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The following is a transcript of the 2013 film Tj's World: Modem Mayhem.

Part 1: Opening

(Shows Paramount Pictures logo)

(Shows Nickelodeon Movies logo)

(Shows TjsWorld2011 Pictures logo)


Text: a TJSWORLD2011 PICTURES film

(We see a view of Denver, Colorado at daytime. The following text appears at the bottom of the screen.)

Text: Denver, Colorado, 1995

(We cut to the Denver Muncipal Bank of Trust and cuts to the inside of it, where Geek Guy, aged 17 is seen walking inside. He takes out a gun and fires it at the glass window near the entrance. One of the women at the desks notices it.)

Desk Woman: What was that?!

Geek Guy: Someone must have crashed their car into that department store over there. You should go look to see if they're okay.

Desk Woman: I'm on it.

(The desk woman and the others walk out of the bank, leaving Geek Guy alone)

Geek Guy: Now's the time.

(Geek Guy walks over to the nearest vent, pulls out a can of "Sundae Freeze" spraypaint and sprays it on the vent cover. He then pulls out a hammer and knocks the vent off of the cover. He goes inside the vent.

(We zoom out to show that he is inside a bank safe containing lots of money.)

Geek Guy: (takes out a detonator and puts it on the wall) Here goes...(activates it)

(Cuts to outside of the Denver Bank, where an explosion is seen coming through the right side of the bank. We quicky cut to a police car in one of Denver's streets with two policemen inside it, viewing the explosion.)

Policeman #1: That sounded like an explosion at the bank!

Policeman #2: Hurry, let's go!

(The police car drives to the bank. We cut to the inside, then the car is seen driving into smoke coming from the explosion.)

Policeman #2: Wait, stop!!

Policeman #1: (hits the brakes and then looks at the smoke for a second) Yep, it's an explosion.

(Two hands suddenly bang on the hood once, which are Geek Guy's hands. He has put the money from the bank's safe into some bags that are by him.)

Geek Guy: Look, you may be the police and you may have the need to catch me, but don't! You'll thank me in...20 years! (runs off into the street)

Policeman #2: We have to catch him.

(They drive off after Geek Guy)

(Geek Guy is seen hijacking a segway and using to get away from the police. He later stops at a Best Buy. He runs in there, and the police car follows him inside.)

(Geek Guy comes to the far wall of the store)

Geek Guy: Aw...(starts hitting the wall with one of the bags in anger)...cornered...again!

(We see that a computer on a high shelf falling off due to Geek Guy hitting the wall. It crashes onto another computer on a lower shelf, creating a portal, which falls in front of Geek Guy.)

Geek Guy: What is this? (He notices that the police car is almost getting to where he is) Ah, better to get out of here than get shot. (He goes into the portal and it closes)

(Cuts to inside the police car, where the two policemen are looking around for him, meaning that they did not see the portal)


(Policeman #1 stops the car, and its front touches the wall, causing it to flip over on its side unexpectedly)

(The two policemen get out of the left side of the car)

Policeman #1: (looks around) Where did he go?!

Policeman #2: We gotta search for him...

(Cuts to an overhead view of the store with the two policeman looking around)

(Cuts to Geek Guy walking in a dark city)

Geek Guy: Yes! I actually got away with it! Nothing can stop me now!

(A police car pulls up from behind him)

Internet Policeman: Hey, excuse me, sir, is that money you're holding? (Points to the dollar sign on the bag)

Geek Guy: ...No, why would that be money?

(Cuts to him in jail)

Geek Guy: Again?!

(Screen goes black)

(The film's logo zooms in)

(Fades out)

Part 2: The Ultimate Video

Text: 123 Tj's World, 18 years later (Pans down to the neighborhood and zooms to Tjdrum's House)

(Cuts to Tjdrum and Ccmater2 both on Cc's bed)

Tjdrum: I'm bored.

Cc: Me too.

Tjdrum: Hey! Do you want to shoot a video?

Cc: Sure!

Tjdrum: Great! I'll get my video camera! (Runs to get it)

(He comes back)

Tjdrum: Okay, I got it! What do you wanna shoot?

Cc: How about we shoot Santed Sailor and Jtmurd's latest scheme if they have any?

Tj: Good idea.

(They walk over to the dock and sneak onto the Beach Park boat)

(Tj and Cc see their lab)

Santed Sailor: (comes out one of the doors with Jtmurd by his side) And you see, once we transplant this onto the ground by the playground--

Jtmurd: (laughs) Oh...that's rich.

