving) Well, it's just you and us, 3 against 1. 

Santed Sailor: Oh, I don't think so. (Pulls out his handgun and starts shooting) 

Cc: DUCK! 

(Agentpeddle takes off one of his shoes while Tj and Cc are ducking and one of the bullets bounces off of it and onto Santed Sailor's hat, knocking it over) 

Santed Sailor: MY HAT! (grabs it when it's falling and puts it back on) Let's take this somewhere else! (Shoots the emergency exit handle, and the exit opens)

(Santed Sailor escapes through the top) 

Tj: We've gotta catch up to him! I know! We can give each other a boost! 

(Cuts to Cc pulling out Agentpeddle) 

Agentpeddle: Now, where is he? 

Santed Sailor: Hey! Over here! Prepare to be OBLITERATED! (Starts shooting again) 

Agentpeddle: DUCK! 

Santed Sailor: (Stops shooting) You might wanna mo--(Sees a video board coming towards him) AAAAAAAAAA!

(Shows his head getting stuck in the video board and falling off onto the track, and getting electrocuted as he walks toward the street, and he sees a nearby building which may help him) 

Tj: Alright, that was great, wasn't it, Cc? 

Cc: Yeah, except this: we don't have Agentpeddle's phone, so we could be here for a while. 

Agentpeddle: Yep. Hey! (Spots Santed Sailor walking towards the building) I found Santed Sailor! He's walking into--"Santed Sailor's Headquarters"? We might as well go in. Besides, we're at the railway station already. 

Tj: Oh. (They all jump down and walk onto the street) 

Part 4: Meeting Santed Sailor 2

Santed Sailor: (walks into elevator) Now let's see, which button to press? (Presses the "Santed Sailor's Lair" button)

Elevator Computer: So, you have confirmed that you want to travel to Santed Sailor's Lair, passenger?

Santed Sailor: Of course I have! Didn't your camera see me push the button or something?

Elevator Computer: Very well. Transportation to Santed Sailor's Lair will start in T minus 3, 2, 1.

(Shows Santed Sailor looking out the elevator window, which shows that it is going up)

(Cuts to the elevator arriving at the lair, and the doors opening)

Santed Sailor: (walks in) Hello? Anyone in here?

Santed Sailor 2: Who goes there? (is revealed on his chair)

Santed Sailor: I do, sir. I do.

Santed Sailor 2: What do you think you're even doing here? This is my lair! And do you know who I am?!

Santed Sailor: Who?

Santed Sailor 2: I'M Santed Sailor, the governor of Florida! And who are you?

Santed Sailor: I'm Santed Sailor...

Santed Sailor 2: WHAT? Imposter! That's my name!

Santed Sailor: ...from the other dimension.

Santed Sailor 2: Oh. How exactly did you get here?

Santed Sailor: With a portal room. Seriously, I'm a villain in my dimension.

Santed Sailor 2: Interesting. And what did you come here for?

Santed Sailor: Well, I just got electrocuted by walking over the train tracks on the street, and I was wondering if you could help me.

Santed Sailor 2: Of course I can. There's some Band-Aids in the cabinet next to you, help yourself.

Santed Sailor: (Looks at cabinet) No thanks, I think I might be fine.

(Tj, Cc and Agentpeddle arrive in the elevator)

Tj: We got you now, Santed Sailor!

Santed Sailor: What--How did you find me??

Cc: We saw some greasy fingerprints on the "Santed Sailor's Lair" button in the elevator.

Santed Sailor: Okay, my sink was broken, so what?

Santed Sailor 2: Who are these boys?

Agentpeddle: And who are you?

Santed Sailor 2: Uh...just call me "Santed Sailor 2".

Tj: I'm Tjdrum. And they're Ccmater2 and Agentpeddle. We're Santed Sailor 1's enemies, and he took Agentpeddle's phone.

Santed Sailor 2: You dare lay your fingers on my counterpart? GUARD ROBOTS!! Where are you?! I NEED MY GUARD ROBOTS!!!

(Two of his robots come out)

Cc: Oh, no...

Santed Sailor 2: SEIZE THEM!

