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The following is a collection of trailer transcripts from the film Tj's World: Modem Mayhem.

Teaser trailer

(MPAA green screen)

(Shows Paramount Pictures logo)

(Shows Nickelodeon Movies logo)

Green text: #HEISBACK

Announcer: He is back. That is all we can say.

(Tjdrum walks in with a button)

Tj: Is it?

(He presses the button, and nothing happens)

Tj: I it?

(He presses the button again, and nothing happens)

Tj: Sorry, this takes some time to work..

(He starts pressing the button repeatedly until he eventually gives up)

Tj: You know what, forget it, just roll the title. (walks out)

(The film's logo falls down)

Announcer: Tj's World: Modem Mayhem!

(Tj peeks from the right side of the screen)

Tj: Phew. Good thing I wasn't there when that thing fell down..

(The text "SUMMER 2013" falls down and Tj dodges it)

Tj: ACK!

Announcer: In theaters summer 2013 in 3D!

Tj: Okay, now I'm leaving before anything else happens. (walks out)

Theatrical trailer 1

(MPAA green screen)

(Shows Paramount Pictures logo)

(Shows Nickelodeon Movies logo)

(Shows TjsWorld2011 Pictures logo)


(Shows Tjdrum's house in front of 123 Tj's World)


(Shows clips from Tj's World episodes)


(Shows clips from Tj's World: Across The 2nd Dimension)


(Shows Tjdrum plugging his camera into the computer)



(Shows their computer monitor sparking)


(Shows the monitor turning bright white, and the screen goes black)

(Cuts to Tj and Cc inside the escape pod station)

Cc: ...Where are we?

(Fades to white and fades to MJ with Kirby in their house)

MJ: We gotta go, something just crashed in the fields and I need to know what it is!

(Flashes to Tj, MJ, Cc and Kirby in MJ's car)

Tj: You knew there was a bomb and didn't say anything?!

(Cuts to MJ throwing the asdfmovie: The Bar candy bar)

(Cuts to Geek Guy and Brad in their cell)

Geek Guy: This is just what I need! Now I can complete my signal chip and escape this dirty prison at last!

(Cuts to the police officers' car in Denver, Colorado)

Policeman #1: That sounded like an explosion at the bank!

Policeman #2: Hurry, let's go!

(The police car drives to the bank. We cut to the inside, then the car is seen driving into smoke coming from the explosion.)

Policeman #2: Wait, stop!!

Policeman #1: (hits the brakes and then looks at the smoke for a second) Yep, it's an explosion.

(Cuts to Jtmurd and Santed Sailor)

Jtmurd: ...You were saying?


(Cuts to the two Sidnerson International Airport security guards on the roof of the airport)

Airport Security Guard #1: NOT IN MY HOUSE! (pulls out a handgun and shoots at Geek Guy's helicopter)

(Geek Guy's helicopter's engine is taken out by the bullet)

Brad: Oh shoot!!

(Cuts to the Tj's World logo on a black background, and the text "RETURNS TO THE BIG SCREEN" below it)

(Shows more clips from the movie)

(Cuts to the film's logo on a black background)

(Cuts to MJ and Kirby in their house)

MJ: Kirby, come on, we've gotta go right now!

Kirby: Oh, MJ, I'd love to! Except I don't.

MJ: Kirby, you're coming.

Kirby: Fine. But you're paying me after this.

(Cuts to the film's release date on a black background, with the film's website, a Paramount Pictures print logo, a Nickelodeon Movies print logo and copyright below it)

Theatrical trailer 2

(MPAA green screen)

(Fall From Down by Kevin Mantey plays)

(Shows neon lights drawing Tjdrum's arm)

Announcer: In 2005, it came from within...

(Shows neon lights drawing Tj's shoes)

Announcer: In 2007, it was gone forever...

(Shows a view of Tj's face zooming in)

Announcer: In 2013, our worst nightmare has come's back.

(Zooms into the pupil of Tj's eye, and then zooms out showing Tj, Ccmater2, MJ and Kirby standing outside the Florida army base)

(Music stops)

Ccmater2: Whaaat?!

(Shows the security guards looking shocked)

Announcer: Oh, wait. That's not our worst nightmare.

(Shows Paramount Pictures logo)

(Shows Nickelodeon Movies logo)

Announcer: This June...

(screen shows monitor sucking in Tj and Cc2)

Announcer: Adventure...

(screen shows explosion of bank)

Announcer: ...begins.

More coming soon!

Super Bowl XLVII commercial

(Shows Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies logos)


Announcer: This June...

(Cuts to Tj and Cc at their computer, with Tj clicking the computer mouse, making the infamous "Blue Screen of Death" pop up)

(Cuts to the computer monitor sucking random things in the room inside it)

Tj: What's happening???

Cc: I don't know! (Gets hit by ceiling lamp being sucked in) OW!!!


(They get sucked inside the monitor)


More coming soon!

TV spot 1

Coming soon!

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