(Santed Sailor gives him an angry look)

Jtmurd: ...You were saying?

Santed Sailor: ...anyone who sits on it will be flipped up and down.

Jtmurd: Question: How many times will they be flipped?

Santed Sailor: Probably about... (takes out a calculator and does some quick math)... 98,36,435 times. Why?

Jtmurd: Uh, because I felt like saying that THAT IS A LOT.

Santed Sailor: Fine. Anyway, today we're going to test it with this dummy.

Tj (whispering): Here it comes!

Santed Sailor: The countdown to testing will begin in 5 seconds. But remember: If you laugh, (dramatic look) YOU LOSE. You ready?

Jtmurd: You know it!

Santed Sailor: Okay. We're going to, this is probably the most craziest thing I have ever--

Jtmurd: DO IT ALREADY!!!

Santed Sailor: DON'T PUSH ME! Okay. Starting in T minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Ignition! (pushes button on remote)

(Cuts to Tj and Cc laughing at home at the video)

Tj: Oh man, did you see how it flew through the wall of the boat?

Cc: Yeah! We MUST upload this to the Internet. It'll be a MASS HIT.

Tj: Alright!

(They run to the computer in their basement)

Part 3: Entering the Modem

(Tj turns on his desktop computer)

(Windows XP startup sound is heard)

Tj: Okay, first, we upload the video from the camera to our computer...

(Shows him doing it on the screen)

Tj: Then, I log in to my account...

(Shows him doing it on the screen, and his account name on YouTube appears to be Tjdrum2011, a reference to the show's creator TjsWorld2011's name)

Tj: And finally, we get our video and the very last thing to do is click...Upload. And there you have it, Cc. An Internet sensation is born. (clicks it)

(Windows XP error sound is heard and their screen shows the infamous "Blue Screen of Death")

Cc: Wait...that isn't supposed to happen, isn't it?

Tj: Oh, don't worry. All we have to do is restart. (Pushes power button once then again)

(Windows XP shutdown sound is heard and all the lights go out in the basement)

Tj: Cc?

Cc: Yes?

Tj: Did you turn off the lights in the basement just to scare me?

Cc: No.

(Tj sees computer monitor sparking with electricity)

Tj: Oh no...

(The monitor turns bright white)

Tj: What's happening???

Cc: I don't know!

(Monitor starts sucking in random things in the basement)

Cc: (Gets hit by ceiling lamp being sucked in) OW!!!



(They get sucked inside the monitor)


(The monitor stops sucking in things and its screen goes black. A distorted Windows XP shutdown sound is heard when it does so.)

(Cuts to a dark blue colored room with a computer which Tj and Cc come out of and onto the floor)

Cc: ...Is it over yet?

Tj: ..I-I think it is.

(Tj and Cc stand up)

Cc: Wow...where are we?

Tj: I don't know.

Cc: Maybe we're in some sort of space station.

Tj: Hey look, some escape pods!

Cc: Can we look inside?

Tj: Fine, but we're coming right back out.

(They walk over to the escape pods, but a computer on a stand comes up in front of Tj)

Computer: Hello. In order to proceed please tell me about you--

Cc: (pushes past Tj) Okay, then. Let's see, I was born on October 7, 1994, my favorite color is green, I am 15 years old, I--

Computer: I'm sorry, but that information has nothing to do with the type of computer y--

Tj: Oh, really? My computer is XP.

Computer: Okay. I will open that specific spacecraft for you. (Slides back down into floor)

Tj: Spacecraft?! I never wanted any--

(An escape pod that reads XP near the ceiling opens up)

Tj: Uh...okay, then.

(They walk into the spacecraft the computer has chosen)

Part 4: The Crash

Tj: Wow, this is pretty coo--

(The spacecraft door closes)

Tj: Well, we're stuck. How are we gonna get out of here now?

Cc: Don't worry, Tj, I'm sure we'll think of something...(accidentally puts his hand on the "Launch" button) Uh-oh.

Tj: "Uh-oh" WHAT???

Cc: ...

Tj: You're hiding something, aren't you? Let me see...

(He pushes Cc aside, showing the pressed launch button. He turns around to face him again with an angry look.)

Cc: I...I--

Tj: How could you do this?! You pressed the launch button! Do you even know what happens next whenever someone does something like that?!

(The back of the spacecraft starts breathing out exhaust, and Tj and Cc look out the back window, which is inside the ring of exhaust holes)

Tj: ...You see the exhaust coming out of the back too, right?

