Tj's World: The Movie is a 2005 American animated comedy film based on the Nickelodeon animated television series of the same name. The film was directed by series creator TjsWorld2011, and was produced by his production company TjsWorld2011 Entertainment and Nickelodeon Movies for Paramount Pictures. The film follows the four main protagonists of the series, Tjdrum, Ccmater2, Agentpeddle and IronInforcer; the government of Florida imposes the Security Technology Act (STA), a law that places security audio recorders in everyone's houses, on the state, after an incident in someone's house is reported. The local activist group "The Anti-STA" engages in violent conflict with law enforcement in response, and after getting off a trial scot-free, eventually ends up conjuring PoofyGumbo, who proceeds to impose his evil principles around Florida, breaking up the government in the process. The remainder of the government asks the boys, who have been among the only ones who have not questioned the new law, to stop PoofyGumbo from spreading his concept all over the world.

The film was released six years after Tj's World first premiered on Nickelodeon in 1999. Its premise was conceived by Tj himself, who referred to it as "an allegory about how some people don't want something that they don't know could make society a safer place, but other people can accept it without any trouble."

The film was released in theaters on March 18, 2005 and received generally favorable reviews from critics and fans alike. The film was released on DVD on August 23, 2005.


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  • Evan Sabara as Tjdrum
  • Andy Milonakis as Ccmater2
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Agentpeddle
  • Zach Braff as IronInforcer

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Following the release of his previous film PuffRuff School: The Movie in August 2001, TjsWorld2011 and Ntpockets' work lives were disrupted by the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the United States Pentagon. Since Tj and Nt had finished both season three of Tj's World and season six of PuffRuff School, they agreed to take a temporary leave from their jobs at Tj's production company TjsWorld2011 Entertainment, Nickelodeon Animation Studios and Fox Studios for one week.

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The film's teaser trailer was released in May 2004, and was shown before films such as Shrek 2, Spider-Man 2 and Steamin' Hot. The film's first official trailer was released in September 2004, and was shown before films such as Computeropolis, Shark Tale, The Incredibles and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.

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Box office

On its opening weekend, the film grossed $33,461,560 being released in 3,312 theaters, leaving it #2 during the weekend behind The Ring Two. On its second weekend, it remained in its #2 spot for the weekend, grossing $18,367,290. The film grossed $187,431,005 worldwide, making the film a box office success.

Critical reception

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Home media

The film was released on DVD on August 23, 2005, with widescreen and fullscreen versions of the film, and a featurette documenting the film's production. A Blu-Ray Disc edition of the film was released on May 17, 2011.


Two albums were released as soundtracks for the film. The first, a soundtrack album, was released on February 16, 2005 by Nick Records, Columbia Records, and Sony Music Soundtrax. The second, a score album by John Debney, was released on March 13, 2005 by Sony Classical Records.

Tj's World: The Movie: The Album

Tj's World: The Movie: The Album


February 16, 2005




NickColumbiaSony Music Soundtrax


TjsWorld2011 • Ntpockets (also exec.)

After the film's release, "Edit Your Friends" was made the theme song for the series, which previously had no theme song but had a very short opening sequence. The songs "Every Day Is Exactly The Same", "The National Anthem", "With Teeth", "Exploder", "Everything In Its Right Place", "Goof" and the instrumental version of "Edit Your Friends" do not appear in the film. "Edit Your Friends" and "Backdrifts" are played during the credits.

Track listing

  1. "Edit Your Friends" - Deadmau5
  2. "Every Day Is Exactly The Same" - Nine Inch Nails
  3. "Backdrifts" - Radiohead
  4. "The Return of Sathington Wiloughby" - Primus
  5. "The National Anthem" - Radiohead
  6. "With Teeth" - Nine Inch Nails
  7. "Exploder" - Audioslave
  8. "Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was" - Radiohead
  9. "Waking Up From The American Dream" - Deadmau5
  10. "Everything In Its Right Place" - Radiohead
  11. "Organ Donor" - DJ Shadow
  12. "Drown Me Slowly" - Audioslave
  13. "Edit Your Friends (Instrumental version)" - Deadmau5
  14. "Goof" - Binärpilot


Tj's World: The Movie: Original Motion Picture Score

Tj's World: The Movie: Original Motion Picture Score


February 15, 2005




Sony Classical


John Debney • TjsWorld2011 (exec.) • Ntpockets (exec.)

Track listing

  1. "Tallahassee Office / The Accident"
  2. "The Announcement / The STA"
  3. "It Sounds Okay"
  4. "The Anti-STA"
  5. "March on Tallahassee / Police Brawl"
  6. "Breaking News"
  7. "The Trial / The Verdict"
  8. "Mutiny / Rally"
  9. "Phase Two / PoofyGumbo"
  10. "Limo Attack / Rampage"
  11. "Disorder / Everything's Going Wrong"
  12. TBA
  13. TBA
  14. TBA


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To read the transcript of the film, go here.


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