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The following is a transcript of the 2005 film Tj's World: Magical Adventure! A Tj-Tastic Movie.

Part 1: Opening

(Shows Paramount Pictures logo)

(Shows Nickelodeon Movies logo)

(Fades into a picture of Magic City, and then we pan over to see we are in the Magic City magic contest council's office, where president of activities, Mr. Allen is behind his desk, and in front of the desk, Wally the Great, a magician with his magic trick kit behind him on the floor is about to perform an audition)

Wally (rehearsing): Ladies and gentle--

(Wally slips on the rug in the office, then gets back up)

Mr. Allen: Wally, Wally, Wally! You may be the great-grandson of Waldo the Magnificent, but your magic is...just not working.

Wally: Give me a chance, Mr. Allen! I can prove myself!

(Wally takes out three rings stuck together out of his magic kit. He tries to pull them apart, but nothing happens.)

Wally: Argh!!

(Mr. Allen looks in confusion)

Wally: I can do it...just--

(Wally tries to break them apart, but ends up throwing himself into the wall)

Mr. Allen: Wally, you're still having trouble with your magic. Maybe you should just give up.

Wally: But I can do it! I just know I can be as good as my grandfather! I just--I just need my grandfather's wand from you! I don't even have one, so I have to use all of this junk!

Mr. Allen: Wally, every great magician knows that the magic wand can't help you if you can't help yourself. That's exactly why I'm presenting the wand to the winner of the magic competition on Saturday.

Wally: Come on! You've gotta at least let me try!

(A MCMCC officer comes in)

MCMCC Officer: Sir, here are the posters for the magic competition on Saturday. Also, Roland the Remarkable is waiting to see you now.

Mr. Allen: Thanks.

(The MCMCC officer walks out, and then Wally gets back up)

Wally: Where was I?

Mr. Allen: Wally, I can't say the wand will help you unless you learn the secrets of being a great magician. Registration for the competition closes on Friday.

Wally: Friday?! Then I've gotta become a better magician by Thursday! *sighs*

Mr. Allen: Well, we'll see you on Thursday. Thank you, Wally.

(Roland the Remarkable comes into the office)

Wally: *gasps* Roland!

Roland: Don't tell me you're thinking of entering the competition on Saturday, Wally. The competition is for real magicians. But don't worry, I'll take good care of your grandfather Waldo's wand after I win. You can come and watch if you like. But Wally, Wally, don't embarass yourself by trying to perform on Saturday. After all, I'm Roland the Remarkable, and you are...well, you.

(Wally sadly walks out of the office)

(Evil Woman Redux by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) plays)

(The scene cuts to Wally riding his bike, and the opening credits are superimposed over the scene on the bottom of the screen set in Futura Standard Heavy)



(The film's logo is shown as an overhead view of Wally riding under trees is seen)








Text: and PYRO R.

Text: based on the series created by TJSWORLD2011 and NTPOCKETS

Text: edited by DR2LOL

Text: original story by GREG TRUMAN

Text: executive producer GILLISLOOLOO

Text: screenplay by TJSWORLD2011 and NTPOCKETS

Text: written by TJSWORLD2011 and NTPOCKETS

Text: produced by NTPOCKETS

Text: directed by TJSWORLD2011

(shows Wally riding until his bike handlebars get scratched by a passing car, causing him to fall off of the bike)

Wally: bike is broken already?! (starts using a wrench on the handlebar to fix it) ...This is going to be a long day.

(Wally finally fixes it, gets back on there and continues riding)

Part 2: Peace Girl's Party

(The scene fades to Tjdrum's house, and then fades to Tjdrum getting the decorations ready for Peace Girl's late birthday party in Peace Girl's room)

Tjdrum: ...And the last of the pink ribbon goes here...Hey guys, are you finished getting the food and drinks ready?

(Shows Ccmater2 and Agentpeddle helping with the food and drinks)

Cc: Almost done, Tj...Man, I could use some punch right now.

Agentpeddle: Me too. This decorating is very tiring.