Cc: Uh-huh.

Tj: This can only mean one thing...

(The spacecraft launches out of the station and Tj and Cc fall to the controls)

Tj and Cc: OW!

(They get back up)

Cc: We're going to DIE!

Tj: Okay, uh, uh, try here! (Presses "Landing Gear" button)

(Landing gear comes out of the craft)

Tj: Okay, I think we're good.

(The pod hits a radio tower, causing the landing gear to break off)

Tj: OH COME ON!!! (Tj spots a joystick controller near the controls) Hey, there's a joystick! Maybe I can use it to try and land this thing! (Runs to it)

Cc: That's good, but how will we stop it?!

Tj: To crash it.


Tj: There's no other way to stop it!



Cc: NO!!!!

(Cuts to a San Fransisco Giants poster inside a red bedroom and pans to a brown-skinned tennage puff girl reading a magazine on her bed)

(A crash is heard and the lights go out for a second)

(The girl drops her magazine, looks out her window and sees smoke coming out of the fields. She immediately closes the window and runs out of the room. The girl, MJ, 18, runs down the stairs to the living room. Her boyfriend, Kirby, 17, is eating popcorn while watching TV.)


Kirby: AAGHH!! (Spills his popcorn) What was that for, MJ? Can't you see I'm watching something?

MJ: We gotta go, something just crashed in the fields and I need to know what it is!

Kirby: Really? I don't care about that. You can just leave me here while you can go see whatever it is you're talking about.

(MJ grabs Kirby's arm, yanks him off the couch and drags him to their car. They drive off to the park and they go past it to the fields. We then see that MJ is holding Kirby by his arm and running through the grass.)

MJ: Hurry up, this could make us rich!!

Kirby: You don't have to hurry, you know??

(MJ stops running)

MJ: Oh.

(Kirby frees himself from her hands and gets next to her)

MJ: You do realize we have a relationship, right?

Kirby: ....Yeah.

(They walk over to the crater the spacecraft has made)

MJ and Kirby: *GASP*

(Shows that they are looking at the craft)

MJ: Wow.

Kirby: We should check it out.

MJ: No, not really, I--

(Craft door opens)

MJ: Actually, let's go with your idea, I'm all for it.

(They slide to the bottom of the crater and run to the side of the craft)

MJ: You think there might be some people in there?

Kirby: I don't know. Maybe we should--

(The craft turns to the side)


(Shows MJ and Kirby crouching and the craft stopping)

MJ: (opens one eye looking at the craft) Phew..that was far too close.

(Kirby starts to put his foot on the craft)

MJ: Wait. Are you sure you wanna do this?

Kirby: Of course I am. Remember how Pyro taught me that I should live my life to the fullest?

MJ: Yeah.

Kirby: And it's also about making new discoveries. And that's exactly what I'm going to do, MJ. (steps onto the edge) (coughs) Wow, that's a lot of smoke...(waves his hands to clear up the smoke) *gasps*

(shows Tj and Cc lying on the floor of the craft) 

Kirby: (whispering) Whoa. Who are these guys?

MJ: What "guys"? (steps onto the craft) What are y-- *gasps*

Kirby: Shhh...don't wake them up.

MJ: (whispering) What are you talking about? We should totally wake them up! (kicks the wall two times)

(Tj and Cc wake up)

Tj: Uhh...who are you guys?

MJ: Follow up question: who are you people and what are you doing here?

Tj: Well, uh, my name is Tjdrum and that guy is my friend Ccmater2. By the way, what's going on?

MJ: Well, I think you guys might have landed at the wrong "airport" other words, you guys just landed in the Windows XP server.

Cc: Huh. So that explains why that computer said something about computers. 

Tj: As I said before, who are you, anyway?

MJ: My name is MJ and this other guy right here is Kirby. And I guess you're gonna be at our house for a few nights. 

Cc: Oh, so what I'm hearing is, "we're getting a new house for a few days".

MJ: ...I guess so. Come on, we've got some walking to do.

(Shows them getting out of the craft, getting in their car and driving to the house)

Part 5: At MJ's House

(Shows them coming into MJ and Kirby's house)

Cc: Wow...nice place you got here. *gasps* No way, is that a mini Super Nintendo?? (runs to it) I haven't seen one of these since three years ago! 

Tj: So, let's sit down and talk for a second...

(all of them sit down) 

MJ: How did you guys get here, exactly?