Agentpeddle: Come on!

(They run behind a desk)

Santed Sailor 2: Find them now, even if one of them is an agent in...whatever!

Agentpeddle: Guys, before we die, I have a confession to make. You know how my name has the word "Agent" in it?

Tj and Cc: Uh-huh.

Agentpeddle: Well...It's true.

Cc: What's true?!

Agentpeddle: The "agent" in my name actually means something. It means I'm part of the 123 Tj's World Police's advanced forces. I should've told you sooner. So, now that you know the truth, there's a slight chance we might be able to escape.

Tj: Let's go, then!

(Tj and Agentpeddle run from behind the desk with Cc watching standing up)

Agentpeddle: *gasps* CC!!!




Agentpeddle: TRUST ME!

(The robot's lasers hit the glass window and Tj and Agentpeddle jump out)


Tj: Hey, is that Cc?

Tj and Agentpeddle:--AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!


Agentpeddle: SURE, UH--LET'S SEE--(grabs mini-parachute)--COME ON, COME ON, COME ON!!!

(Mini-parachute opens and they go up then fall down again)

Tj: ...It worked!!

(They fall onto the bus station) 

Agentpeddle: Cc, up here!

Cc: Hey guys, so, what happened?

Tj: We managed to escape through the window. How about you?

Cc: While they weren't looking, I used the elevator to get down here.

Agentpeddle: Wow, and we could have came with you.

Part 5: Off to Tjdrum 2's House

Tj: Look, we need to find somewhere they won't find us. 

Cc: Sure. By the way, I'm starting to realize why they call this the "2nd Dimension". 

Tj: Really? 

Cc: Yeah. In our dimension Santed Sailor doesn't rule Florida or 123 Tj's World, but in this dimension he does. 

Tj: Interesting. Hey, I just got an idea! How about we try to find our counterparts? They might let us stay there! 

Agentpeddle: Good idea. Let's take a bus, and we can search for Tj's counterpart's house. 

Cc: Hey, look! There's the bus, it's coming! 

(Bus arrives and Tj, Cc and Agentpeddle get on the bus) 

Tj (to bus driver): Excuse me, can you take this bus to the neighborhood part of 123 Tj's World, please? 

Bus driver: You got it. 

(They walk to the back of the bus) 

Cc: Yeah, It's good that we're the only ones on this bus. 

Agentpeddle: Hey, maybe these counterparts can help us get back my phone--not my spy phone. 

Tj: Why do we have to get it back? 

Agentpeddle: Well, it contains some important stuff about the advanced police force. 

(Scene cuts back to Santed Sailor 2's Headquarters) 

Santed Sailor 2 (looking through the broken window): Blast it! They got away!

Santed Sailor: Can't we use robots or something to catch them?

Santed Sailor 2: Yes, guard robots!

(Two guard robots fly up, and they immediately explode)

Santed Sailor: ...What just happened?

Santed Sailor 2: Ugh, they must've malfuntioned or something. It's been happening a lot recently. Something's wrong down at the factory.

(Cuts to the bus stopping in front of a house)

Bus Driver: We're here.

Tj: Thanks.

(The boys exit the bus)

Tj: Alright, our counterparts should be around here somewh--

Cc: I found it. (Points to Tjdrum 2's house)

Agentpeddle: Should we go in?

Tj: Yeah.

(The boys knock on the door and Tjdrum 2 opens the door)

Tj 2: Can I help yo--(He realizes that there is another Tj)...CC, THERE'S AN EVIL CLONE OF ME! GET THE WEAPON--

Tj: What? No, no! We're from an alternate dimension!

Tj 2: A dimension of EVIL?

Tj, Cc, and Agentpeddle: NO!

Tj 2: Oh.

Agentpeddle: Can we come in?

Tj 2: Sure.

(The boys walk into the house as Tj 2 closes the door)

(The boys walk into the living room and see Cc 2 and Agentpeddle 2)

Cc 2 and Agentpeddle 2: AHH! EVIL CLO-

Tj 2: Relax, guys. They're good.

Cc 2 and Agentpeddle 2: Oh.

Tj 2: Soo...why are you here?

