TjsWorld2011 at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards


May 4, 1970 (age 47)


Director, writer, animator, producer, electronic musician

Known for

Tj's World, PuffRuff School, Blake of Gremlinville, Mike and Aaron

Years active


Tyler John Walter (born May 4, 1970, known by his pseudonym TjsWorld2011) is an American animator, director, producer and electronic musician, most notably known for creating the series Tj's World, PuffRuff School alongside others, as well as various animated films. He is also known as being one half of the electronic music duo Downsize, his and Ntpockets' side project formed in 2009.


TjsWorld2011 was born on May 4, 1970 in Miami, Florida. He started attending elementary school at age 7 near Miami, middle school at age 12 and high school at age 15, where he filmed his high school film project and his first peice of filmwork in 1986, The Angry Man Who Was Single and Hates Being Single. "After it came out, I decided that live-action filming wasn't really my thing, so I tried to get into animation instead.", he said. He started attending college at the University of Miami at age 17, where he was voted class president in 10th grade. After he graduated, his family moved to San Diego, California in August 1990, he started taking classes at the animation institute Collingtoons to practice illustrating, storyboarding and animation. He graduated from the institute in 1992, and so he began production on his, Brashgirl901 and NovaStar302601's first animated series PuffRuff School later that year. The series that followed were Tj's World (Which the name originated from his nickname that he made for himself in computer club at the University of Miami) and many others.

Since then, Tj has gone on to found his own production company TjsWorld2011 Pictures (founded in 1994 as TjsWorld2011 Entertainment) and perform with Ntpockets as part of their side project Downsize founded in 2009.

Origin of pseudonym

Tj states that the origin of his current nickname came from one of his classes at computer club during his term at the University of Miami in 1988. "I was powering up my computer, which at this time only typed in random characters and letters and numbers and nothing else, and the teacher asked us to type in some random letters based on our names; it could be anything that we wanted."

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Career history


In August 1989, Tj, 19, was informed that Nt, 18, had started taking classes at the animation institute Collingtoons to practice illustrating, storyboarding and animation. Seeing this as an opportunity to get a shot at a career, Tj decided he should try to get in.

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Tj has cited his influences to include but not be limited to Craig McCracken, Gerald Scarfe, Mike Moon, David Hockney and Matt Groening.



As director

Title Release year
PuffRuff School: The Movie 2000
Tj's World: The Movie 2005
ROBLOX: The Movie 2010
SYNC 2013
Action 2014
Mike and Aaron: Operation: B.A.T.H.R.O.O.M. 2015
Reality Check 2015
T.E.F.T. 2016
Ready Player One 2016
Level Up 2017
ReAction TBA
Beta 2018

As writer

Title Release year
Ntpockets' Animated World: Pay The Bill 1994
Ntpockets' Animated World 2: Newcomer 1997
Ntpockets' Animated World 3: All-New and All-Cool 2000
Ntpockets' Animated World 4: Be Cool or Be A Fool 2001

As producer

Title Release year
Dr. B.S.: The Movie 2014

As co-director

Title Release year
Ntpockets' Animated World 3: All-New and All-Cool 2001


Title Original run
PuffRuff School 1994-2004
Tj's World 1999-present
Nt's World 2003-present
Blake of Gremlinville 2009-present
Mike and Aaron 2012-present
Take Anything You Want (co-executive producer) 2014-present

Short films

Title Release year
The Angry Man Who Was Single and Hates Being Single

1986 (Miami International Film Festival)




Title Released
Downsize May 17, 2011
I Love Technology March 6, 2012
This Is 30 August 2, 2012
The Fifteen-Year-Old Banana August 11, 2015


Title Released
Blue August 9, 2013
WRONG ANSWER! March 18, 2015
Downsize III April 11, 2017