Tj: Well...we were trying to upload this video of our arch nemesis messing around with one of their test dummies, and then we ended up at the escape pod station. I chose Windows XP...and that's how we got here.

Cc: Say, how did you guys get here?

MJ: Well, it was right after we started high school, and, well, while we were in the computer lab, something really weird happened with me and Kirby's computer, and the next thing we knew, we had landed in a dumpster. So later, we bought a house with our money, and that's how we got here first. 

(A beep is heard) 

Kirby: Oh, would you look at the time! We gotta get to bed now! (runs to his room upstairs) 

MJ: Listen, there is a guest room upstairs by our rooms.

Tj: Okay, we're going. (Tj and Cc walk upstairs to the guest room and get into bed)

MJ: Night, Tj.

Tj and Cc: Night, MJ.

(Cuts to the guest room door closing when MJ opens it a bit)

(MJ smiles at Tj for 5 seconds and walks away)

(Fades out)

Part 6: Sing-Along Songs with Keegan: Chewing Gum Song

NOTE: This song in this part is basically TjsWorld2011's English version of this song from Greeny Phatom The Movie.

(Shows the Sing-Along Songs with Keegan title card)

Announcer: And now, it's time for Sing-Along Songs with Keegan, the part of the movie where Keegan Salisbury comes out and sings a Sing-Along song!

(Fades out)

(Sounds of chewing gum is heard)

(Fades into a rock stage in which Keegan, the one who is chewing the gum and wearing a black leather jacket comes out to center stage)

(Bass and guitar starts up, followed by drums)

Keegan: (Takes off his jacket and throws it to the drummer, who throws it to the audience) (starts singing) Take a pack, and take out one peice and put it iiiiiiin your mouth. Raspberry, Green Apple, Blueberry and others whiiiiiich aren't out. Everybody loves this little candy like a tiiiiire!


Chewy, chewy little gum. So chewy, chewy little gum. Gum is also good on the tongue, the tongue, the tongue, THE TONGUE!!!

(Keegan starts chewing his gum again and a guitar solo is played)

(Guitar and drums start up again)

(A woman in the audience throws Keegan's jacket to the drummer, who throws it back to him)

Keegan (singing): (slides to the end of the stage as sparks fly out of holes in the stage) Take your share so you can cover that hole in your teeeeeth, yeah. Think the chewing rate goes up to twenty-eight and nooooot a pear! Everybody loves this little candy of a tiiiiire!


(Guitar solo while Keegan chews his gum one last time before walking off of the stage, then the music ends)

(Crowd cheers and then scene fades out)

(Fades into the SASWK title card again)

Announcer: This has been Sing-Along Songs with Keegan! Tune in next time for more sing-along songs! Bye!

(Fades out)

Part 7: Highway Chase

(Fades into Downtown Sidnerson, where a black car is driven through the streets by MJ. We see that she is in the driver's seat, Tj is in the passenger's seat, and Cc and Kirby are in the backseat.)

Cc: So where to next?

MJ: I don't know...what do you say we go to the jewelry store?

Tj: Sure!

(Cuts to them standing front of the store)

MJ: So, this is our jewelry store, it has a lot of diamonds from past times in it, and some from foreign servers.

Tj: Uh...Why are we just standing here and not going inside?

MJ: I think it's because there's a bomb about to explode.

Kirby: Oh, right--WAIT, WHAT?!

(Some beeping is heard coming from inside, and they get in their car and put their seatbelts on)

Tj: You knew there was a bomb and didn't say anything?!

(Cuts to Cc looking out the window, where Brad, Geek Guy's accomplice from jail is seen taking the stolen jewelry in a bag out of the store and stealing one of the bicycles from the bike rack nearby in order to get away before the bomb inside explodes. Tj and MJ's conversation is heard offscreen as Cc watches what happens.)

MJ (offscreen): I don't know! I just didn't want to ruin the history moment!

Tj (offscreen): Oh, so now we're in HISTORY class?!

(Cuts to MJ and Tj)

MJ: Whatever!!

(She steps on the gas, and they all drive off. Tj watches as the store explodes behind them.)

Tj: Well, the jewelry store's gone. What do we do now?

Cc: Guys, I saw the man who stole the jewelry from there before it exploded! He must have been the one who planted the bomb!

Tj: Let's try to catch him!

(MJ drives after Brad, who is still on the bike about to ride on the highway)

MJ: Stand back. I've got this.

Tj: But we're in a car.

MJ: Whatever.

(She takes out a blaster from the glovebox)

Tj: You keep a blaster??