Agentpeddle: To get away from a meteor shower.

Cc: Care to tell us how Santed Sailor is ruler here or something?

Tj: And why everyone is wearing black?

Tj 2: I guess this is just the style these days in this dimension.

Cc 2: I can explain why he took over--

(Cc 2 is interrutped by the television static)

Agentpeddle 2: Dang, the TV's busted again.

(The TV goes to a news report)


(TV cuts to Santed Sailor 2, with Santed Sailor in the background waving to the audience)

Santed Sailor 2: Citizens of...uhh...what's the county called? Ugh, I forgot. Anyways, be on the lookout for 3 boys. One is wearing a blue cap and a lighter blue shirt, one is wearing a dark green shirt, and the last one is in an even lighter blue shirt with a belt on underneath. If you see any of these boys, call me, and tell me the location. That's all. 


Tj: Guys, THAT'S US!

Cc and Agentpeddle: Oh no!

Tj 2: You guys better hide!

(We see 2nd Dimension Peace Girl walks in)

Peace Girl: Tj, have you seen thos--(Sees the two Tjs, Ccs and Agentpeddles) Tj, you never told me you got a cloning device!

Tj 2: Umm, these aren't clones. They're from another dimension.

Peace Girl: Are these the guys that Santed Sailor was talking about on the news report?

Agentpeddle: Uhhh...maybe...maybe n--

Tj: Yes, we're the ones that Santed Sailor was talking about. Now do you know any good hiding spots around?

Cc 2: I'm not sure, they'll probably find you anyway.

Agentpeddle: So, long story short, we gotta get my phone back from Santed Sailor's Headquarters. Our Santed Sailor of the other dimension stole it, and it contains some important information on there. After all, I am an advanced forces agent.

Tj 2: Huh, sounds like a plan, since you have what we'll need since you're an agent. Who else is with me?!

Tj, Cc, Cc 2, Agentpeddle 2 and Peace Girl 2: We are!

Tj 2: Alright then, let's get out the door!

Tj: WAIT!! There's people out there looking for us, remember? Hey, I have an idea! Do you have any other caps, shirts and a backpack we could use?

(Cuts to Tj with no cap and a Dwyane Wade jersey on, Cc with a Los Angeles Lakers shirt on, and Agentpeddle wearing a Florida Marlins cap, a shirt that says, "I'M SURE YOU CAN'T SEE ME, CAN YOU?" and a backpack on, along with Tj 2, Cc 2, Agentpeddle 2 and Peace Girl 2 walking)

Tj: See? This way no one will recognize us.

Cc 2: Yeah, but walking to the headquarters is going to take a long time. (Hails a bus)

(Bus arrives)

Agentpeddle: Wow, how did you hail a bus? I thought the only things you could use it on were cabs.

Cc 2: I'm sort of friends with the bus driver.

(They all get on and the bus drives away)

Part 6: Santed Sailor 2 vs. The Resistance

(Shows Tjdrum, Cc, Agentpeddle, Tj 2, Cc 2, Agentpeddle 2, and Peace Girl 2 on the back seats of the bus)

Tj: You know, something tells me we could make a good team.

Agentpeddle: Are you kidding me?? We're stuck in another dimension and you actually want to live with these people now?

Tj: I'm not saying that, I'm saying that people could refer to us as a team.

Tj 2: Really?

Tj: Yeah. Who do you think we should call ourselves?

Cc 2: Oh! I know! How about we call ourselves "The Resistance"? You know, just to sound cool.

Tj: Sure thing, I don't mind.

Cc 2: Where was I? Oh, right. And you and Tj 1 could be the captains of our team.

Tj 2: Interesting.

(Shows Cc with Peace Girl 2)

Peace Girl 2: And then I said, "Even though you have enough money to buy a motorcycle, you STILL belong in a company."

Cc: Right...

(Shows the bus arriving at the headquarters and the resistance gets off)

Tj 2: We're here.

Tj: Me, Cc, and Agentpeddle are going to change in the bathrooms before we show ourselves to the enemy.