Tj: Why don't you guys get some punch from the kitchen downstairs?

Cc: *gasps* Oh, I forgot about that.

Agentpeddle: Well, the solution was in front of us this whole time.

Cc: Actually, it was below us.

Agentpeddle: Whatever...let's just get down there and go get our punch.

Cc: Okay.

(He and Agentpeddle walk downstairs)

Tjdrum: Hey, Iron, why aren't you working right now?

(IronInforcer is playing a video game while sitting on one of the bean bags in Peace Girl's room)

IronInforcer: Because there's nothing for me to do except this.

Tj: Oh, okay. I'm going downstairs to check on Cc and Agentpeddle. Will you be okay?

IronInforcer: Yep.

Tj: Okay. (walks downstairs until he hits Cc and Agentpeddle, who are carrying their punch) Aah!! (punch falls on the floor downstairs)

Cc: Tj! Why did you do that?

Tj: Sorry, I was trying to check on you two.

Agentpeddle: It's okay, Tj. (gets back up) We can always get some punch in a new cup. 

Cc: I'm taking these cups to the garbage can. (takes cups on the floor to the garbage can)

(Tj's mom's car honking is heard)

Tj: *gasp* Did you hear that? Peace Girl's back from the mall with my mom! We need to go upstairs!

Agentpeddle: Alright. (They both run upstairs)

Cc: What's going on?

Tjdrum: We need to go upstairs! My sister's coming!

Cc: She's back already?

Tj: Yeah, she left like an hour ago! Quick, get upstairs!

(Cuts back to Iron, and Tj and Cc bust in)

Tj: Iron, get in your hiding place! Peace Girl's back!

IronInforcer: Really? Alright then. (goes to his hiding place)

Tj: Everyone get in your hiding places! My sister will be in here any minute!

(scene cuts to outside of the house)

Peace Girl: Thanks for offering to take me to the mall, mom.

Mom: You're welcome, sweetie. Bye, love you.

Peace Girl: Love you too, see you next time! Bye! 

(Mom's car drives away)

Peace Girl: (Walks into house) one's here.

(Silence is heard in the house)

Peace Girl: (yelling) Hello? Anyone home?

(silence for 3 seconds)

Peace Girl: (yelling) Tj? Cc? (goes upstairs) (talking) I guess no one's home. (opens the door to her room and turns on the lights)

Tj, Cc, Agentpeddle and Iron: (jump out) SURPRISE!!!

Tj: Happy late birthday, sis!

Peace Girl: Wow! So you guys didn't forget about my birthday party after all!

Tj: Yep, sis. We have everything: bean bags, which, are of course yours, punch downstairs, chicken, fries and so much more.

Peace Girl: How did you guys know I was coming?

Cc: Well, we heard your mom's car honking when you got here.

Peace Girl: Actually, that was really Mom honking at some idiot driver on the road.

(Another car honking is heard)

Tj: Hey, someone else is here!

Cc: Is it the idiot driver Peace Girl was talking about?

Tj: I'm pretty sure it isn't that.

(They all run downstairs, and Tj walks to the window and sees SpawnColor's dad's car driving up) 

Tj: *gasps* Everyone upstairs, now!!

(They all run to the upstairs hallway)

Peace Girl: What's wrong?

Iron: Is there a terrorist outside?

Tj: No. It's SpawnColor!

Agentpeddle: Really? What's he doing here?

Tj: I think he must be here because he thinks we forgot his birthday today.

Cc, Agentpeddle, Peace Girl and Iron: *gasp* WHAT???

Tj: He ordered me to have a party ready for him today last Friday and I forgot all about it! We're going to be busted for sure because we forgot to throw him a party! (SpawnColor is heard ringing the doorbell) That's him!...I'm going to let him in.

Cc: What?!! Why?!

Tj: I can't just leave him outside! But don't worry, I'll try to keep this party a secret. Guys, go back inside Peace Girl's room and close the door.

Iron: You got it.

(Cc, Agentpeddle, Peace Girl and Iron go back in Peace Girl's room and close the door. Tjdrum opens the door for SpawnColor to come in.)