MJ: Yeah...this is the Internet. They sell things like this here and a lot of other things that would be illogical in the real world too.

Tj: But my friend has one of those.

MJ: Well, not including this, then.

(She aims the blaster at the bike, but she misses and instead hits a parked car at a restaurant called "Taco Face!". We see her shocked at what she has done.)

MJ: Oops...

(She puts the blaster away, and she continues to drive after Brad onto a highway. They both pass two policemen in front of their police car, which is about to be towed by a tow truck. The two throw the tow truck driver out of the truck, get inside it, and drive after the two. We see Tj looking at the rearview mirror, showing the tow truck driving after them.)

Tj: What's a tow truck doing speeding after us?! The guy in there wouldn't want anything with us...UNLESS there are really policemen in there trying to catch us!

MJ: Come on..(looks out the window behind her)..that's ridiculo--(She sees the policemen inside it) ...Yep, that's them.

(We cut to Brad still riding away from the car and the police, and he still hasn't noticed. He turns around and notices.)

Brad: Police AND pedestrians?! Man, I have GOT to work on my crimes.

(One of the policemen inside the tow truck pulls out a megaphone and speaks through it)

Internet Policeman #1: Pull your vehicles...and bike over! This is the police!

(MJ finally throws a peice of candy marked "asdfmovie: The Candy" at Brad, knocking him off the bike. Them and the police stop. MJ and the others get out of the car.)

MJ: YES! Got him!

(They all see him jump off the highway with the jewelry in his hands)

Tj: Look! He's getting away!

Cc: Let's get him!

(They proceed to run, but then see the police behind them)

Internet Policeman #2: (points to MJ) Are you the one who threw that peice of candy at that pedestrian?

MJ: I--I--

Internet Policeman #1: Come with us.

MJ: Wait! I'm innocent!

Internet Policemen #2: Relax! All we're going to do is just ask you some questions at the police station, and that's it.

MJ: Okay...

(They take her inside the police car and it drives off)

Kirby: I...kind of feel bad I'm not going to have her for some time.

Cc: Why?

Kirby: Can you two keep a secret?

Tj: Sure.

Kirby: Good. I'll tell you at home.

Tj and Cc: Ugh!

Tj: Come on, let's go, I'll drive.

(They get inside the car and it drives past the bike)

Part 8: The Story Behind MJirby

(The three return to MJ and Kirby's house, and Tj and Cc sit on the couch while Kirby sits on a chair)

Tj: So, what do you want to talk about?

Kirby: Well, it's a long story. My rules are that I can't tell any new people in the neighborhood about my--you-know-what.

Cc: We don't know what it is.

Kirby: Oh, right. Anyway, since you both asked me, I guess I should just tell you right away...ever since MJ moved to San Fransisco..yeah, San Fransisco's where we're from..we've had feelings for each other. And then she finally admitted her feelings to me at graduation, and that's how we became an item. So, you know how I asked if you could keep a secret earlier at the highway? Well, it's because MJ doesn't want me to tell anyone in the neighborhood about the relationship we have. But you both asked, so now you know.

Tj: We can keep your secret.

Kirby: Thanks, Tj.

(Cuts to the house in the evening, and then cuts to Tj, Cc and Kirby still in the living room. MJ comes in.)

Tj and Cc: Hey, MJ!

MJ: Hey, guys.

Kirby: So, how was the police station?

MJ: Well, the officers asked me about why I threw that candy bar at the guy who stole the jewelry, and I said because he stole jewelry from the jewelry store. So then they said that they'll try to catch him as soon as they can.

Kirby: Well, that's good news.

Part 9: Geek Guy's Plan

(Cuts to the outside of the Internet Prison)

Brad (offscreen): That sure was epic what I did today.

(Cuts to the inside of a jail cell which has Geek Guy and his accomplice Brad in it, who has the bags of jewels with him. The window has been made into a sliding door and there is a TV in the cell.)

Geek Guy: It sure was, Brad. It's a good thing the officers didn't see you escape to get those jewels thanks to that portrait you put up behind these bars.

(Shows a life-size picture of Geek Guy and Brad sleeping in the cell placed behind the bars)

Brad (offscreen): Oh, stop, you're making me blush.

(Cuts back to Geek Guy and Brad in the real cell)

Geek Guy: Hey, Brad, it's been eighteen years since I met you in jail, but...did I ever tell you about my latest plan that I'm working on?

Brad: No.