(Shows Tj, Cc and Agentpeddle coming out of the boys' bathroom with their regular outfits on with Tj 2, Cc 2, Agentpeddle 2 and Peace Girl 2 waiting)

Cc: Okay, we're ready.

Tj: What do you think they're talking about right now?

Tj 2: (Looks through concourse window down to where the two Sailors are)

(Worker runs through elevator)


Santed Sailor 2: What is it now?

Worker: The security systems are picking up a possible sighting!

Santed Sailor 2: Of who?

Worker: The boys! (Grabs a picture showing a picture of the resistance walking through the hallways of the building) This picture says that the faces have a 91% exact match!

Santed Sailor 2: Excellent! I'll alert the guards. (Picks up a walkie talkie) Guard robots, the target is in the building. I repeat, the target is in the building.

Cc 2: Oh no! They must have found us!

Peace Girl 2: SHHH! Don't yell or anything! They might be in the hallways right now.

(A click is heard and lasers start shooting)


(They break through the window and land on the floor near Santed Sailor 2's desk)

Santed Sailor 2 (to Tj 2): Tjdrum, we meet again. But you're too late, I have officially taken over Florida!

Tj 2: That's what you think!

Tj: WAIT! When was your last battle, Tj 2?

Tj 2: No time to explain! I have to defeat Santed Sailor once and for all!

Santed Sailor 2: I don't think so!

(Guard robots fly from behind Santed Sailor 2)

Santed Sailor 2: FINISH HIM!

Tj 2: (Grabs a blaster and starts shooting lasers at the robots)

(All the robots are defeated)

Santed Sailor 2: I'm not finished with you yet! WAKE UP, SANTED SAILOR 1!

Santed Sailor (sleeping on the couch): Zzzz...Economic crisis...(wakes up) No. (goes back to sleep)

Santed Sailor 2: Whatever. ATTACK!

(More guard robots fly in and start shooting both lasers and bullets)

Tj 2: RETREAT!!!

(they run into the elevator with a guard robot chasing them, but the elevator closes)

Agentpeddle: Okay, there's gotta be some way we can escape...

Cc: Look, it's a map! There's an express route to the exit!

Tj: What floor is it on?

Cc: 28! (Presses the "28" button)

(The gang impatiently waits for the elevator to reach floor 28 while this musicplays in the elevator for 15 seconds)

Part 7: The Resistance's Escape Attempt

(The elevator reaches floor 28)

Tj: Come on! There's a cart! We can use it to escape!

Agentpeddle 2: Wait! What's the maximum capacity?

Cc: (Looks at max capacity) 23. We're 7 people, so it's okay.

(They all get into the cart and Agentpeddle presses "GO")

(The cart moves kind of slow)

Cc: Can't this thing go faster?!

Peace Girl 2: (grabs a machine gun) I have an idea!

Tj: Peace Girl 2, you're going to kill us??

Peace Girl 2: Of course not! I'm using this machine gun to speed things up a bit. (attaches it to the back of the cart with some tape)

Cc 2: HURRY UP, PEACE GIRL! They're about to catch up!

Santed Sailor 2: There they are! Come back here, you brats!!

Peace Girl 2: Hang on! (Chews some bubble gum, and puts it on the trigger) Now, if I press this, it'll STIC--

Agentpeddle: DO IT!!!

(Peace Girl 2 pulls the trigger and it sticks to the bubble gum, causing the machine gun to shoot "infinite" ammo, boosting the cart)



Peace Girl 2: Okay! I know!! (picks up machine gun from back of cart, sets it on fire with a match and throws it out of the building, and it lands into the factory, directly next to the headquarters, setting the cloning machine for the robots on fire)

Cc: Woah.

Tj 2: That was awesome!

Tj: At least we don't have to deal with anymore robo--

(A portal suddenly appears above the cart)

(Santed Sailor 1 and 2 fall out of the portal, and onto the cart)

Peace Girl 2: Oh no!

Santed Sailor 2: See? I told you a portal would work better to catch up with them rather than riding on robot cows.

Santed Sailor: It still sounded better than a portal. I mean, we'd be like robot cowboys!...except we're not robots.