Tj: Oh, hi, SpawnColor! What are you doing here?

SpawnColor: Oh, nothing, today's my birthday, and you said you would have the party ready for me today, remember?

Tj: Oh, that! You see, we'll have that party ready for you soon, we're still working on it. But for now, let's talk for a minute.

SpawnColor: Okay...I guess we could do that.

(Tj and SpawnColor sit at the kitchen table)

Tj: So, um, what else is new?

SpawnColor: Well, there's not a lot to talk about except my birthday...oh, I know! Tj, have I ever told you about my friend Wally the Great?

Tj: Wally the Great? Who's he?

SpawnColor: So I haven't told you...well, he's a REALLY great magician--or at least wants to be one.

Tj: Why isn't he that great of a magician?

SpawnColor: Well, he doesn't have a magic wand...

Tj: What?! How can he be a magician if he doesn't have a magic wand?

SpawnColor: Well, all he has is this kit with all of this junk like rings that he can't even pull apart or cards that end up setting everything on fire. It gets worse after that.

Tj: How?

SpawnColor: This Saturday is the Magic City magic competition. Wally wants to go up against that jerk Roland the Remarkable. He doesn't stand a chance against him without a magic wand. I wanted to enter the magic competition with him, but apparently I don't have a magician's permit.

Tj: Why would you want to enter the competition?

SpawnColor: Well, I want to be exactly like him--well, not exactly, but I want to at least be a decent magician.

Tj: Wait, why do you even want to do all of that, anyway?

SpawnColor: Oh, now there's something I forgot to tell you that I've never told before! When I'm not working on my science homework, I'm kind of a magician, too.

Tj: Really?!

SpawnColor: Yep. I basically have the same magic kit as him, but with a wand. He couldn't afford the one with a magic wand, but I could. Now comes the twist: my wand isn't really magic. 

Tj: Oh. Then how then you do all of that magic stuff?

SpawnColor: Tj, have you ever heard of the saying "a magician never reveals more secrets after he's revealed one"?

Tj: I've heard of the saying "a magician never reveals his secrets ever", so is the saying you're talking about is just one you made up?

SpawnColor: Yeah...

Tj: So, wanna come up to my room?

SpawnColor: Oh, sure!

(As Tj and SpawnColor walk upstairs, Cc, Agentpeddle, Peace Girl and Iron peek out of the door when SpawnColor isn't looking, and Tj quietly gives a thumbs up to them before he and SpawnColor go into his room. We cut back to the others in Peace Girl's room.)

Iron (quietly): YES!

(Iron proceeds to jump onto one of the beanbags, but misses and hits one of the containers holding Peace Girl's toys. A toy firetruck is thrown through the air and hits the wall, causing it to make noise.)

Cc, Agentpeddle, Peace Girl and Iron: *gasp*

Agentpeddle (quietly): You have a toy firetruck?!!

(Peace Girl shrugs)

(Cuts to Tj and SpawnColor in Tj's room)

SpawnColor: What was that? It sounded like it was coming from your sister's room.

(Tj quickly walks toward Peace Girl's door before SpawnColor can)

Tj: (to SpawnColor) Oh, come on...(to Cc, Agentpeddle, Peace Girl and Iron, quietly) Abort mission, Abort mission!

(SpawnColor comes in and sees the others, and Tj steps backward towards Cc, Agentpeddle, Peace Girl and Iron)

SpawnColor: Tj, what is this about?

Tj: Okay, SpawnColor, the truth is, I forgot about your birthday party I was supposed to throw for you today because I was too focused on getting Peace Girl's late birthday party ready, because her birthday was on Thursday.

SpawnColor: Oh.

Tj: I'm sorry. I should've had Peace Girl's party yesterday and not today.

SpawnColor: It's okay, Tj.

Tj: Thanks, SpawnColor. You know what, to make up for your party, we are all gonna throw you a late birthday party this Saturday.

SpawnColor: Saturday?! But that's the day of the magic competition!