Geek Guy: Well, we may have a sliding door in this cell, but we can't really escape from the prison into the real world because of the station that leads there being so high up in the sky, which is why I came up with my most brilliant plan ever. I'm building a signal chip, a computer chip which I can engrave into a building and create an entire group, which in this case is an army, to destroy an entire thing, which in this case is a city. I have most of the assets required to build it already, but there's only one left...

Brad: What's that?

Geek Guy: Some fabric from the real world. I've tried using my hair, but it doesn't work. And these prison uniforms won't work either, obviously because they were made in the Internet.

Brad: Hopefully you can complete your invention soon, Geek Guy. You wanna watch some TV?

Geek Guy: Sure.

(Brad turns on the TV and the Windows News Channel comes on)

WNC Newsman #1: In other news, we saw local Sidnerson, XP regular Emmy Jayson leaving the Sidnerson police station today, and one of our reporters happened to be there at the time and decided to asked her some questions.

(TV screen cuts to a different WNC newsman with MJ outside the police station)

WNC Newsman #2: So, why exactly were you asked questions by the police?

MJ: Well, I was trying to get these guys from the real world away from this other guy who was stealing some jewelry, but unfortunately, he got away.

Brad: Wait, did you hear that?

(Geek Guy turns off the TV)

Geek Guy: This is just what I need! Now I can complete my signal chip and escape this dirty prison at last!

Brad: But how are you going to find whoever those people from the real world are?

Geek Guy: I'll just follow their tracks on every highway.

(Cuts to them finding a tandem bike at the bike rack at the destroyed jewelry store and they ride away on it. They later follow the tracks of MJ and Kirby's car to their house and get off the bike.)

Geek Guy (whispering): Wait here, Brad. I'm going to look for some fabric that those people from the real world have.

(Geek Guy climbs up to the window of the guest room, where Tj and Cc are sleeping. He sees Tj's hat on the nightstand, takes it, jumps out the window and comes back to Brad by the tandem bike.)

Brad (whispering): Come on, let's go!

(They both ride away)

Part 10: Breakout

(Cuts to MJ and Kirby's house in the morning and then cuts to Tj waking up in the guest room bed. He proceeds to grab his hat, but it's missing.)

Tj: Cc..?

Cc: (wakes up) ...What?

Tj: My hat! It's gone!

Cc: Really? How are we gonna find it?

Tj: Well, by finding it, of course.

(Cuts to Tj and Cc coming downstairs in their clothes and MJ and Kirby in the living room)

MJ: (notices Tj and Cc) Oh, good morning, Tj!

Tj: Morning, MJ. Listen, we need to go out, my hat is missing and we're both going to try and find it.

MJ: Okay, be back by...wait, we're both teenagers. Go ahead.

Tj: Okay.

(Tj and Cc run outside onto the sidewalk)

Tj: Okay, where's the first place my hat would be?

Cc: Well, someone may have put it in the lost and found, so maybe we can check the police station.

Tj: Sure, let's do that.

(Cuts to Tj and Cc riding on bikes to the Sidnerson police station, and then cuts to them in the police chief's office)

Police Chief: Nope, no blue hats in the lost and found.

Tj: Are you sure?

Police Chief: Yes, because normally if there's something new in there, we're notified of it.

(Cuts to Tj and Cc walking out of the police station)

Tj: So now what?

Cc: Maybe we should check the Internet Prison. Someone could've taken it there.

Tj: Cc, where did you get an idea like that from?

(Cc looks around nervously)

Cc: ...books?

Tj: Fair enough. Come on!

(Cuts to Tj and Cc riding bikes again, this time through the city. We cut to Geek Guy and Brad in their cell. Geek Guy is finishing his signal chip.)

Brad: Almost done yet, Geek Guy?

Geek Guy: Almost.

(Shows Tj and Cc arriving at the Internet Prison. Tj trys to punch in a code on the code panel, but he fails to do so.)

Tj: Alright, we can't get in, so we're going to have to search from the outside.

(Cuts to Geek Guy putting a thread from Tj's hat onto the signal chip)

Geek Guy: There! It's done, Brad!

Brad: Awesome! Now it's time to get out of here!

(Cuts to the outside of the Internet Prison, where Tj and Cc reach Geek Guy and Brad's window)

Tj: It has to be around here somewhere...

(Tj looks through the window and he sees Geek Guy and Brad with his hat)

Tj: There it is! They've got my hat!

(Tj turns to Cc)

Tj: We're gonna have to break in to get it...

