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  • Some Windows XP sounds are heard when Tj and Cc are using the computer, as before the events of the blackout, Tj's computer operated on Windows XP at the time. At the end of the film, he switches his operating system to Windows 7 to make sure nothing like this happens again.
  • Originally, the producers were going to have a scene where Tj and Cc join the army in order to stop the first phase of Geek Guy's evil plan, but it was scrapped in the final cut. Tj said it was inspired by "one of those Mac vs. PC animations".
  • The Internet King, a minor antagonist from the Y-Guy series, makes a brief cameo in the movie, as he appears on a "Wanted" poster inside of the Internet.
  • During the scene when Tj, Cc, MJ and Kirby are outside the Sidnerson International Airport, right after Tj asks MJ what they should do about Geek Guy getting away, MJ replies dramatically, "We have to stop him.", quoting the same words of her mother from the PuffRuff School Season 2 episode, "Restoring Normalty".
  • At the beginning of the second theatrical trailer for the film, the tagline for the film Alien 3 is referenced.
  • The webseries asdfmovie is referenced on a candy bar named "asdfmovie: The Bar" which MJ tries to throw at Brad during "Highway Escape".
  • The beginning of this film is set in the year 1995, which coincedentally is the same year Windows 95 was released.
  • This is the second of the Tj's World film series to be filmed in 2:39:1 aspect ratio.

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