Tj: Don't worry, what time is the competition?

SpawnColor: 8:00 PM.

Cc: Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop! What "magic competiton" are you guys talking about?

Tj: ...Long story.

SpawnColor: Uh...You were saying?

Tj: Oh, right. Don't worry, we'll schedule your party for Saturday morning. You can do a magic act at the party, and you can come to sleep over on Friday to get ready.

SpawnColor: Thanks, Tj!

Tj: You're welcome, SpawnColor.

Peace Girl: What about my party?

Tj: ...Oh, right! Anyways, let's enjoy this party!

Cc and Agentpeddle: Alright!

(Everyone walks off to different parts of the room to enjoy the party, and the scene cuts to a calendar in the house and shows Sunday to Friday being "X"ed out until it reaches Saturday, the day of SpawnColor's party, which is circled)

Part 3: Wally's Lie

(Scene switches to Tjdrum's bedroom)

Tj: (wakes up) it.

(We see him get into the bathroom and brush his teeth, then getting his clothes on. He then runs downstairs to the living room, where Cc and Agentpeddle are watching TV with a bowl of popcorn in hand.)

Tj: Cc, Agentpeddle, what are you doing?

Cc: Watching TV. What does it look like?

Tj: It looks like you're completely forgetting about SpawnColor's birthday party!

(Cc and Agentpeddle knock over their popcorn in surprise)


Agentpeddle: I can't believe we forgot!

Tj: Come on, now we need to wake up SpawnColor!

(They all walk up to Cc's room, where SpawnColor is sleeping and stop at the door)

Tj: SpawnColor, get up, we have to go to your party! Iron, Peace Girl and Blueberry are already there!

SpawnColor: (yawns) Wait...the party's today? Oh, no! (starts walking to the door with his eyemask on and hits the door) Ow!! Oops, my eyemask is still on. (takes off eyemask off and opens the door) Okay..oh, I still have my pajamas on. (opens door and goes back inside for 9 seconds) (comes out in his clothes) Okay, now I'm ready.

Tj: Let's get in the car!

(They all run out and we cut to Tj's car pulling out into the street and driving away, and then we cut to the park by the community pool, where SpawnColor's party is being held. We see Iron, Peace Girl and Blueberry at one of the tables on the grass.)

Peace Girl: Where are they?

Blueberry: I don't know, maybe they forgot about today.

Iron: (spots Tjdrum's car) Here they come!

(The car stops by the curb, and the boys get out of it and come to Iron, Peace Girl and Blueberry's table)

Tj: Hey, guys!

Blueberry: Hey, Tj! Happy late birthday, SpawnColor!

Iron: Yeah!

SpawnColor: Thanks, guys.

Tj: (snaps his fingers) Oh, that reminds me! SpawnColor, you stay here and talk with Peace Girl and Blueberry. Me and the others are gonna take a bathroom break.

SpawnColor: Oh, okay.

(Tj, Cc, Agentpeddle and Iron walk towards the bathroom)

SpawnColor: So, do you guys remember my friend Wally the Great?

Peace Girl: Yeah, because you talked about him all this week.

SpawnColor: Well, I'm gonna call him and see if he can still come over to my party.

(SpawnColor calls Wally on his Sony Ericsson K300 phone)

SpawnColor: Hello, Wally?

(Cuts to Wally on his phone talking to SpawnColor in the MCMCC office center)

Wally: Hey, SpawnColor, long time, huh?

SpawnColor: Yep. Hey, do you think you can come to my birthday party today?

Wally: I can't. I'm trying to sign up for the magic competition tonight.

SpawnColor: Really? Come on, Wally, you know you're not gonna win without a real magic wand! You should just come to my party and stop worrying about that stupid competition!

Wally: It is NOT stupid! Whoever wins the competition will be given the magic wand of my grandfather Waldo the Magnificent! And I can't let someone end up putting it in their cheeseburger on accident!

SpawnColor: Wally, just please come. You do not have to enter the competition. You don't even have to pay to see it! I'll be doing some magic tricks at the party myself!