(Cuts to back inside the cell)

Brad: So, how exactly will we get out of here?

Geek Guy: We'll set up one of my detonators up by these bars. We'll escape the building and head for the airport. We'll steal one of the helicopters so we can fly up to the escape pod station and get into the real world, and then the next phase of my plan should begin.

Brad: Sounds awesome, Geek Guy.

(Cuts to Geek Guy taking out a detonator and putting it by the bars)

Geek Guy: Here goes nothing...(activates the detonator)

(Cuts back to Tj and Cc outside)

Tj: Alright, on the count to three, we'll try to bust through the window. One, two, three!

(He jumps at the window, and at the same time he makes contact, the detonator explodes, knocking him and Cc backward. Smoke comes out of the explosion and then dissapears, revealing Geek Guy and Brad inside the cell. The wall and bars are blown out from the explosion.)

Brad: It worked! Let's get out of here!

Geek Guy: (Sees Tj and Cc getting up) Good thinking, Brad, but we better do it fast..

(They both run off with their supplies including the signal chip, leaving behind Tj's hat)

Tj: Good thing they left my hat behind. (Puts his hat on) By the way, those prisoners that stole my hat, they're escaping! We have to stop them, come on!

(They run after them)

(Shows Tj and Cc stopping at a payphone)

Tj: Wait, I gotta call MJ at her house. (He puts in a quarter and dials MJ's phone number)

(Cuts back to MJ picking up the phone in her house)

MJ: Hello?

Tj: Hey MJ, it's Tj. We found my hat--

MJ: You did? Good for you!

Tj: You didn't let me finish. The guy who stole it is someone named Geek Guy, and we sort of let him and his partner Brad escape from their cell.


Tj: Well, they have some sort of plan they're working on. I overheard their conversation. They said they're heading to the airport so they can steal one of the helicopters which they'll use to escape into the real world. We were going to stop them, but they got away.

MJ: Oh no...what should we do?

Tj: Meet us at the airport.

MJ: Alright, me and Kirby are going right now. (hangs up) Kirby, come on, Tj and Cc found Tj's hat, but they let some criminals who had it escape, and they're headed for the airport. We've gotta go right now!

Kirby: Oh, MJ, I'd love to! Except I don't.

MJ: Kirby, you're coming. No questions asked.

Kirby: Fine. But you're paying me after this.

MJ: Paying you? In what?

Kirby: In the currency of excitement.

MJ: Oh, trust me, you'll get a lot of what you're looking for out of this.

Kirby: Oh, really? Start the car!

(Cuts to Tj and Cc arriving at the Sidnerson International Airport)

Tj: Alright, now all we need is for MJ and Kirby to show up.

(MJ's car pulls up)

Tj: Well, that didn't take long.

(MJ and Kirby run over to Tj and Cc)

MJ: You guys got a plan?

Tj: I don't think we can catch up to him. He's probably almost to the helicopter. What do we do now?

(Cuts to an extreme close-up of MJ's face)

MJ: We have to stop him.

(Cuts to a montage of them running through various parts of the airport, ending at them arriving at an elevator. Tj repeatedly presses the up button by the elevator.)

Tj: Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on!!

(The elevator opens, and the four run through it. We then cut to them arriving out of it, and arriving onto the roof of the airport, where two helicopters are. Geek Guy and Brad are already inside one of them, putting their seatbelts on. Geek Guy starts the engines, and the helicopter starts flying into the air.)

MJ: He's getting away!!

Tj: Not for long!!

(The four run into the other helicopter and put their seatbelts on)

MJ: I'm assuming you know how to drive this thing, too.

Tj: Not this time.

(Their helicopter flies up into the air after Geek Guy's)

(Cuts to inside Geek Guy's helicopter)

Brad: (sees Tj's helicopter) Uh, Geek Guy?

Geek Guy: Yes?

Brad: We've got a problem.

(Brad points to Tj's helicopter)

Geek Guy: Wait, that's not supposed to be the police, right?

(Cuts back to the airport roof, where two airport security guards have found that the two helicopters have been stolen)

Airport Security Guard #1: Where are the helicopters?!

Airport Security Guard #2: Look! (points to the two helicopters heading for the escape pod station)

Airport Security Guard #1: NOT IN MY HOUSE! (pulls out a handgun and shoots at Geek Guy's helicopter)

(Geek Guy's helicopter's engine is taken out by the bullets of the gun)

Brad: Oh shoot!!

