NOTE: This page may not be updated anymore because I am too focused on other things here and elsewhere to document all of the incidents happening on this wiki. --TjsWorld2011/Tjdrum2000

This is a page for events that have recently happened on this wiki.


  • The wiki's first known spammer, Liamfan2002, has been blocked. (1/28/13)
  • Jack299 has made Tjdrum2000 (TjsWorld2011) block Wendy Bruce for making a picture of Little Guy getting killed. (3/30/13)
  • Firemandave69 has been blocked for one month for spamming far too much. (4/14/13)
  • Probably the wikia's biggest spammer,, has been blocked for 3 months due to spamming the wiki. (4/23/13, 11/13/13)
  • Wikia contributors and have both been blocked for 2 weeks due to making fake TV shows produced by TW2011 Pictures and ruining transcripts (making it their own and adding their version of the credits). (6/20/13)
  • Rob Gaylord has been blocked for various reasons, but I can't list them all on here.
  • Gaylord's "backup account", has been blocked for 1 week. 
  • Gaylord has been blocked again this time for 1 month.
  • has been blocked for 3 months due to completely ruining the TW page.
  • AbdulAkbar3 has been blocked for 5 years for allegedly "hacking" two pages to "protect people from Christians".
  •, this time going under the name "Gabreil M. Tate", has been blocked for 8 years because he ruined all of the TW pages. (2/23/14) 
  • Greeny Phatom haters VeryCrazyMan (possibly GodCyclops) and Coleisawesomeman1 tried to take over the wiki, but thankfully Tjdrum2000 blocked both of them for their actions. (3/12/15)
  • A Greeny Phatom hater but a GP Wiki admin named Alex-Sixand and someone else named WikiaPonyContributor2002 (possibly GodCyclops) tried to take over the wiki, but fortunately Tjdrum2000 blocked both of them and restored the pages that were vandalized. Not too many pages were vandalized, though. (5/29/15, 5/30/15)
  • Two users named Thefanguy123 and Sammy Darkness tried to hack few pages on the wiki by replacing things with pictures having to do with The Nutshack, but Tjdrum2000 blocked Thefanguy123. He initially thought Sammy Darkness was trying to help restore the pages, but then realized he was helping Thefanguy, so he blocked him and then restored all of the pages that had been tried to be hacked. (9/2/16)
  • An anti-autistic user who signed up for Wikia under two inappropriate screen names has been blocked for vandalizing the Tj's World: The Movie and Tj's World Wiki pages and replacing the Tjdrum character portrait with a GIF image of the letters spelling out "autism" dancing. (9/20/2016)

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