Santed Sailor 2: Whatever. Anyways, prepare to meet your doom, Tj. (Holds out a laser gun and points it at Tj)

Tj: Why do you want to shoot me?! Couldn't you shoot someone else?!

Cc: Hey!

Tj: Sorry.

Santed Sailor 2: Ya'know what? That ain't a bad idea! (Holds out multiple laser guns and connects them all together)


(Peace Girl 2 sees another cart on the left rail next to the current rail)

Peace Girl 2: Uhh...could you give us one last moment to talk?

Santed Sailor 2: Ugh, fine.

Peace Girl 2 (whispering to Agentpeddle 2): There is another cart coming up on the rail to our left. We gotta jump onto it while they are distracted.

Agentpeddle 2: Sounds like a plan!

Peace Girl 2: Okay, we're ready for our doom...

Santed Sailor 2: Excellent.


Santed Sailor 2: Really?! *Looks behind* WHERE?!

Peace Girl 2: NOW!

(The Tj Resistance jumps onto the other cart on the other rail)

Tj 2: Ha! See ya later!

Santed Sailor 2: Wha--?!

Santed Sailor: Come on!! Now are we going to catch them?!

Santed Sailor 2: Don't worry, I have an idea. (Grabs walkie-talkie) Attention, building operations, this is Santed Sailor, open the wallgates holding the security robots in the middle of the express route to the exit. (Puts walkie talkie away)

(Cuts back to the Resistance on the other cart)

Tj: Is everyone okay?

Peace Girl 2: Yeah, right now, but we might not be in a second...(points to more guard robots coming out of the walls) 

Cc: Aw man, we're in big trouble this time!!

Agentpeddle: Santed Sailor 2 must have made them come out of the walls so they can stop us!

Peace Girl 2: Stand back, boys, I'll handle this. (pulls out her stick and bashes one guard robot)

(The guard robot's arm cannon breaks off into Tjdrum's hands)

Tj: I've got it! I'll use this as a weapon!

Cc: Go ahead!! There's more robots coming!

(Tj shoots the arm cannon at the other robots)

Tj: Okay, I think we're good.

Agentpeddle: Look, it's the end of the route!

Cc 2: But wait, it's the police! They found us!


(Tj 2 jumps on to the rail and tries to stop the cart)

Police Officer: Take them to the lava chamber, boys.

Part 8: Escape from the Lava Chamber

(Screen cuts to the Resistance being held in chains over lava one by one)

Cc: We're doomed for sure now...

(Santed Sailor 2 walks over to where they are being held)

Santed Sailor 2: So, you thought you could get away from me, huh? I didn't think so. I'll be letting you fall into the lava in 4 minutes. Don't try anything to escape, or else I will hunt you down to the inside of the Earth. (walks away with Santed Sailor by his side)

Santed Sailor: This is a great idea, for both of us! I'll finally be able to see Tjdrum and his friends fall to their demise...

Santed Sailor 2: Thank you, come with me, I'm going to get the chain cutter ready. (They walk out of the lava chamber)

Tj: What are we going to do?

Cc: Agentpeddle, do you have anything that can help us?

Agentpeddle: Maybe, I have a portal gun that can get us out of here, but I don't know where to aim it.

Tj: *gasp* That's it!! Agentpeddle, fire the portal gun at the lava so it can take us to another dimension.

Agentpeddle: How is this going to work?!

Tj: You'll see!!

Agentpeddle: (fires portal gun at lava and sets another portal to another dimension) Now what?

Tj: Get something out that can break the chain!

Agentpeddle: I have a portable boomberang that I think may break it. (Throws it at the chain 3 times)

(Santed Sailor 2 walks in)

Santed Sailor 2: Okay, you hooligans, prepa-- Huh??? The chain's breaking?!?

Peace Girl 2: So long, suckers!!

(The Resistance falls from the chain through the portal)

Part 9: The Dimensional Chase

(The Resistance falls into a closet in a tomboy's room)

Cc: What the heck? Where are we?

Tj: We must be inside a closet or something. Maybe we're in normal Florida again...

