TjsWorld2011 Pictures
Type Private
Industry Film
Founded January 10, 1994 (as TjsWorld2011 Entertainment)
February 12, 2006 (as TjsWorld2011 Pictures)
Founder(s) TjsWorld2011
Headquarters San Diego, California
Key people TjsWorld2011
Owner(s) Independent (1994-1996)
Viacom (1996-present)

TjsWorld2011 Pictures (formerly TjsWorld2011 Entertainment and also known as TW2011 Pictures) is an American production company and animation studio located in San Diego, California. It is the vanity production company of the producer and animator TjsWorld2011. It was founded in 1993 as TjsWorld2011 Entertainment and was renamed in 2006 as TjsWorld2011 Pictures. It has currently produced eighteen theatrically released films to date.



The company's print logo used from 1994 to 2006. This version with the 1990 Viacom byline was put into use starting in 2002 after its acquisition by said company in 2001.

In 1989, TjsWorld2011, aged 19 at the time found out his best friend Ntpockets had joined Collingtoons (now Collington Cartoon Company), an animation institute for amateur animators, so Tj himself decided to join in too, later in 1988. Later, in mid 1993, his company, then known as TjsWorld2011 Entertainment was founded, and they made their first show, PuffRuff School later that year. The company was acquired by Paramount Pictures' parent company Viacom in August 2001, whose byline started appearing on their logo in 2002.

In 2006, the company was renamed as TjsWorld2011 Pictures.


NOTE: Only Tjdrum2000 can add films or shows to this list and other people are allowed to only if he says so.


Theatrically released films


Title Release date Notes
Operation Blue May 13, 1994 co-production with 20th Century Fox
The Hub August 11, 1995 co-production with Paramount Pictures
Stars April 11, 1997 co-production with Paramount Pictures
Revolt Squad March 13, 1998 co-production with Columbia Pictures
Project Zero March 17, 2000 co-production with Paramount Pictures
PuffRuff School: The Movie August 10, 2001 co-production with Pyro R. Productions and 20th Century Fox
Team POWER July 9, 2004 co-production with NovaStar Animation and Paramount Pictures
Tj's World: The Movie March 18, 2005 co-production with Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures
Heroball August 15, 2008 co-production with Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures
ROBLOX: The Movie June 11, 2010 co-production with ROBLOX Development, Imperium Entertainment, Rough Draft Studios (additional production) and Paramount Pictures
Uploaded August 10, 2012 co-production with Universal Pictures
SYNC March 15, 2013 co-production with Kpopz101 Productions and Paramount Pictures
DCD April 4, 2014 co-production with Downsize Music Limited, MTV FilmsWarner Music GroupInsurge Pictures and Paramount Pictures
Planet Chasers August 13, 2014 co-production with NovaStar Animation and 20th Century Fox
Mike and Aaron: Operation BATHROOM May 8, 2015 co-production with Tj's World Network and Paramount Pictures
Reality Check July 17, 2015 co-production with 20th Century Fox
T.E.F.T. February 19, 2016 co-production with 20th Century Fox; first computer-animated film
Ready Player One July 1, 2016 co-production with Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures; first book-based film; based on the novel by Ernest Cline
Beta January 27, 2017 co-production with Village Roadshow Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures; based on the novel by Rachel Cohn
Level Up April 14, 2017 co-production with Regency Enterprises and 20th Century Fox; based on the novel by Gene Luen Yang
Tangent Girl: The Machine June 28, 2017 co-production with Novastar Animation, 20th Century Fox and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures (international distributor)

Direct-to-video films

Title Release date Notes
Reality Check: Revelations September 15, 2015 Short film included on Reality Check's home media release


Title Original run
PuffRuff School 1994-2004
Tj's World 1999-present
Mike and Aaron 2012-present


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