Wally: NO! I do not need to see you trying to make me jealous or any--wait a minute...I can enter the magic competition, and I will.

SpawnColor: No, no, wait! You don't--

(Wally hangs up)

(Wally walks to the registration desk, which the window is closed. Wally knocks on the metal window cover, and the MCMCC administrator opens it up.)

MCMCC Administrator: Well, well, well, if it isn't that nobody Wally the Great. You're a day late to register.

Wally: I already know that, thank you. Anyway, I'm here for last-minute registration.

MCMCC Administrator: Okay, I guess I can sign you up at the last minute. (proceeds to pick up clipboard and pen but stops) Wait, you don't have a magic wand. Why are you even signing up?

Wally: Oh, I have one. I just left it at home.

MCMCC Administrator: Um, okay. (picks up clipboard and pen) Already know your name...Address?

Wally: 1475 Card Street.

MCMCC Administrator: Aliases?

Wally: None.

MCMCC Administrator: Okay, see you tonight.

(Wally walks away)

Wally (quietly): And see me you will.

Part 4: Strategy

(We cut to Tj, Cc, Agentpeddle and Iron entering the bathroom)

Tj: Okay, guys. We're in here not because of a bathroom break, but because I want to talk about my plan for this party.

Cc: What? But I need to go now!

Tj: Fine, Cc, you can go.

(Cc goes into a stall and closes the door)

Tj: Anyway, this is going be one of the best parties SpawnColor has had in a long time. There's gonna be a lot of food everyone will like, a bounce house, his own magic act, and I even got his favorite alternative rock band, Ectoplasm Geeks.

(Cc comes out of the stall)

Tj: So now, be honest with me: is this a great plan or not?

Iron: Sounds great!

Agentpeddle: Awesome!

Cc: I need to go to the bathroom again...

(Cc goes back inside the stall)

Tj: Uh...thank you for your opinions. Now let's get back outside and get ready for the party.

Agentpeddle and Iron: Sure thing!

(Cc comes out of the stall again)

Cc: Of course!

Tj: Oh, Cc, by the way, you might wanna avoid the refreshments for now.

Cc: Okay.

(We see the boys coming out of the bathroom and going back to SpawnColor, Peace Girl and Blueberry's table)

Tj: Okay, SpawnColor, are you ready for your magic act?

SpawnColor: I guess so. I just need to do a final rehearsal.

Cc: Okay, then. Let's get you to the locker room so you can get your stuff.

(We cut to the locker room, and Wally comes in to search for SpawnColor's locker)

Wally: Okay, now where is SpawnColor's locker?

(Wally bangs on all of the locker doors to see if there's anything inside, and then he comes across one already open that is SpawnColor's locker with his magic kit inside it. The lock on it seems to be broken, and Wally opens the locker door all the way to see the magic kit. He then opens the kit to look at the wand inside.)

Wally (whispering): The wand...

(Wally takes the wand out of the kit to look at it)

Wally: It's so...authentic.

(Wally hears Tj, Cc and SpawnColor coming up the hallway, and then he puts the wand in his pocket, closes the magic kit and the locker and runs out of the locker room. SpawnColor stops at his open locker, noticing that it is already open.)

SpawnColor: Oh, I forgot to close my locker.

(SpawnColor opens his locker to pick up his magic kit. He opens it and notices the magic wand is gone.)

SpawnColor: Huh? Where's the magic wand? I need it for the final rehearsal! I can't become a Wally the Great!

(Cuts back to outside the locker room, where Tj and Cc are waiting for SpawnColor. SpawnColor comes out.)

SpawnColor: Tj, Cc, we've got a problem.

Tj: What is it?

SpawnColor: The wand from my magic kit is missing! And it's not a magic show without a magic wand!!

Cc: Hey, you tell that to Wally, not us.

SpawnColor: What if someone stole it from me?

Tj: If someone stole it, you should go find them.

SpawnColor: Why don't you guys help me find it?

Tj: Because I have to go and announce to everyone that your magic show's been delayed.

More coming soon!