Cc 2: Look out the window! (Sees the Transamerica Pyramid) I've seen that building before, but it looks different...(walks up to the window with Tj)

Tj: Yeah, It's the Transamerica Pyramid. If that's in San Fransisco, then that means we're in the same place, of course! Ugh, what am I talking about? Of course we're in San Fransisco, that IS the Transa--

Cc: Enough with the geography lesson, can we just hide somewhere so we can--

Peace Girl 2: Uh...guys?

(Santed Sailor 2 falls into the inside of the closet)

Santed Sailor 2: Huh, slaughtered by your own technology, should I say?

Agentpeddle: That just makes no sense.


Santed Sailor 2: WHERE, WHERE???

Cc: RUN!!!

(The Resistance runs into the hallway of the house and keeps the door closed with a chair and runs off)

Santed Sailor 2: (tries to open door) AAAARGHH!!!! Stupid kids...(gets out his handgun and shoots the door open)

(Santed Sailor 2 gets out and runs after the Resistance)

(Cuts to Brashlynn Jen Eticks and Pyro R. getting "mugged" by Anna McBeth, one of the main villains of PuffRuff School: The Movie outside the house)

Anna (holding a squirt gun): This is your last warning, Eticks, GIVE ME YOUR LUNCH MONEY!

Brashlynn: NO!

(They are interrupted by the Resistance running past them and Santed Sailor 2 behind them)

Pyro: ...That was weird.

(Cuts to Agentpeddle running and making a portal on the street)


(The Resistance gets inside the portal)

(Cuts to a green and blue colored dimension, where another portal is which the Resistance comes out of) 

Tj: Now where are we?

Cc: I have no idea. Everything's colored blue and green.

Cc 2: No time for talking about this place's characteristi--(Santed Sailor 2 lands on his head and he falls) 

Santed Sailor 2: Haha, that was funny and absurd at the same time!  


Agentpeddle: OKAY, OKAY! (fires a portal at the floor)

(The Resistance and Santed Sailor 2 fall into a rock candy dimension)

Agentpeddle 2: ACK!!! IT'S NOT WORKING! KEEP FIRING!!!

Agentpeddle: Alright! (holds the shoot button on his portal gun and focuses it on the floor as the rest of them begin falling) 

Tj: (glides over to Santed Sailor 2) Good time for an interesting battle, huh?

Santed Sailor 2: Uh, no, good time to get KILLED. (tries to shoot Tj, who dodges the bullets)

(Shows one of the bullets hitting a picture of a pencil in one of the dimensions they pass by)

(Tj kicks Santed Sailor 2 in the stomach, sending him into a purple and pink dimension)

(Santed Sailor 2 jumps back in)

Part 10: Peace Girl 2 Arrested

(The Resistance lands into the hallway of a jail center)

Tj 2: Now where are we?

Cc: I don't know. I think it's a jail center.

Peace Girl 2: You're right. We need to hide, right now, or--

(Santed Sailor 2 falls in)

Santed Sailor 2: OW! MY LEGS! ...Anyway, KILLING TIME! (holds out a laser gun)

Tj: WAIT!!

Santed Sailor 2: (puts away gun) What?

Tj: I've got a special offer for you.

Santed Sailor 2: Ooh, what are we talking about?

Tj: Well, it can be described like this: ...RUN!!!

(The Resistance runs off)

Santed Sailor 2: UGH! I can't believe I let that happen. (runs off after them)

(We see the Resistance running and then we see Santed Sailor 2 running after them and taking out a walkie talkie)

Santed Sailor 2 (running): Security, meet me down at the SS City jail center, now! We've got some escapees to handle! (puts away walkie talkie)

(We see some squad cars arriving at the jail center and then some police squads come out of them and go inside the jail center. We then cut back to the Resistance inside, but they reach a dead end.)

Agentpeddle: Uh oh..nowhere to go..

Cc: Agentpeddle, get your portal gun ready--

SS City Police Officer #1 (offscreen): FREEZE!

(We zoom out to see that the police squads are surrounding them and aiming guns at them. Santed Sailor 2 walks in.)

Santed Sailor 2: Officers, take them away!

Tj 2: NEVER! You're the one who should be arrested! You started this whole mess!

