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The Hidden Track of the soundtrack Tj's World: Greatest Hits and Greatest Misses is an exclusive spoken track which gives the listener a bizzare mission that should not really be done, as explained briefly at the beginning. The track, despite being called a hidden track is fully audible by the listener.


Announcer: The following mission described in this track is really dangerous. Please do not do as this track says as it is really life-threatening. You're welcome.

(TjsWorld2011 is speaking for the rest of the track)

So, you've actually managed to listen to this track without anyone around, huh?


Okay then. I, TjsWorld2011, have a special mission for you to complete. Get your headphones on. Are you ready?


Alright. Now, I hope you live somewhere near an army base, like...I don't know, but just go sneak into the army base. Pause this CD and play it again when you're in the army base.


In the army base? Good. Now, you need to find a room that says "WEAPON STORAGE" on it.


Are you in there yet? Good. Now, I hope you brought a shopping cart from Target or somewhere else. Now, put every weapon into the cart and get out of there.


You out yet? Nice. Now, try to find a bathroom. When you're in there, take out a gun that's called a "bomb launcher". You'll find a dial on it set to "Old man". Turn the dial up until you reach the last setting named "Your funeral". Now, press the big red button. That's right, I said press the big red button.


Oh god...there's bombs firing out like fireworks, aren't there? Get out of there, because they'll explode in about 4...3...2...1!!!


...Are you okay? Good. Now, the final thing to do is DROP THE WEAPONS!!!




Are you in? Well, I have one last thing to say to you: DON'T LISTEN TO HIDDEN TRACKS LIKE THIS ONE. Let this be a lesson to you about doing so. Bye!


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