This article is about the planned reboot. For the series, see Tj's World.

Tj's World was a cancelled film that was a reboot in the film series. It was planned to be released on June 20, 2014, but was cancelled in 2012, only two years before its planned release.


In October 2007, TjsWorld2011 announced that a reboot of the series was in development by Bad Robot, Nickelodeon Movies, TjsWorld2011 Pictures and Paramount Pictures. and was due for a 2014 release. However, the film was eventually scrapped in August 2012, due to having a plot copied off of Hey Arnold! The Movie, another Nickelodeon Movies film. It was later "replaced" with Tj's World: Modem Mayhem.


  • Geo G., the creator of Geo's World, said that Geo Animation Studios was going to make the reboot of the Tj's World film series, titled Tj's World (since Paramount owns both Geo and the Tj's World movies), respectively. But TjsWorld2011 said it was actually TjsWorld2011 Pictures who would be doing it.