Tj: Wait, how did he, actually?

Tj 2: I'll explain later. Peace Girl 2, hold them off!

Peace Girl 2: Got it!

(She starts fighting the officers, leaving Agentpeddle some time to open a portal to Tj's dimension. However the officers maintain control of her.)

Peace Girl 2: Guys, I can't go! Go on without me!

Cc 2: You heard her!

(The rest of the Resistance goes through the portal and it closes)

Part 11: SS City's Origin

(We see the Resistance coming out of the portal onto the top of a building in 123 Tj's World)

Tj: Well, we're back.

Tj 2: Yeah, except that my sister's getting arrested! Me and Cc 2 have to go back and save her.

Tj: Wait, how did your Santed Sailor take over your dimension's 123 Tj's World?

Tj 2: Well, it's a long story.

(Fades out and fades in to a similar 123 Tj's World on a sunny day)

Tj 2 (narrating): Firstly, our dimension used to have a 123 Tj's World just like yours.

(Cuts to Santed Sailor 2 wearing Santed Sailor's clothes waiting on his Beach Park boat)

Tj 2 (narrating): We had a Santed Sailor too, and he hated everything. Me and him were sworn enemies, and I always won.

(Cuts to a short montage showing construction of Santed Sailor 2's headquarters)

Tj 2 (narrating): So to make sure he never lost again, he abandoned his Beach Park boat and constructed his own evil headquarters.

(Cuts to Santed Sailor 2 on the building from "Escape" installing the portal also from "Escape")

Tj 2 (narrating): And he installed a portal that he felt when the time was right, he would use it to wreak havoc on another dimension.

(Cuts to many 123 Tj's World 2 citizens running in panic from Santed Sailor 2's robot)

Tj 2 (narrating): And then he attacked all of the people in our 123 Tj's World except me and my friends.

(Cuts to Tj 2 looking at the damage done to 123 Tj's World 2)

Tj 2 (narrating): I was going to fight back, but I gave up trying.

(Fades out and fades into the current scene)

Tj 2: And that's what happened that caused the birth of SS city.

Tj: That's a sad story. You know what, you and Cc 2 should go back and get your sister. Agentpeddle, get your portal gun ready.

Agentpeddle: Why?

Tj: We're sending Tj 2 and Cc 2 back to their dimension so they can get Peace Girl 2 back.

Agentpeddle: Okay.

(Shows Agentpeddle opening another portal in the wall set for Tj 2's dimension, and Tj 2 and Cc 2 walk through it and then the portal closes)

Agentpeddle: Alright, so I'm pretty sure that Santed Sailor 2 is gonna come into our dimension looking for us any minute now, so--

Cc: Guys, look!

(The rest of them except Agentpeddle come over to Cc's side by the edge of the building to see a portal being opened by Santed Sailor 2 on a different building)

Agentpeddle: Hey, has anyone noticed that there was no aftershock after all?

Tj: Yes, but look!

(Agentpeddle comes over)

(Santed Sailor 2 comes out and then goes back inside the portal)

Cc: Why's he going back inside?

Tj: I don't know...

Part 12: Rescuing Peace Girl 2

(Cuts to the inside of the jail center with Peace Girl 2 in a cell beside Santed Sailor 2 with the police officers)

Santed Sailor 2: Alright, officers, I've got to get some work done.

(The normal Santed Sailor falls through a portal in the ceiling)

Santed Sailor 2: Huh?! How did you get here?

Santed Sailor: I used one of your portal devices. Using those things is pretty wild, don't you think.

Santed Sailor 2: Get out of here, I don't have time to think about you right now.

Santed Sailor: Um, okay...

(Santed Sailor runs through the portal in the wall, and onto the building. He then jumps off of it onto the street, then runs offscreen.)

Cc: Look, it's Santed Sailor! He's getting away!

Tj: No! Santed Sailor didn't really do anything. It's Santed Sailor 2 we're worried about.

Agentpeddle: Guys, I have another confession to make.

Tj: What?

Agentpeddle: I didn't really need that phone Santed Sailor took. I had an exact copy of it in my pocket with my spy phone the whole time.