(The helicopter falls into the escape pod station, breaking the roof and exploding in the process but yet still intact. Geek Guy hangs onto one of the landing skids, while Brad lands by the computer which leads to the real world.)

Geek Guy: Brad, HELP ME!

Brad: Alright, alright!

(Brad helps him up to the floor and they both run over to the computer)

Brad: So how do we get to the real world again?

Geek Guy: I think I know how.

(Geek Guy goes over to a vending machine in the room, pushes one of the buttons, inserts three quarters into its slot and a computer comes out. He takes it, and grinds it against the other computer, and a portal appears again.)

Brad: Nice!

Geek Guy: I've done that before, you know.

(Geek Guy and Brad notice Tj's helicopter landing on the top of the station)

Geek Guy: Quick, get inside!!

(They both jump inside the portal, and a ladder is lowered from Tj's helicopter. Tj and the others come down it and go onto the second half of the broken station.)

Tj: Okay, so they must have gone through one of the computers in here...(notices the computer vending machine)...was that there before?

Cc: A computer? (points to the portal, which is still open) How about a portal?!

Tj: They must have gone there! I heard someone at a Best Buy in Colorado must have mashed two computers together to create a portal like this!

Kirby: Where did you read that?

Tj: On the newspaper. It was revealed on a security camera, and the police don't really know how to get in there without doing that. Anyway, we've gotta get in here if we want to stop them from destroying our world!

MJ: Are you just assuming that they're gonna do that?

Tj: Yeah, they didn't really say anything about destroying it, but they said that the "next phase of their plan" would begin when they get into the real world. Come on!

(The four run into the portal, but Cc comes back out to grab the computer Geek Guy mashed the portal computer with, and he goes back in.)

(We zoom into the portal and after a few seconds we see Geek Guy and Brad falling through it)


Geek Guy: I KNOW!

(A white light starts growing larger and larger in front of them)


(The light covers the screen)

Part 11: The Real World

(We fade out of white to the sky in the real world, and the end of the portal pops up and Geek Guy and Brad fall out of it and onto the street)

Geek Guy: Wow, that was crazy.

Brad: I know...Wait, we're out of the portal now, so you know what that means?

Geek Guy: ...

Brad: We're free! First thing's first, I'm gonna go try one of those burgers they have here. One, I haven't had one in eighteen years or so, and two, the ones they have in the Internet were just made of 8-bit blocks. They didn't even taste like anything, and you couldn't even make a dent in them! Well, see you in a bit, Geek Guy.

(Brad starts walking away from Geek Guy)

Geek Guy: No, no, no, wait!

Brad: What?

Geek Guy: We just landed on the--

(A car hits Brad and pushes him forward)


(The car stops, jerking Brad backwards)


Geek Guy: --street.

(Brad walks back to where Geek Guy is on the street)

Geek Guy: Well, there's a first time for everything, Brad.

Brad: That wasn't the first time I was almost run over by a car, you know. The first time was at a Subway, and I was trying to get one of those subs before I went on trial for the crime that got me in jail. Long story short, there were skid marks on my sub and I couldn't eat it.

Geek Guy: Alright then! So where should we start? Well, first, we are in 123 Tj's World, Florida, (gestures to the city) as you can see.

(We see Geek Guy and Brad walking through a park)

Geek Guy: Second, I'm thinking we should commit with the ultimate crime: To take three people hostage and get paid doing so--by bribing police if they want them out of our hands. And also, we can use the signal chip I created--which, by the way is in my pocket, to create an army that I can use to destroy the city if they don't want to pay us. That way, there will be a whole chain reaction and cities all over the country will lock down, and I'll be the reason why they did so, because no one should mess with the Geek Guy. ...Yeah, that's my new slogan.

Brad: So, what should we do right now?

Geek Guy: First, I have to get a phone--Oh, never mind, I already have one in my pocket. Second, I need to find the US army's nearest state campus. That will be where their tanks are located. Third, I grab the tanks using the signal chip and find the three people that I want to take hostage.

(Geek Guy and Brad sit down at a park bench)

Geek Guy: (takes out an iPhone 5) Right now I'm going to try and find where this state campus is.

(We see him typing in the US Army's website address, clicking "Campuses" on the website, and looking through the list of state campuses)

Geek Guy: A-ha! See? It says here that the nearest state campus is in Gainesville, Florida...

(We see him opening the Maps application on his phone and opening directions from the current location to Gainesville)

Geek Guy: ...which is not too long from here. So we need to find a way to get to Gainesville.

More coming soon!

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