"Tjdrum in The Wild West"
Tj's World episode
Episode name pun on: {{{Pun}}}
Episode no. Season 12
Episode 1a
Original airdate March 13, 2010
Written by TjsWorld2011
Directed by TjsWorld2011


Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"The Illegal Jtmurd 2: Frankie Returns" "Tjdrum Presents: 10 Things I Hate About You"

Tjdrum in The Wild West is an episode from Season 12. It first aired on March 13, 2010.



Tjdrum's grandfather meets with Cc's grandfather.

Tjdrum and IronInforcer read about how Tj's great-great-great-great grandfather became friends with Ccmater2's great-great-great-great grandfather and how he founded 123 Tj's World.


  • The theme for the bar comes from the 1970 French gangster film Borsalino.
  • This episode is similar to the Spongebob Squarepants episode Pest of the West.

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