Tj: WHAT?!! Then why did you have us do this?!? 

Agentpeddle: Because, I had a REALLY good ringtone on that other phone.

Tj: Ugh...whatever, we've got bigger problems now.

(Cuts to Peace Girl 2 in her cell)

(Tj 2 and Cc 2 come in)

Peace Girl 2: Tj, Cc!

Tj 2: Hey, Peace Girl, we're here to rescue you.

Peace Girl 2: That's great! But how are you gonna break me out of here?

(Tj 2 sees an air shaft cover and rips it off)

Tj 2: I think I know how.

(Tj 2 rubs the air shaft against the cell lock, and then knocks it off. The lock, now on the floor catches on fire.)

Tj 2: Oops...

(Tj 2 blows the fire out)

Tj 2: Now, let's get you out of here.

(Cuts back to the rest of the Resistance on top of the building)

(Agentpeddle's phone rings, and Agentpeddle answers it)

Agentpeddle: Yes?

Tj 2: Shoot a portal, now!

(Agentpeddle hangs up and shoots a portal onto the wall with the portal gun)

Peace Girl 2: Come on!

(The police officers come in and see them trying to escape. They start to run after them.)

SS City Police Officer #2: Hey, get back in your cell!

Agentpeddle 2: Hurry!!

(Tj 2, Cc 2 and Peace Girl 2 make it out of the portal. Agentpeddle closes the portal and the police officers end up hitting the wall. Agentpeddle sets the portal for the building Santed Sailor 2 originally came out of.)

Cc 2: Nice job, guys!

Part 13: Final Battle

(Cuts back inside the jail center, where Santed Sailor 2 comes in)

Santed Sailor 2: What happened?!

SS City Police Officer #1: It was those kids! They got away using a portal on the building you went on! Santed Sailor 2: What?! Let me see...

(Santed Sailor 2 pulls out a portal device and shoots it at the wall, and he ends up coming out of the building near the one the Resistance is on)

Santed Sailor 2: Hey, there's no one out here.

SS City Police Officer #3: (runs out) But sir, they were right here, I swear!

(The Resistance is watching them on the other building)

Tj: We should get out of here...

(The Resistance runs inside the stairway to the roof, and Santed Sailor 2 catches a glimpse of them running)

Santed Sailor 2: I just saw them..we should take matters into our own hands..gentlemen, come out here! We need to get to my office, now!

(The rest of the police squad comes out, and then Santed Sailor 2 aims his portal device at the floor. They all end up in his office, where some workers are.)

Santed Sailor 2: Everyone!!! We need to power up all of the guard robots now! We've got a resistance to destroy...

(Cuts to the Resistance running out of the building and into the street)

Tj 2: Now what?

Tj: I don't know...

Cc 2: I'm pretty sure that Santed Sailor 2's gonna try to kill us by now...

Agentpeddle: You're right...Tj, Cc, you guys head to the police station. (gives them his business card)

Tj (reading): "Agentpeddle; (reads crossed-out part on card) super crime buster action hero...part-time advanced forces agent".

Agentpeddle: Yeah...I was pretty enthusiastic when I got this job...

Tj: Whatever. But why do you need us to go to the police station?

Agentpeddle: Because that's where the advanced forces base is located! Well, at least under it...

Tj: Okay, then. See you later.

(Tj and Cc run off)

Peace Girl 2: You really think those guys can handle your weapons?

Agentpeddle: Of course! They're kind of pretty good fighters. How bad can they be?

(Cuts to Tj and Cc at the police station doors, with a fogged up sign on one door saying "CLOSED. COME BACK SOON". Cc blows on it and wipes it with his sleeve to try to make it look clearer.)

Tj: Cc, stop that. We can already see it.

Cc: I know...

Tj: How are we gonna get past these doors?

Cc: Maybe you could use that flowerpot over there.

Tj: Oh, please, like that's ever going to work--

(The sound of doors opening is heard, and it is shown that Cc used the flowerpot to push them open)

Tj: I stand corrected.

(Tj and Cc leave the flowerpot and go inside)

More coming soon!